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Everyday Tips for a Healthy Stomach

It is always said that our stomach is the root of our health as well as our diseases. Stomach is like the base of our health, unhealthy stomach means unhealthy body. And, the good thing is maintaining a healthy stomach never wants any extra effort but only the balance of all the general and most common things that are our Diet and our Lifestyle.

Healthy Stomach

In Ayurveda, three factors are considered as the pillars of life, Aahar (Diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle), and Aushadhi (Medicine). As per the ancient Ayurvedic literatures and principles, if we follow a balanced diet and lifestyle during our lifetime, then we never fall sick. Thus, medicine is considered as the third pillar. Diet and Lifestyle are given priority, because a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle prevent us from all the health issues, weather general or the rare ones.

These days, we are witnessing that the major diseases that are spreading all over the globe are lifestyle diseases, in which there is a big role of our unhealthy food habits. One thing, we all have experienced and noticed that our previous generations are healthier than the next ones, whether we compare our parents and grandparents, or our parents and us. There is a lot of difference in our health and the diseases we are suffering from. Let us not go much deeper in this concept, as it has no end. Coming to the point, our digestive system is the most vital system in our body which ensures the health of our entire body. Improper functioning of our digestive system always affects our overall health.

As, we cannot make food without fire even if we have all other ingredients, Digestive fire has the similar role in our body. Our whole body needs energy and fuel to work properly, and this energy and fuel is received by our diet. When we eat food, all the systems inside our body get activated and start processing the food. We always listen that detoxification of our body is a very important process to be done, as it is the root cause behind the commencement of a disease. Excessive toxins inside our body weaken our immunity, resulting in the reduction of our disease resistance power. Hence, to maintain our holistic health, we need to safeguard our digestive system / stomach against any health issue.

Recently, Yoshinori Ohsumi has been honored with the Noble Prize for Autophagy i.e., Fasting. Ayurveda always has the most prior place for Fasting as the Ayurvedic principles focus more on prevention than the treatment. As per the Ayurveda experts and rules, if we can continue the prevention of the diseases only by managing and balancing our diet and lifestyle, then we will never need the medicines. So, let us restore, rejuvenate and restart our life by improving our stomach health and strengthening it.

We have the natural shield already installed in our body to have safety against all the diseases, we just need to maintain its quality. For doing this, following are some vital points that are required to be taken care of. As, today our diet includes more unhealthy ingredients than the healthy ones, so let us compare both and choose for the better.

Real & Fresh Food

We should eat the natural and real food, but we usually go for the taste of our tongue and get stuck in the trap of artificial and dead food. Fresh food is always the best as it contains the essential nutrients in the required amount only. Packaged, Frozen or stale food is unhealthy and have adverse effects on our body.

Increase the Fibrous food

More fiber ensures the healthier digestion. Daily intake of plenty of soluble and insoluble fibers promotes the functioning of Digestive system, ultimately leading to a better immunity.

Take Healthy Fats

Omega-3 fatty acids are always considered good for the health of our digestive system. Continuous consumption of healthy fats is required to eliminate our starvation effectively.

Never let you dehydrated

Drinking a lot of water is always advised by the health professionals. Only, plain water has the enormous abilities to maintain the healthy Digestion as well as healthy body. Hydration not only keeps the digestive problems at bay, but also helps in detoxification of the body and boosting our immunity. If a person is not habitual of drinking more water, then he should make it a habit by starting consuming the fruits that contains enough water and the fresh juices.

More Liquid Diet

A balanced diet should include more of the liquids than the solid food. As due to our sedentary lifestyles, our food remains undigested for a longer time and improper eating patterns result in the health problems. It may happen that we cannot change our lifestyle to a great extent due to the working patterns, but we can increase the quality of our diet, which will help us to maintain a healthy stomach.

Avoid More Spices

Spicy food is never a healthy food. It is true that the spices we use in our kitchens have many therapeutic properties along with their taste. But, excess intake of anything can cause a problem. So, managing the quantity of spices in our food is mandatory to have a long-term health of our stomach.

Besides the above dietary instructions, a healthy stomach should need a healthy mind, and body to function. For that, we should be aware of some things that may not only harm our mental health but out physical health also.

  • Eating a lot of food should be replaced with Mindful eating, which means when we eat food we should concentrate on the food rather than other thoughts. As, eating food with concentration helps us to consume only the required amount of food and not in excess.
  • Our diet intake is not only the food we eat, but our thoughts are also a part of it. We should take care of our thoughts; more negative thoughts welcome more health issues.
  • Along with the balanced diet, we should have the managed lifestyle also, which means proper eating habits can also protect our body when we support that with required physical activities. As the stability in our heart beat means death, likewise no movement of our body means the death inside. We should get involved in some physical activities as per the need of our body to maintain a healthy digestive system.
  • Fasting plays a major and vital role in maintaining a healthy stomach and the whole body. Fasting does not means that you need to stay starved for a complete day, but a good fasting means keeping proper gap between our two meals.

Thus, above provided are all the basic needs of our diet and lifestyle, which will help us to maintain our health without any extra efforts and adverse effects.

Practice them, follow them and stay healthy forever.

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