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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh | Case Study #15

Shiv Kumar is a talented handsome businessman of Saharanpur in Uttar Pradesh and is aged just 33 years. He runs a shop of readymade garments and his business is running smoothly. He reaches the shop at 9:30am daily and closes the shop at 9pm in the evening. He never had non-vegetarian food, even while living in the Muslim majority city. He was just involved in his daily routine and worked hard to enhance his shop's reputation and was ready to do something for his family's welfare, a wife and 2 kids, who are still studying in the primary classes.

It was the year 2018 in February that he felt the initial symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis (UC), he felt his stomach upset and felt acidity rising and felt like vomiting, but nothing came out, just a feeling of sore mouth. He asked his manager to take over his counter and he needed to visit a local family doctor. "Is everything fine sir, what's the matter? Why do you want to see the doctor?" asked he. "Nothing serious, I have a trouble in my stomach, I can't remember exactly, what wrong food did I eat that is causing all these troubles. Don't worry I'll be back in a moment," saying this he moved out of the shop and took out his bike and moved on after turning on the engine.

He reached the clinic of Dr. Naresh after about 10-15 minutes. He waited in the waiting room and asked the nurse to inform the doctor about his arrival. He personally knew the doctor as both lived in the same locality. After some time the doctor himself came out and shook his hand and greeted him, "How are you Mr. Kumar, is everything alright......you look a little upset." "Yeah..my stomach is behaving a little abnormal today and I can't remember anything that I ate yesterday, you know my story as I keep munching on something or the other most of the time," Shiv Kumar replied a little frankly.

"I know about your bad habit, but must be an infection and next time better make sure what to eat before you lay your hands on, come on let me examine you, come inside," the doctor asked him to follow him and led the way. He made Shiv to lie on the examination table and taking out his stethoscope began examining his abdominal area from various different angles. After some time the doctor asked Shiv to get up and said, "Nothing serious, a mere infection which will be soothed within no time," and gave him some medicines to be taken orally with plain water and also gave him an injection. After paying the doctor's fees Shiv did return to his shop but still felt upset. He waited up to the lunch time and didn't feel like having lunch. He asked his manager to eat his lunch quickly while he sat at the counter and when he comes back I'll go home as he was feeling rather very bad about the whole situation. His manager gulped down his food and after washing his hands sat at the counter and he turned on his vehicle and left for home in an upset mood.

His wife on seeing his face asked, "what happened? Why are you at home so early? You feel upset over something, what is it?" I feel terrible in my stomach which is in turmoil. I did had the medicine from Dr. Naresh which did no good to me. I need to visit the toilet first," and stepping aside he went into the toilet. He observed that his loose stools had become red in color, meaning blood was also coming, accompanied by mucus. He frowned and after coming out had a word with his wife about it. "Why don't we see a doctor in Uttarakhand (where his in- laws lived). There is a Gastroenterologist doctor and he can treat you better."

After a few days both left on Friday evening with the kids (their school was off on Saturday) and on Saturday morning went to visit that specialist after fixing an appointment.

That Gastroenterologist did his colonoscopic tests and confirmed that it was UC and he informed Shiv to eat certain medicines throughout his life, making Shiv get frowned and have a word with his in laws about the whole situation. He required the advice of some gentle man who could guide him the right way.

Someone suggested to see the Youtube videos where everybody was seen praising Planet Ayurveda, which had the reputation of the best Ayurvedic clinic of North India. Someone known to them have found various solutions there. I'll fix the appointment right now," he said and dialed the Planet Ayurveda's number and a lady in a very pleasant and sweet voice greeted him and said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He narrated the whole story and asked when can he come and meet the doctors? The lady asked him to bring all the lab reports and medicine slips recommended by all the clinics and labs that they have ever visited and the whole history of their family and come to Mohali, the day after to-morrow. "Sure ma'am, we will come" she also requested him to come around 9:30am and be seated as the doctors there treat the patients on first come first serve basis. Both came to Mohali railway station by train and took a cab to the HQ of Planet Ayurveda, which is quite near to the railway station of Mohali.

Planet Ayurveda proved to be a fairyland for him and it churns out age old remedies, in a modern ways. It is run & managed by a highly qualified, talented, reputed, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the remedies which are produced to rectify various kind of diseases by Planet Ayurveda are initially tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing and gaining popularity globally.

Both landed on the appointed day and saw a huge rush of patients and both were asked to wait for their turn. Their turn came at 1:15pm and both greeted the doctor sitting behind the table and showed him the reports and also narrated the whole story. He listened very interestingly and said, "Fine I'll prescribe you a UC Care Pack and some dietary changes also, remember you need to follow them strictly, otherwise you might deteriorate the whole condition, OK?" "Fine doctor, I am ready to do anything, just remove my symptoms as all these are affecting my business badly, I am ready to eat anything or give up anything. I have a strong will power" he replied assuring him.

He made him note down the diet recommended and asked him to contact him every month and let him know the effects of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack. "Do follow my prescriptions strictly and you will be back to normal within no time, best of luck," said the doctor. Both Shiv and his wife headed to the pharmacy which falls in the clinic's premises and got their package. "Shall I buy some beauty products," his wife asked. "First of all let me see how effective this remedy is, only than buy these beauty products, OK?" he suggested. "OK, fine" she whispered in a little sad mood.

Both left the clinic by 2:20pm and took the cab to Chandigarh Bus stand from where you can get buses to anywhere in North India. By 6:30pm they reached Saharanpur and the next day he started following the doctor's prescriptions precisely and the loose motions stopped in the first week and stools became less in number after the 3rd week. After a month he rang up Planet Ayurveda's whatsapp number and seemed happy. "I am almost normal sir," he beamed, "you have proved to be master in Ayurveda field. I might come to your clinic after some days when Dr. Vikram Chauhan returns from abroad and thank him. He is like God to me, thanks once again Ma'am. Now if anyone comes to me and asks the remedy to rectify any disease, I just recommend your name. Thanks Ma'am thanks a lot" he seemed overjoyed. "Don't worry sir, it's good to hear, your voice is full of joy and thanks for making us more popular. You can come after 5th May, that's when Dr. Vikram Chauhan will be back, see you, bye bye!"

Mr. Shiv kumar is planning to visit Planet Ayurveda next month and wish to buy some beauty products too, as his better half will also accompany him.

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