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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Jammu | Case Study #11

Rahul Sharma is young blood of 24 years who is a native of a beautiful town of Jammu situated on the banks of river Ravi. It also is the winter capital of Jammu & Kashmir because everything in Srinagar (the capital city) freezes during winter and Jammu functions as the capital. He is a young college student whose father was elite of Jammu. He was a successful businessman and was quite close to a minister in the Jammu & Kashmir cabinet. No matter how affluent you are, the joy lies in the health of a person. Rahul had to suffer a lot for the past 2 to 3 years when the first symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis appeared.

It all began with loose motions, motions along with blood the mucus. He frowned after watching their appearance and told everything about his condition to his mom, who was a housewife. The mom got him tested in a modern lab, and the lab people after hearing the symptoms did a colonoscopy test on Rahul. This test is done to verify the inside of the anal canal in detail and this test confirmed that Rahul was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC). He had never heard this name before and wanted to know the specialist who dealt with such cases in Jammu. "Better tell me about the best reputed doctor in Jammu and someone who should be able to drive away from this disease fast." The lab people told him and his mom about a doctor who will be able to eliminate this disease quite effectively as he had a solid past.

The next morning he called up the clinic and fixed an appointment with the concerned doctor, even the doctor got a little alert after hearing his dad's name. Both reached the appointed time a minute earlier as the doctor was just washing his hands after examining another patient. Both were impressed with the doctor's gesture. After drying his hands he came in and as a mark of respect Rahul stood up from the chair and said, "Good morning doc." "Good morning son, what's the matter, why did you want to see me for?" he questioned. Rahul gave him his reports from the lab and said, "I heard you have a solid reputation of curing UC patients and even I need a treatment that can be effective in a fast manner. I just want to feel normal as soon as possible." the doctor studied the reports carefully and looked at him, pausing for a moment and then said, "everybody has a different body and the healing depends on that, but I'll make sure that sooner the better for you as you need to study as your exams are coming up very soon. No problem but let me warn you, I've to inject certain steroids in your body to eradicate this disease's features quickly as steroid acts faster than anything else." "Sure you know your treatment better than me, do whatever you have to do," said Rahul in a hurry.

Both went inside the clinic and he injected after filling an injection and prescribed some more medicines. "I think these symptoms will vanish within a fortnight only" said the doctor and continued "better have the soft diet like green veggies, soups of fresh & organic veggies & fruits, and their juices."

He continued giving him steroids for 3 months but the change desired by Rahul never came. He left that doctor when no change was visible and switched to having allopathic medicines in Jammu only. But those also proved to be futile and he got irritated as he was weakening a lot and failed to keep his body in the shape it used to be. He looked too skinny that you can count the ribs when he took off his shirt. He was becoming a couch potato as he felt embarrassed to venture out as his colleagues and friends began thinking that he is hooked to some drugs.

One of his best friends suggested finding an Ayurvedic treatment and both went to an Ayurvedic clinic in Jammu and took 3 months remedy in one go as he was embarrassed to come out of his house. His studies were badly hampered. But this Ayurvedic medicine deteriorated the whole conditions, enhancing the symptoms of UC. He used to visit the toilet 8 to 10 times a day, further weakening his physical self. He didn't know what to do? He began thinking that he will not survive for long and could see the death approaching at a fast pace towards him.

But he never knew that his mom was a strong lady who never said die. She watched many cures of UC on you tube and reached a place called Planet Ayurveda. The place had the reputation of the best Ayurvedic Clinic of North India. Some people known to them have found various kinds of solutions there. After her mother became impressed she dialed their number and a lady in a very pleasant and sweet voice greeted her and said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" She narrated the whole story and asked when can she and her son come and meet the doctors? The lady asked her to bring all the lab reports and medicine slips recommended by all the clinics and labs that they have ever visited and the whole history of their family and come to Mohali, the day after tomorrow. "Sure ma'am, we will come" she also requested them to come around 9:30am and be seated as the doctors there treated the patients on first come first serve basis. Both took a flight from Jammu to Mohali the day after tomorrow and took a cab to the HQ of Planet Ayurveda, which is quite near to the airport of Mohali.

Planet Ayurveda proved to be a wonderland for them and it manufactures age old remedies, in a modern style. It is managed & run by a highly qualified, talented, reputed, experience holder and renowned pair of doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. All the remedies which are produced to rectify various kind of diseases by Planet Ayurveda are initially tested in a modern lab to check their authenticity, only if found organic, these are used otherwise they are thrown away, without hearing any kind of excuses under the vigilant eyes of this pair of Ayurvedic doctors. Planet Ayurveda is flourishing and gaining popularity at a hectic pace globally.

Both reached Planet Ayurveda on the appointed time and were impressed after seeing a huge rush of patients and both were asked to wait for their turn. Their turn came at 1:15 pm and both were ushered in the doctor's room. Both greeted the doctor sitting behind the table and showed him the reports and also narrated the whole story. He listened very interestingly and after scrutinizing the reports said, "Fine I'll prescribe you a UC Care Pack and some dietary changes also, remember you need to follow them strictly, otherwise you might deteriorate the whole condition, OK?" "Fine doctor, I am ready to do anything, just remove my symptoms as all these are affecting my studies very badly, I am ready to eat anything or give up anything. I have a quite strong will power" he replied assuring him.

The doctor made him note down the diets recommended and he told him to avoid eating radish from his diet completely and asked him to contact him every month and let him know the effects of Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack. "Do follow my prescriptions strictly and you will be back to normal within no time, best of luck,"

Both went to the pharmacy located in the same premises and collected the Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and boarded the flight and landed in Jammu the same day. His mom asked, "So when do you begin eating these medicines, most probably you should begin from tomorrow morning, isn't it?" "No mom I'll begin them right now," he replied. They had their own farm located near Jammu and used to have organic veggies only. He sent a servant to go and collect certain veggies & fruits from the farm. He began his course right there & then as he was eager to get the results fast. The results did come at a hectic pace as the bleeding stopped within 3, 4 days and after a week his stool timings were reduced by 2 to3 times a day, encouraging him to be more precise to the Planet Ayurveda's prescriptions. And after a month became absolutely normal, just felt the acidity levels rising, that too very occasionally. Even his dad was impressed by the effect that these remedies had on his son's well being.

After 3 months Rahul placed a call to Planet Ayurveda and was on the brink of sobbing and said, "Oh doctor you have given me a second chance to live. I had given up hope, but thank God that my mom contacted you and both of us landed at your place, oh doctor thanks a thousand times. I do owe you one, come to Jammu and I'll make you visit any place you desire to visit. He said, my thanks to Dr. Meenakshi ma'am too. I stand indebted to you both, right now I am on cloud nine, thanks a lot doc. Any dears & nears of mine will contact you first whenever they will have any health problem." His happiness had no boundaries.

"A person who feels appreciated,

Will do more than what is expected."

That's what Planet Ayurveda stands for because Planet Ayurveda is just like water;

'Strong enough to drown you,

Deep enough to save you,

Soft enough to clean you,

Liquid enough to quench your thirst.'

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