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Diet Plan for Psoriasis Patients

Psoriasis is a skin disease, which is non-contagious in nature. It is characterized by scaly patches, which are red in colour. These patches appear on the scalp, elbows and knees. These lesions may vary from minor patches appearing at local points to the entire portion of the body. The major causes of psoriasis are yet to be known.

Often it is said that heredity plays a huge role in causing psoriasis. Also, a weakened immune system may result in psoriasis as well. Environmental factors may be the other reason for causing psoriasis. The severity of the disorder may varies from individuals to individuals.


Dry skin, cracks in the skin, pink colored lesions, bleeding skin, stiffened joints, inflammations, itching sensation and burning at some places are the major symptoms of people suffering from psoriasis. Physical and mental stress also contribute to the occurrence of psoriasis as well.

It is highly advised that people suffering from psoriasis must follow a strict diet regimen. Following is the diet chart for the patients suffering from this non contagious skin infection. It must be followed strictly to get relief from the disorder and associated symptoms as well.



Herbal tea / Green tea


Broken wheat porridge (Veg / Sweet Dalia) / Veg oats / Veg Semolina (Veg upma)/ Veg poha (Rice flakes) /Vermicelli (Veg / Sweet Sewian) / Chapatti with veg or Dal / 1 - Egg white portion only


Fruit / Coconut water / Herbal tea / Green tea / Salad


Chapatti / Boiled Rice / Vegetable + Dal / Salad


Sprouts / Green tea / Soup (Home-made) / Herbal tea / Salad.


Chapatti / Boiled Rice / Vegetable + Dal



Cereals to be consumed

Wheat, White rice, Brown rice, Sorghum, Amaranth, Finger millet, Foxtail millet, Pearl millet, Buckwheat, Little millet, Barley. Flour Ratio- Wheat Atta (50%) + Soybean Atta (20%) + Ragi flour (30%)

Cereals to be avoided



Fruits to be consumed

Banana, Water melon, Muskmelon, Avocado, Peaches, Pear, Pomegranate, Figs, Custard apple, Sapodilla,Apple Papaya.

Fruits to be avoided

Orange, Mango, Strawberries, Lemon, Limes, Grapes,Blueberries.


Vegetables to be consumed

Zucchini, Sweet potato, Pumpkin, Celery, Coriander, Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Kale, Mushrooms, Spinach, Carrot, Peas, Fenugreek leaves, Okra, Bottle gourd, Bitter gourd, Brussels sprouts, Lettuce, Ginger, Chicory greens.

Vegetables to be avoided

Tomatoes, Potatoes, Brinjal, Garlic, Onion, Green chilies, Red chilies, Radish.


Pulses to be consumed

All pulses and legumes.

Pulses to be avoided



Dairy Products to be consumed

Tofu, Soy milk (occasionally)..

Dairy Products to be avoided

Milk, Cheese, Buttermilk, Butter, Curd.


Oils to be consumed

Cow ghee, Sunflower oil, Canola oil, Olive oil, Mustard oil, Rice bran oil.

Oils to be avoided

Cream, Palm oil, Coconut oil.


Spices to be consumed

Cumin, Coriander, Turmeric, Ginger, Pepper, Fennel, Cinnamon.

Spices to be avoided

Mustard, Pimiento, Nutmeg.


Drinks to be consumed

Coconut water, Homemade soups, Green juice, Herbal tea.

Drinks to be avoided

Whole milk drinks, Cream based liqueurs, Canned soup and Packaged soup, Alcohol, Sweetened drinks, Squashes, Carbonated drinks.


Flesh Foods to be consumed

Egg white, Chicken (Once in a week)

Flesh Foods to be avoided

Processed and fried meat, Red meat (Beef, Lamb, Pork), Fishes (Tilefish, Shark, Swordfish, King Mackerel, Marlin, Bluefin Tuna).


Dry Fruits to be consumed

Almonds, Raisins, Walnut, Pumpkin Seeds, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Sunflower Seeds.

Dry Fruits to be avoided



Prepared Foods to be consumed


Prepared Foods to be avoided

Bakery and Processed Foods, Fried Food, Junk Food, Pickles, Artificial Sweeteners, Packed Soups, Refined Sugar, Vinegar, Jaggery.


Sweeteners to be consumed


Sweeteners to be avoided



  • Bitter gourd juice - Consume 20- 30 ml of bitter gourd juice.
  • Flax seeds - Consume 1 tsp. of flax seeds with warm water daily.
  • Aloe Vera - Consume Aloe Vera juice, early morning and even apply Aloe Vera gel on scaly patches.It helps in reducing redness and scales.
  • Turmeric - It is an anti – inflammatory in nature. Turmeric paste can be prepared and apply on patches.


  • Drink 8 – 10 glasses of water in a day this willremove toxins from thebody.
  • Avoid eating junk and spicyfood.
  • Eat homemade food.
  • Drink green tea.
  • Use homemade packs over the affected skin.
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