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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh | Case Study #37

Raj Kumar, a Young Lad from Haryana with Ulcerative Colitis

Raj Kumar, meaning the prince, as his first name suggests he is a pampered son of his parents and he is a native of Haryana, a north Indian state. Actually he is 25 years old, the age when the youth of India is in their prime. It all began in April 2017 that he was ambushed by Ulcerative Colitis (UC). Many factors are responsible for causing UC like changed life style, changing environment, more spices, chips, packaged foods, alcohol, soft drinks etc. It can happen to any person in any age. He felt loose motions initially and took some medicines to stop them and they did subside, only to flare up after a few days. This time the medicine had no effect on them.

They went to a local doctor who practiced in the city nearest to their village and got some medicine for loose motions. The doctor prescribed some of the medicines and pocketed the fees. These medicines were absolutely proving to be a mug's game as these had no effect on him and by now the blood has also started oozing out along with the 7, 8 times of stool every day. He was feeling stressed and had his knickers in a twist. One of his uncles lived at Lucknow who rang up his dad quite regularly. When he heard about Raj Kumar's condition he persuaded his dad to send Raj Kumar to Lucknow as it had many renowned hospitals and he wished that one of them might eradicate the disease.

His dad booked his train ticket, as he feared that it will make it possible for Raj to use the toilet at any time. Raj bid goodbye to his parents and left for Lucknow, the city of Nawabs. His uncle had come to the railway station to receive him and both went home. On the way the uncle asked him to visit which hospital and he named a renowned one. The very next day he took Raj there and the doctor did his stool test and asked them to undergo a colonoscopy test and sent them away after prescribing a capsule and asked them to come after a few days. Raj was feeling irritation as he couldn't venture out like his cousins who used to roam almost daily on one pretext or another.

After a few days he and his uncle visited the doctor who said that he was suffering from a disease called UC. "Now what is that, I've never heard its name before?" asked his uncle. The doctor replied, "Actually it is like diabetes and modern science has found a medicine that can control it, but how to find a permanent solution is still under research." Both looked stunned. But he asked the doctor, "That means you don't have a medicine that can cure me?" The doctors don't give in that easily, and replied, "I never said that, I said we have some steroids to give you but how long this disease gets to be eradicated is not sure and this disease stays for long periods." "How long?" his uncle asked. "It can be healed within a week or might take months, you never know," was the doctor's reply.

As beggars can't be choosers, even they had no other choice but to proceed and agreed with the doctor. The medication began and kept stretching for some months. Each time the doctor gave one excuse or another and kept changing the medicine but none fit the bill. Raj's aunt lived at Jaipur and one day she called and hearing his voice; was surprised to hear that her nephew was suffering so much and asked him to visit Jaipur and get the medicine from there. She said that she knew a lady doctor personally and she will find a cure. His health was deteriorating further and energy was being drained out and the cure was showing no positive results. Before anything getting worse he proceeded to Jaipur.

It was already showing effect on his body structure and his aunt was absolutely shocked to watch his health, as he became too slim. You have come to a princely state and Raj Kumar will surely get the treatment here, "she teased him. He just smiled a bit as he was in a dreary mood. The next day she took him to her known doctor and the doctor after watching his colonoscopy report said, "Don't worry I'll prescribe some other medicines and they will provide you the relief." She scribbled on a piece of paper and asked his aunt to get these medicines from a pharmacy. Both bid that doctor goodbye and after buying these medicines reached home and his aunt said, "You will see the difference, she is an intelligent doctor and your health will find a great relief."

Raj Kumar believing his aunt started having the medicines as prescribed. These medicines did show some effects for only a few days and these medicines further had many side effects and worsened the whole condition as bleeding also started coming out with stools, scaring Raj Kumar the most. He didn't know what to do and called his dad to seek an advice. His dad suggested to find a remedy in some other medical fields as his son had already been suffered 6 months of hell like situations. Raj Kumar took out his mobile and kept searching for a remedy that can heal him.

After 2 days of searching he watched a video of a person getting his 3 year old UC crisis over after a few months of remedy from Planet Ayurveda. That patient looked genuine and it didn't seem to be done for publicity or something else. Raj Kumar searched Planet Ayurveda on the internet and found that they are quite famous in the Ayurvedic world as it relies on quality and not quantity.

Actually Planet Ayurveda is administered by a highly qualified, talented, reputed and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan; both are gold medalist in their fields. All the medicines they prescribe are made in their premises itself and are the extracts of natural or organic herbs. First these herbs are checked in a tech—savvy and modern lab. If that lab detects a faulty piece they reject the whole quota without hearing any excuses, because they rely heavily on quality. That's the reason why they are becoming popular day by day globally.

He went to Haryana and at home he showed many videos of Planet Ayurveda to his parents and they all decided to get the treatment. But first he contacted them after getting their number from the internet and sweet sounded lady greeted him. He narrated his own story and asked that if they have the cure. The lady answered in affirmative and gave him the appointment with Dr. Vikram Chauhan and asked them to come early as the clinic opens at 9:30am and the doctors examined all patients on first come first serve basis.

He readily agreed and in September 2017, he and his dad visited the HQ of Planet Ayurveda and were impressed by its looks. Many more people were waiting for their turn and they too sat in the waiting room and waited for their turn. Their turn came at 2pm and both rushed to the doctor's room. After giving him the reports that were keenly studied by the doctor, he asked Raj to narrate his own history, which he did. After hearing Raj's history the doctor turned towards him and said, "Mr. Raj, you need to follow a strict diet chart and eat accordingly, it's all written which foods to avoid and what to eat & drink, here," and he handed him a diet chart and added further, "You need to take Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack and take all these medicines as prescribed on your slip, if there is anything you need to know you can call me or send a report on my Whatsapp number, that's all." "Sir how long do I have to take this medicine?" he asked out of curiosity. "Depends on your body structure, but don't worry you will feel its effects in the very 1st month and it will never exceed 8 months and you can order these remedies online and these will be delivered at your door step," the doctor replied.

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Both got up and purchased the medicines from the pharmacy and left their premises. The medicine did show its effects in the 1st fortnight as his bleeding stopped completely and after 45 days he came alone this time and had nothing but the praises for Dr. Vikram Chauhan. He was beaming & grinning from ear to ear. He even shot a video of himself and was seen pledging that all his nears & dears, if any of them ever felt the need to cure UC will straight away be guided to Planet Ayurveda. The doctor asked him to get the medicine for another month and leave them after their dosage gets completed. He agreed generously and got his pack.

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