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Case Study No: 13 | Ulcerative Colitis - Dalkaur

A government doctor's wife had Ulcerative colitis (UC) and couldn't find a remedy which could cure UC symptoms in an effective way. Basically Dalkaur is the wife of a doctor who works at the government hospital in district Jind in Haryana. She is just a housewife and remains busy performing her daily chores in a routine manner. She was doing her job profusely when about 3 years back she has loose motions. She asked her husband what went wrong with her stomach and he said, "Stop eating the sugar, you put excessive sugar in your tea daily and that is what is affecting your stomach." "But that I am doing for so many years, but nothing went wrong for so long, what happened all of a sudden?" she asked. "At that time you were young, now you have become an old lady and old people have weak digestive powers and something like this happens," he retorted.

She reluctantly got up and got busy performing her daily chores. She later rang up her son who works in Chandigarh and asked him about it. He said, "dad is a doctor, not me, why don't you ask him?" "I did son I did, but he was blaming my sugar that I mix in tea." "Ok mom, that might be the reason, I am running late for office, got to go mom, if the symptoms don't fade tell me later, OK mom see you later" and he switched off the phone. The next day she saw her stools getting red and a little loose meaning that they had liquefied a little bit. She again raised the alarm with her husband and said that why can't he take her along and see a specialist. "OK fine better get ready and we will both go together" he said.

She accompanied her husband to the government hospital. On reaching hospital, he asked his peon to take her along and go to Dr. Sharma's clinic who was a Gastroenterologist, "I will call him and tell the details, I got to see my patients," he instructed him and Dalkaur followed him. It was on the next floor. There Dr. Sharma's peon made them wait for a few minutes as he was already attending another patient. After a few moments the peon ushered them in and Dr. Sharma got up from his seat with folded hands and greeted her. "He called me and narrated the whole situation, come to the examination table and I'll just check the problem," he said. "Sure doc" she replied and lied down on the examination table and began telling him the symptoms that had appeared a few days earlier. The doctor kept pressing her abdomen area from many angles and after a few minutes asked her to get up and said, " I don't see anything wrong in it, but if you need to do something exclusive, both of you need to visit Patiala to do some exclusive tests. I know a doctor over there, I'll call him, but I don't find anything wrong, but if you need to enhance your digestion have a tablet and swallow it with plain water." He gave her a tablet of pink color and a glass of water and she took it and swallowed it. She got up and after thanking the doctor left the room and came back to her husband's room. "What did Dr. Sharma say?" he questioned her. "He found nothing wrong after examining me," she replied and continued," but if the symptoms don't change we need to visit a doctor." "I will have a word with him later regarding this issue and let you know the moment I return home, OK" he said. "Fine, I will take an auto and reach home you continue doing your job" she said and left his room.

She came home and went straight to the toilet and again had loose motions of reddish color. In the evening by the time her husband came home she already had visited the toilet 3 times. The moment he came inside he asked her "how are you feeling right now?" "It's the same, my appetite has also reduced and I am feeling dead tired" she replied. "Don't worry, don't cook anything, I'll order from outside" then he began dialing a number and ordered the dinner, but his wife didn't feel like having anything. Later on both chatted and chartered a program on when to visit Patiala.

After a few days both came to Patiala and the doctors after examining and doing various tests confirmed the disease as UC and asked if she can handle steroids if injected. But he plainly refused, as his wife didn't have the ability to handle steroids, which had lots of side effects. He said that he will find a cure in some other medical line, the Ayurvedic one, which we Indians trust since centuries ago. These days almost all Indians have a 4G net connection on their mobiles and as they say that every cloud has a silver lining. He used to search on Youtube and landed straight at Planet Ayurveda. All the UC patients were just praising the doctors for healing so many patients and no one looked acting.

Planet Ayurveda, an amazing clinic that has benefited hundreds of UC patients by curing UC. But first he wanted to check the credentials. He did see many videos with all the patients of many diseases finding it more beneficial than the other medical lines with no side effects. He had a gut feeling that he had reached his destination. He contacted them by his mobile after obtaining their phone number from Youtube.

Planet Ayurveda is a superb institute of carving age old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated quite near to Patiala and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, reputed, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the remedies that are produced to heal various different diseases by Planet Ayurveda are at first tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity. Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity at a fast pace, both nationally and internationally. He contacted them and a sweet voice of a lady answered the phone, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" "I need to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan about my wife," and he narrated the whole story. "Let me see sir, You can come here the day after tomorrow, but do bring in all the tests of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors and her family history, OK sir, see you the day after tomorrow. The clinic opens at 9:30am sir." The moment both turned up at the clinic at dot 9:30am they found a huge rush and it was first come first serve basis and their turn came at around 1:15pm. They entered the doctor's office and after showing all the reports, they had a long conversation with the doctor and finally the doctor asked them to follow his prescriptions strictly and changed her diet and gave her Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack.

They turned at the pharmacy and got their pack and left for Nirwana at 2:30pm. "Have you noted down all the dietary changes and better follow the doctor's prescriptions precisely, otherwise you will have to face the consequences and spend half of your remaining life in the toilet only" he said jokingly. Since that day in November her bleeding stopped in the first week and the loose motions became normal in a month and a half. After about 3 months her symptoms did return but for a little while and she rang up the doctor's whatsapp number and lodged the complaint. The doctor changed her diet once more and last week her husband have stopped having any more remedy, but are continuing with the same diet and is totally fine now. It can be gauged by just watching the glimpse on their faces. A smile keeps hanging on both their faces.

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