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Review of Planet Ayurveda in Kurukshetra, Haryana | Case Study #20

Vivek Saini is doing graduation at the capital of India, New Delhi and is a young man of 23 years and stays in PG. As a matter of fact he belongs to Haryana, Kurukshetra to be precise. It is a famous district which is famous for Dharmakshetra ("Holy Place"). It is also known as the "Land of the Bhagavad Gita". This city has been considered holy by the Hindu sector. In fact everybody in India thinks that New Delhi is the best place to study. So did Vivek Saini and almost everybody knows what kind of food you get in a PG. PG owners are just worried about their income, they don't give a damn about what kind of food they are cooking, especially when they are cooking for a large number of students. The quality of the food was, less said the better. It did effect Vivek in November 2016.

He felt the burning sensation in his abdominal area, he thinks it must be acidity from the kind of food that is served to him and after a few days the bleeding started along with his stools. He consulted a family doctor in New Delhi and he paid him a visit and the doctor prescribed him some medicine and didn't take his case that seriously. He just thought that Vivek was having spicy food and that was the reason he felt these symptoms. He gave him a month's medicine and told him to give him the report after a month by his mobile. Vivek left the clinic as the symptoms were not that severe, kept having those medicines that just died down without even a flicker.

He never rang up the doctor again but visited another hospital in New Delhi and the doctor over there diagnosed him and by mistake told him that he had piles and unknowingly gave the medicine to heal piles. Vivek kept having those medicines, from weeks the treatment stretched to 3 full months with nil effects. After 3 months the doctor who could not detect the real cause asked him to undergo a surgical operation that will heal the piles in no time. This made Vivek hit the panic button, he told the doctor that he will come back soon and escaped from the hospital.

By now it had irritated him from having so many medicines that he gave up all the treatments and began thinking that everything will get sorted out by itself. The symptoms were not all that severe and he never felt that anything serious can happen. He was just tingling with the idea that some of the blood vessels might have been bruised by the spices that he had taken and the bleeding was the result of that. The bleeding didn't go on regularly and used to happen occasionally. He began cursing himself, "why did I go to all these doctors and spend so much money, why?" The whole year passed that way.

It was the silence before the storm, 'cause the symptoms did flare up after the year-long wait, a little bit of course. But this time he consulted his dad about the health and told his side of the story. His dad said, "Vivek, you better pack your bags and come home to Kurukshetra and get the medicine from a local doctor I Know, you better come tomorrow and I will get the appointment fixed, come on son don't worry." The very next day Vivek took a train and reached Kurukshetra before 11 am and his dad was waiting at the railway station to receive him. He shared his greetings with his dad and put his bag in the boot and both headed to a hospital.

They reached there in a few minutes and the doctor was waiting for them. Both entered the doctor's clinic and said, "Good morning doctor." He also replied with a smile on his face," Good morning Mr. Saini and how you and junior Saini are, how are studies going on?" Before he could speak, his dad interrupted, "I am fine but my son is not, do examine him thoroughly" and narrated the whole story about what was going on with Vivek. The doctor asked Vivek to come with him to the examination table and began examining Vivek. "You never had piles, how the hell that doctor prescribed you surgery. Might be just to make more money, such a foolish doctor," the doctor revealed and then did a colonoscopy done and told them that Vivek had Ulcerative Colitis and prescribed some medicines for 15 days. The bleeding which was becoming regular which stopped after 2, 3 days and Vivek thought that now he has got the true treatment.

After 15 days the doctor asked him to repeat the same medicine, but the symptoms multiplied and this time the stools became more frequent and bleeding restarted along with the mucus. He used to feel the urge at any time to visit the toilet, around 7 to 8 times a day. He left his studies midway and returned to Kurukshetra, as he never knew when to visit the toilet. He began searching the YouTube channel for finding a permanent cure in Ayurvedic section and his dad also trusted the traditional Indian style that has healed millions all over the globe and as the fortune favors the brave he saw many videos of patients of UC getting cured by an Ayurvedic doctor, all had a smile on their faces and it didn't appear fake, from Planet Ayurveda, which is an impeccable clinic and holds quite a reputation in the Ayurvedic world. Naturally it is, Planet Ayurveda – an amazing Ayurvedic institute that is administrated by a highly qualified, talented, experience holder, reputed and renowned pair of Ayurvedic doctors, Dr.Vikram Chauhan and his wife Dr. Meenakshi Chauhan. They produce all the Ayurvedic remedies themselves after checking the authenticity of all herbs which are used in producing so many remedies that rectify so many diseases, in a modern lab. The ones that contain any sort of chemical or color are straight away rejected, without hearing any kind of excuses, but just use the organic & natural ones. The pair keeps a vigilant interest in the process of manufacture and packing. All remedies are pure extraction of many natural medicinal herbs, plants and trees. That's the reason why Planet Ayurveda is flourishing globally.

Vivek was also becoming irritable as frustration had started appearing on his face. The whole family was worried about Vivek's disease as a hard nut to crack. But the ambiance was about to alter. Very soon he watched many videos of hundreds of patients of UC finding a cure at Planet Ayurveda, a reverent institute that is sparkling like a diamond in the sky. To check its authenticity he watched many more with all patients looked really satisfied and nobody seemed like acting. He heaved a sigh of relief when he came to know that a remedy was available in Haryana's capital city of Chandigarh, Mohali to be more precise.

His dad rang up their number and a sweet & pleasant voice of a lady answered the phone and said, "Hello, this is Planet Ayurveda and how can I help you?" "I am calling from Kurukshetra and my son is suffering from UC for the last"....he kept telling his all the sufferings he had to face and asked, "Do you people have a remedy; I am totally tired ma'am by now." He was almost sobbing. "Yes sir welcome," came the reply and was asked to bring along all lab reports and clinic reports of all clinics he has already visited from the year when Vivek had the first symptoms. He fixed the date he needs to be coming.

He arrived with his whole family in the month of December 2018 in a sober look but was impressed by seeing the number of patients visiting the doctor from far flung places. He was asked to wait as the doctors served on the first come first serve basis. He was able to meet the esteemed pair of doctors at 1:30 pm and handed them the file of Vivek and told them the complete history of his son. After scanning the reports and listening to his history both had a discussion with each other and then Dr. Vikram turned his face towards Vivek and addressing him he said, "look Mr. Vivek, we have a natural remedy for you to be followed by a strict diet plan, what to eat and what to avoid, note them down, " Vivek took out his laptop and began noting and the doctor continued, "and you have to take UC Care Pack from our pharmacy along with it, taken precisely as mentioned and your disease will wither away, in how much time, I don't know but I am certain that it will." And he also added, "make sure that all the diet recommended is organic to reap in the maximum benefits, OK, get well soon." and bid them goodbye.

They all came out and went to the pharmacy and got the UC Care Pack and left the clinic. They spent a day at a relative's place in Chandigarh and headed to Kurukshetra the next day. The symptoms reduced immensely with his stools reduced to 2, 3 times a day and bleeding also stopped and so did mucus in a month's time. He felt a little better in January, but the symptoms flared up a bit in February. They called the doctor and informed him about them in detail. The doctor altered some medicines and diet and the symptoms subsidized within a few days.

A few days ago he again called to tell us this good news and the doctor sensed him getting better just by listening to his hello, the way he said it. "You feeling better?" the doctor asked. "In 7th heaven sir, sorry doctor, I am floating in the air and you saved my year in studies as I didn't feel like studying, but now I am feeling on top of the world and will get good marks," came the chuckling reply. "OK fine and best of luck for your exams, but keep sticking to the diet and remedy for another month and you will be totally fine, OK?" said the doctor and felt elated.

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