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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Chandigarh | Case Study #12

Kanwar Inder Singh, a beautiful name of a young student who loved sports very much, much more than his studies but couldn't pursue a carrier in sports as he was infected by Ulcerative Colitis (UC), a dreadful disease that is not easily eradicated with the help of the modern medical facilities. He used to live in the sector – 15 of Chandigarh and used to study in a convent school, which was situated nearby and used to go on a bicycle. It enhanced his stamina and made him exercise a little bit.

His stools became a little loose when he was a mere 17 years old and he was in class 12th. His dad got medicine from the local chemist to stop the loose motions as he thought that the kid might have eaten some wrong thing during or after the school hours. But the loose stools kept appearing continuously for the whole month. The symptoms enhanced to vomiting, a mild fever, abdominal pain and his stools became red in color, meaning the blood was also oozing out along with the stools. That rang a bell of panic in his mind and he narrated the pain to his dad.

"Whaaaaat" even his dad was stunned to hear the unexpected, "You must have eaten a wrong food or you might be allergic to something. Did you share your Tiffin with any of your colleagues or friends?" he was curious to know. "I don't remember exactly dad, it might be the result of continuous loose motions that are going on since last month and not ceasing even after I have had so many syrups and tablets you got for me," he replied. That made his dad turn serious and he asked him to call the school office and take a holiday and "I'll call my office and describe the whole situation and both of us will visit a doctor, let's see what he has to say about it" he concluded. Both rang up their respective places and after getting ready went to a local doctor in sector 15 only. The doctor took him to the examining room and began his inspection.

The doctor after examining him physically also told to do a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy is done to view inside the entire large intestine. It confirmed the news that he was suffering from UC.

His dad was anxious to know why him, why not the other kids in school, "Doc. You might have known now that why my kid got infected, was it a wrong food or something else?" he asked. "It can happen to anyone, but the factor responsible for it is never clear, it can be genetic, he might have been infected, the wrong intake of some odd food or a change in today's life style, but don't worry I'll give him the medicine that will heal him completely within 1 or 2 months," said the doctor.

"Do you mind if I inject him with a steroid as this method works quite fast and the results will be out by next week," the doctor asked. "Do what is the best in healing this disease but better make this disease wither away fast" he replied. "Don't worry it will never last more than a month, and every week you have to bring him here and get injected" the doctor said assuring him. The doctor began treating Kanwar Inder Singh by injecting a small dose of steroids in his body and this treatment kept stretching from weeks to months and from months it kept going on for the next 2 years, making both of them feel frustrated and after 2 long years his dad lost the temper, "Hey doc stop fooling us, you think we are idiots, we are getting the medicine for the last 2 years and you promised to eradicate the disease within a month and better face the facts, not even a single % change has been noticed. You seem to be looting us" his dad unable to control his emotions burst out, almost yelling. Even the doctor could not understand the reason, "even I am surprised Mr. Singh, why such steroids are not affecting your son in any way, making me unable to solve this puzzle," even he appeared perplexed. "But I think we need to alter the treatment, now finally you have surrendered, we will take some other medical line, thanks a lot, what's the fees of today" he asked the doctor. The doctor as a noble gesture asked him to leave without paying as he had already spent a lot with almost no effects.

Both went home and had a detailed discussion with his mom and she suggested an Ayurvedic doctor present in sector 15 only, "Why don't you try him, Ayurveda eradicates the disease by uprooting its cause, why not try him?" she asked. The next day both went there and after narrating the whole story began the treatment in Ayurvedic style. The symptoms did decrease after the first dose but recurred very soon and began fluctuating at a meager margin in between the treatment and the doctor always assuring them that one or two doses more and the disease will wither away soon. Ultimately after a year Kanwar Inder Singh, being a young boy lost his patience and gave up all healing things and told his dad, "I am fed up of all these different treatments, but if something is wrong with my luck, what can anybody do?" he questioned. His dad had no answer, just bowed his head in shame. "Shall we go to the PGI" asked he. "No dad I am not going anywhere, I'll just stick to a healthy diet and let's see what happens" he interrupted like a wounded tiger.

He just remained the same way, feeling almost the same symptoms and kept studying; going to a regular college but by correspondence as he never knew when he needs to visit the toilet. His physical movements were reduced drastically. He looked so skinny and pale. He has lost all the glamour in his life. All of a sudden in April 2017 his symptoms became severe and both rushed him to the same Ayurvedic doctor and pleaded to give him a strong medicine that could at least reduce the symptoms, but the doctor had no amazing remedies, but did reduce them a little bit. His dad was a determined man and kept searching youtube to find a permanent cure for UC anywhere else. And as they say 'fortune favors the brave' and he knew that he has to remain stubborn in reaching his goal and flexible in adopting different methods.

In December 2017, he landed in the lap of Planet Ayurveda on you tube. He had a gut feeling that he has attained his goal. He was impressed by videos of many UC patients on you tube that were treated by Planet Ayurveda, all praising the doctors.

Planet Ayurveda, an amazing clinic that came as a bolt from the blue has benefited hundreds of UC patients by healing them and reaching a normal stage. But after suffering at the hands of so many doctors, he wanted to check the authenticity of this Planet beforehand. He did see many videos and none of them looked fake, impressing him.

Planet Ayurveda is an immaculate institute of healing through age old remedies, in a modern style. It is situated very near to Chandigarh and it is run & administered by a highly qualified, reputed, talented, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the remedies that are produced in the premises to cure various different diseases are at first tested in a modern lab and their authenticity is checked, are they organic, if yes they are used otherwise halted then & there, without hearing any sort of excuses under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is gaining popularity at a hectic pace, both nationally and internationally.

He contacted them and a sweet & pleasant voice of a lady answered the phone, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" "I need to see Dr. Vikram Chauhan about my son," and he told the whole story. "Let me see sir, You can come here tomorrow, but do bring in all the tests of labs that have been done and all the clinic slips that were made by the various doctors and come here and tell us your family history in detail, OK sir, see you tomorrow. The clinic opens at 9:30am sir."

The next day he reached Planet Ayurveda in December 2017, and sat with the already waiting patients as treatment is done on first come first serve basis and waited for their turn which came at 1:30pm and they entered doctor's room. After the greetings his dad showed them the disease related papers and told his own history. The doctors observed the whole papers very interestingly and after some discussion with themselves turned towards Kanwar Inder Singh and said, "Look Mr. Singh, you need to follow the prescription strictly or you will not get the desired results. And take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and note down the diets that you have to consume and which one to avoid." He noted all the prescription on his mobile and asked the doctor, "Sir how much longer will it take to get complete treatment?" "It all depends on the patient's body. Everybody has a unique body, it might be over within a fortnight and might take 6 months, but has no side effects," came the reply.

He got up and reached the pharmacy, which is situated within the premises of the clinic and left after having the pack. It's just been a few months and he has started feeling better. He called the doctor last week and his voice revealed it all. He was in such a happy mood, "Doctor how can I thank you, I can't find the proper words to tell you the truth, what no doctor could do in the last 5 years, you have done it in 4 months. I am almost normal, just acidity and nothing more. Thanks once again. I am coming next week to have the last dose," "Sure" the doctor said "see you next week, but mind it, I might not be in town and you can see my wife and seek her blessings, OK?" "Will do, will do sir" and he turned off the phone.

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