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Ayurveda To Cure Irregular Periods

Women always wait for it. They are enthusiastic to chart it properly by tagging themselves along with any remedies to make it fall at the right date. It is the one thing that keeps this agreement of a monthly relationship with every young woman. Yes, periods it is! Periods or menstruation to a woman is no small deal. It often determines her puberty scenes to pregnancy proceedings and so important it is to track and enable oneself to get your periods almost accurate to every 28th day of the month as well as to remark the period flow according to certain right criteria.

However today most of the women, starting from the late puberty itself suffer from many menstrual problems due to many reasons from wrong food pattern to poor organ development. One among the issues is the delayed periods and has become common among teenagers. Missed periods might lead you to mental stress due to thoughts like doubts on safe sex and chronic diseases like cancer. Is it normal to miss your periods at early or late teenage? Does it affect your reproductive health? Do missed or irregular periods bring you with pregnancy scares that haunt you? Well, you have both answers and remedies in Ayurveda. Ayurveda, the holistic science is just the right pick for your uterus and ovaries.

Irregular Periods

What Is An Irregular Period And It Causes?

Many of us lack behind when it comes to educating ourselves about detailed knowledge on irregular periods. You are said to have or can identify irregular periods if:

  • You have your periods more than once within a gap of 21 days.
  • You haven’t got your periods even after the 36th day of your cycle.
  • Your period doesn’t stop even after a week.

It is to be noted that under normal conditions, your cycle would have an almost constant span of events throughout. High extents of variations are indications to consult a physician.

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): PCOS causes eggs to be released far later than they should be as part of a healthy menstrual cycle. As a result, in certain situations, the period is delayed or even missed. This is a medical ailment that requires medical attention. It often comes along with many hormonal changes that leads to physical symptoms like rapid changes in weight, acne, facial hairs etc.
  2. Stress: Whether you can't stand your busy schedule or are dealing with a breakup, overstressing can easily disrupt your monthly cycle. How? Cortisol, a stress hormone, lowers the levels of your reproductive hormones.
  3. Medications: Some medications, such as steroids or thyroid tablets, might disrupt hormone synthesis. This could affect your hormone levels badly and might disturb your cycle.
  4. Dramatic Weight Change: Rapid weight loss has high chances to indicate lack of oestrogen release whereas rapid weight gain indicates an overproduction of oestrogen. In both ways, abnormal oestrogen levels aren’t good for your periods.
  5. Illness: Have you been unwell recently? Your normal stomach flu or viral infection can have an effect on your menstrual health and cause your monthly period to be delayed.
  6. Routine Change: Are you disrupting your regular sleep schedule to binge watch a Netflix series? Are you trying out a new diet fad? Have you changed employment and, as a result, your daily routine? All of these lifestyle changes can throw your hormones off and cause your period to be delayed.
  7. Extreme Workout: If you can't stop thinking about dumbbells and bench presses even while you're not in the gym, your body will be strained sooner or later. It will then struggle to manufacture oestrogen, leaving you puzzled why your period has been delayed.

What Ayurveda Has To Say ?

Ayurveda provides extensive information and insight into the reproductive system of women, allowing us to understand how to naturally overcome irregular periods. The menstrual period is regarded as a blessing since it allows a woman's body to replenish and expel pollutants. According to Ayurveda, the three doshas - Vata, Kapha, and Pitta - impact a woman's menstrual cycle. Knowing the prevalent doshas in your body and making the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle is the key to the treatment.

The subdosha of Vata that governs the menstrual cycle is Apana Vata. It's in the lower belly, and it's in charge of the intestinal, urine, and reproductive systems' downward flow. According to Ayurveda, irregular periods are caused by an imbalance of this particular dosha. Stress, poor food, long-term illnesses, lack of physical activity, over-exertion, and certain drugs all contribute to Apana Vata imbalance.

What Treatments does Ayurveda Offers ?

Since Vata is said to be the root of all of the gynecological issues, it is the dosa which should be balanced first, followed by treatment for the other doshas. Panchakarma treatments like Basti is a very good potion to maintain your reproductive organs healthy and so it would be ideal to choose to undergo a basti treatment after indicating it from your physician.

Pathya - this is controlled diet according to once body nature. For menstrual disorders identified as due to Vata dosha, salty, sour, hot and unctuous foods are recommended. Foods with sweet, astringent and cold properties are known of Pitta and in the case of Kapha, astringent, hot and dry foods would be your uterus friendly choice.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Exercise at least three times a week and get a good night's sleep for 6-8 hours.
  • Serve fresh fruits such as plums, black grapes, apples, and pears.
  • Increase your consumption of leafy greens. Using probiotic foods like ginger while cooking can be a great option. Sugar and high-fat foods should be avoided. Starchy foods like potato, beetroot, Maida are also considered to be avoided.
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages. Caffeine intake should be reduced. Diet Consume nutritious, hot, and fresh foods. 5-6 modest meals every day.

Reproductive health is an investment to your complete body, as benefits are for you as a whole. Let the woman in you invest her Ayurvedic lifestyle for your menstrual issues and benefit a lifetime of good reproductive health. Let periods not be missed and you not be tense. Happy bleeding to you!

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