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Let us maintain the Honor and Vitality of the Evergreen Sector - Health & Wellness

As it is always said that whenever the evil increases on earth and starts to dominate the positive energies, God appears as human to restore the good and eliminate the bad. Likewise, in Ayurveda, there is a chapter named "Janpadodhwans" in which it is mentioned that when the environment becomes Tampradhan, whenever Taamsik environment increases in the nature, then this uproar of the nation happens. This means whenever the human acts imbalance the nature or try to harm it beyond the limits then the infectious diseases in the form of Pandemics or Epidemics occur to balance it. It is an old saying that the universe never keeps any debt on it, it takes from one hand and give from other, which we commonly call "KARMA". So, the current situation is one of those reactions of the nature only.

Traditional Medicine

Do the calamities appear just to disappear after a period of time or to teach us something?

As we all know about the old saying and have grown believing it, "Everything happens for a Reason; we should learn the good from it and move further". So, this current calamity is also reminding us of the great Quotations as below:

Health is the Real Wealth!!
When Wealth is Lost, nothing is lost,
When Health is lost, Everything is lost!!

Both the sayings have again became supreme and taught us that no wealth can save us but our Health can. During this outbreak, many people suffered from the attack of the virus and still suffering, many are dying and others are recovering.

What is the difference?

All are humans but those who are overcoming it and winning over it by fighting are only the ones, who have never took their health for granted. They also maintained their strong immunity and also valued the health over mortal wealth. Therefore, the wellness industry is now the one and only industry which is growing faster and receiving the respect which it always deserved. Amid the Pandemic, health and wellness have become the Priorities in Life than it happened ever before. Increased health consciousness among the people has fueled the wellness industry into overdrive. It is becoming a stronger, fitter and leading sector now. Within a few recent months, the demand for wellness products and services is boosted. The products that people can use from home safely and conveniently. Many companies have come and are still coming to the forefront to meet these demands. Likewise, we have never stepped back even during the severe stages and always provided support to the people worldwide through all the sources we could.

Why does this happen According to Ayurveda?

Today, not only in India but all over the world, if we see, then there is corrupt society, Taamsik environment is at high, there is Taamsik environment, as we have seen that they are eating animals there like bats, rats, cockroaches, it is one kind of their feelings to take revenge, which the nature represents. So, it is a rule that whenever the souls of the animals or other living beings are persecuted, this happens for sure.

In Ayurveda, there is a chapter, where it is mentioned that the disease which gets transferred from one person to another is termed as communicable disease. For evidence, here providing the ancient verse for it,

प्रसङ्गाद् गात्रसंस्पर्शान्निश्वासात्सहभोजनात्।
सहशय्या आसनाच्चापि वस्त्रमाल्यानुलेपनात्।।
कुष्ठं ज्वरश्र्च शोषश्र्च नेत्राभिष्यन्द एव च।
औपसर्गिकरोगाश्र्च सङ्क्रामन्ति नरान्नरम्।

(Ref: Sushrut Samhita, Nidaanasthaanam, 6/32-33)

The formal diseases like leprosy, smallpox, fever, conjunctivitis, get transmitted from one person to another through physical contact and relation of an affected person with a healthy person, droplet infection, sharing food, sleeping together, using person's clothes, garlands, and other accessories.

Ayurveda has a foresight approach that the diseases can even be transferred only by seeing, or with the negative thoughts that appear in the mind. Our thoughts play a vital role in the formation and balance of hormones within the body, ultimately thoughts have the ability to let us stay healthy or to make sick. Ayurveda was always the ruling concept of Life, its principles always dominated the other methods of lifestyle as it has that ability. It is a vast science, that explains every aspect of life in detail, whether it is mental, emotional, physical, psychological or spiritual. Each and every perspective plays a very important role in maintaining our health. As today a frightening environment is created that we are sharing the fear more than the positivity. We have to share the positive energy by grasping the positive and good vibes from the Supreme Power, we can think that the virus is going away, and should meditate positively. In order to get rid of this virus, we should sit in silence and share the strong energies with the divine soul as well as the people around us. The need is to spread the positive energies all around the world.

But what is happening today? Spread of Negativity, whenever we talk, make a negative hype about anything whether it is the prevailing Pandemic or any other situation, and as per Ayurveda, spreading fear also strengthens the negative vibes. Vibrations are considered to play a vital role in the quality of life we live. Our determination affects it, with the positive determination, and thoughts, we increase the positivity of our internal system or Immunity and vice versa.

As per some Ayurvedic texts, the word "Bimari" is made from "Bhay" i.e., fear, B for "Bhay" and B for "Bimari" means forming. "Bimari" word indicates that it is creating "Bhay". If we spread fear continuously, it will weaken our immune system, and when we do "Aavaahan" i.e., Evocation, which means thinking of something, then it appears from nowhere. Now, it is our choice whether to Evocate the disease or the health. The diseases are not hype; these are just the negative reactions of our wrong and ill actions.

In our Ancient literature, it is also provided for Fever, that whenever the weather changes, viruses usually thrive in any form or name. This time, it is a new and the most severe one of all those happened in the last centuries. So, every year, these viruses appear in any form, like H1, N1, Swine Flu, Lipa Virus, Saars, etc. means this attacks keep going in the form of epidemics, and disappears after a period of time. But, we need to learn the lessons and to remember them for our life and generations. Only then, we can avoid the major natural calamities.

A Note from the Experts

Always it is experienced that a lot of researches have been done on these viruses and diseases and many vaccines are also being prepared, but as it is a time taking process, the disease comes to an end till the time vaccine get prepared. And then, the sale and availability of those vaccines become a business. Being involved in such a beautiful and blessed profession, we should not corrupt it, as we have already seen that when everything gets corrupted, natural health and wellness is one and the only thing that remains pure. Let us maintain its purity and infinity to save the generations against the various diseases to come and go. Let us make the basic Principle of Ayurveda as the motive of our life, which is:

"Prevention is Always Better than Cure"

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