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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Rajpura, Punjab | Case Study #38

Rohit Kumar, a Man who got his Ulcerative Colitis cured by Planet Ayurveda

Rohit Kumar is a young man in his twenties, and a native of Rajpura. Actually the name of this city was kept by the emperor Sher Shah Suri who built a sarai (a resting place) to take rest while travelling. This sarai holds the office of SDM, Tehsildar and DSP of police. It is almost in shambles but still stands bold. Rohit first felt loose motions in 2013 and took a local pill and his stools subsided, again flare up after a few days only. The bleeding also came with stools coloring them red and he panicked and told his parents about it. Both became suspicious and kept asking him that what he has eaten outside house that has created such trouble. His dad asked him to visit Patiala or Chandigarh as these 2 cities had a lot of medical facilities, at least better than Rajpura. He chose Chandigarh, which is around 40kms only.

He took a bus from Rajpura and came to Chandigarh along with his stool sample. He came to the most renowned hospital and told the whole story to the doctor who was examining him. The doctor send the stools to a lab to check and asked him to do a colonoscopy test done and asked him to come in a few days as the report of colonoscopy test comes in 3, 4 days. He went back after receiving some medicines, but returned after a few days along with his dad. When both entered the doctor's office, the doctor frowned after watching his colonoscopy report. His dad was curious to know, "Is everything alright or something serious doctor." "It is neither serious nor be taken lightly. Your son is suffering from Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and this disease lasts for quite long. It might wither away in a month or might stay for the rest of his life "replied the doctor.

The duo kept staring at each other and Rohit asked the doctor, "Sir how I got this disease?" The doctor replied, "There are a number of factors responsible for this disease to break out like changing life style, packaged foods, chips, soft drinks, alcohol or packaged foods etc. But you don't worry I will prescribe a medicine that will be a sure shot formula to wither it away." He began writing the medicine and asked them to get the medicines from a particular pharmacy. Both went there and bought the medicines and left for Rajpura. The doctor had asked them to return after a week and report the medicines effect. But as the luck would have it, the medicines proved to be a totally useless. The effect on his stools and bleeding was never visible and he returned to the doctor who changed his medicines and said that these will show some effect.

This routine kept on happening for more than a year and Rohit used to shuttle between Rajpura and Chandigarh for such a long time that he was becoming frustrated by this humiliating disease. He even couldn't venture out of his house as he used to visit the toilet for 10 to 12 times a day. He was also losing blood, making him go weaker. After about 2 years his dad suggested that he better go to another hospital in Mohali that had a reputation of treating all kinds of diseases. The next time he came to that hospital and they got his colonoscopy test done again and got their medicines. Now he was thinking that his disease will end. But these medicines reacted the wrong way. Mucus also started oozing out along with the loose stools and blood.

He had suffered so much that he lost all hopes of getting a cure from anybody. He kept having that medicines as the doctor has fore-warned him to continue with these medicines for his life time, otherwise the situation would become more complicated. But his dad consoled him and asked him to search a remedy on the internet on his mobile. He agreed a little reluctantly, but this ambiance had to change. As every cloud has a silver lining he saw a video of a person, much older than him, finding a cure for his UC through an Ayurvedic way from Planet Ayurveda. Out of curiosity he watched many more videos and all the patients who suffered from UC and other diseases were praising an Ayurvedic doctor, Dr. Vikram Chauhan.

He went straight to his dad and said, "Do you trust Ayurveda?" Without blinking an eyelid, his dad replied "Yes, sure I do as one of my colleagues got cured through an Ayurvedic medicine." Rohit showed his dad all these videos whose eyes began sparkling and he asked Rohit, "Where is it?" "At Mohali, (the sub-town of Chandigarh)," was his reply. "Let's give them a chance and their medicines have no side effects as claimed by most of these patients and dad I have gut feeling that this Planet Ayurveda is going to prove divine for me," said Rohit.

Planet Ayurveda in fact is owned and maintained by a highly qualified, talented, experienced and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr. Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. It produces all the medicines itself that are the authentic extract of natural or organic herbs. First all this raw material is checked in a tech-savvy lab, if any material is found not natural or organic, the whole quota is rejected without hearing any kind of excuses. That's the reason why it is getting popular all over the globe. Their tag line says it all, "Holistic Healing through Herbs."

Rohit contacted them after finding their phone number from the internet and a sweet sounding lady answered the phone, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" He narrated his whole story and asked when he can visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan as he was very much in a hurry to get rid of his horrible disease as he had begun losing weight now and has lost his hunger. She gave him the appointment for the next day and asked him to bring in all the reports of his labs and clinics that he had visited regarding his UC and told him that the clinic opens at 9:30 am and the doctors serve on first come first serve basis.

The duo was impressed after reaching there, at the HQ of Planet Ayurveda on seeing the number of patients, there were some foreigners too. Both got made a slip and waited for their turn that came at 1. 40pm and both were called to the doctor's room. The pair was sitting behind the table and he introduced himself and showed all reports of ulcerative colitis to Dr. Vikram Chauhan. The doctor asked him to tell his own history and kept scanning the reports. After going through them he looked up at Rohit and said, "Look Mr. Rohit, I'll prescribe medicines and you need to change your diet plans," he handed him a list of foods to avoid and foods to eat & drink. "You also need to follow the prescriptions as I have written and get Ulcerative Colitis Care Pack from our pharmacy that is over there," he said pointing the finger at the pharmacy's location, "And do tell me the effects after a month, OK?" and he bid them goodbye.

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Both got up and bought the pack and left for Rajpura. After a month Rohit was beaming and praising the doctor, "Oh God, sir you gave me a magical remedy, it proved to be an absolute fluke, mucus and bleeding have totally stopped and I am feeling 100% cured, a million thanks to you sir and even I would also like to shoot a video for YouTube and help people to find a cure for those who are suffering from this dreadful disease"." The doctor agreed to shoot a video and asked him to have a changed medicine for another month as "preservation is always thought to be better than cure!"

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