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Case Study No: 153 | Nephrotic Syndrome - Shaurya

How 2 year's old Patient recovered from Nephrotic Syndrome within 2 months?

Hello Everyone, Here's a story of a 2 years old patient who was suffering from Nephrotic Syndrome, from last 1 year. We cannot even think how much problem he could have due to this disease in such a small age. But, he fought with it, saw improvements within 2 months and now recovering at a good pace by eliminating all symptoms that occurred due to the intake of Steroids. Before that, let us have a brief about the disease.

Nephrotic Syndrome is basically a health problem that causes the body to excrete excess protein in the urine than normal. It occurs when the kidneys of a person do not work naturally as they should do.

Now, let us have a glimpse of Shaurya, 2 years old Nephrotic Syndrome patient's story. The below story is written as conveyed to us by his father, Pradeep Kumar.

Shaurya is 2 years old boy, based at Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh. His father, Mr. Pradeep is an Army person, who used to spend most of his time in duty. Suddenly, one day he got to know that his son was suffering from a disease. His family got his son treated from many Doctors in Moradabad as well as Allahabad. In April, 2019, when Shaurya had some abnormal symptoms and pain, then during the general check-ups, he got diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome. Allopathy Doctors suggested that there is no permanent treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in Allopath. The treatment was given to Shaurya, which included wysolone and a syrup, both of these medicines were kind of steroids.

During the treatment, side effects of Steroids started to occur and also, whenever they used to reduce the dosage, the symptoms flare up. Initially, there was inflammation in intestines, but after taking steroids, he gained weight and hairs grew on his body in an unnatural manner, on back, face, and other body parts.

The allopathic doctors advised for it that the patients overcome this disease gradually with time. But, as the severity of the symptoms was increasing in Shaurya, so his father tried to go for an alternative and started to search about it on Google and Youtube and also discussed with his friends and relatives. One of his friend in Kashipur, Uttarakhand, suggested him to visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan, Ayurvedic Doctor based at Mohali for this. He suggested that he has the treatment for all the diseases and treating patients successfully for decades.

Shaurya's father searched about Dr. Vikram Chauhan on youtube and saw many videos and real testimonials related with Nephrotic Syndrome and other diseases. He had a little believe in Ayurveda, after watching those videos, his believe increased a bit. But, as it was about his son, so he needed to discuss it with his family. He asked his family to visit Dr. Vikram Chauhan for Shaurya's treatment. But, after listening to this suggestion, his father and other family members denied going for Ayurvedic treatment.

Still being a Father, he didn't back out and tried to talk to Dr. Vikram Chauhan on his official number. Due to Lockdown, he came to know that Dr. Vikram Chauhan was available on Video consultations and the OPDs were discontinued due to the pandemic. He booked a consultation with Dr. Vikram Chauhan in the last week of April, 2020. He provided all the details of his Son to Dr. Vikram Chauhan on video consultation and received a basic prescription. Dr. Vikram Chauhan informed him in the initial stage only that his son, Shaurya will be treated and the improvements can be seen within next 2 months only, but he need to continue the medicines for 1 year to prevent any severity and the recurrence of the disease further. So, he started the medicines from 1st May, 2020, after purchasing from Planet Ayurveda's authorized distributor in Sonipat. Within 2 months of the treatment, the symptoms start to decline and Shaurya started to get relief from pain and inflammation.

In the initial prescription, Dr. Vikram Chauhan advised to take the herbal medicines along with Wysolone, and to reduce it slowly afterwards. The herbal medicines that were prescribed primarily were, Curcumin Capsules, Phyllanthus Niruri Capsules, Diagno Plan Syrup, Neuro Plan Syrup, Ashwagandha Vati, Punarnava Mandoor and Chandanadi Vati.

Then after 2 years of treatment after the reduction in other symptoms, his weight neither lost nor gained, so to maintain weight, Curcumin Capsules were replaced with Curcumin 95, and a herbal formulation, Natur-Amino Powder was added. Then after taking this revised prescription for 3 months, recently he consulted with Dr. Vikram Chauhan again on 9th October, and informed about the improvements. Now, the child's weight is normal and managed, and the unnatural body hairs are also getting removed slowly with the medicines. Now, Wysolone is strictly prohibited and also the Ashwagandha Vati and Natur-Amino, as due to the hot potency, their excess dosage may cause some mild symptoms to the child.

Thus, now, it is around 5 and half months of treatment that is taken by Shaurya, he has almost recovered from all his symptoms, just hair on some body parts are left. His father believe that within next 1-2 months, he will be permanently cured with this disease.

When asked about his belief in Ayurveda and his family members now, he told that now his family members also believe a lot in Ayurveda and planning to replace all their allopathic medicines with the herbal medicines.

Hope, the above real story of this 2 years' old patient will help many others to get courage and treatment in Ayurveda. These evidences help us to improve and serve society in a better way, day by day.

Before Planet Ayurveda Treatment

Before Planet Ayurveda Treatment

After Planet Ayurveda Treatment

After Planet Ayurveda Treatment

Shaurya's Prescription

Shaurya's Prescription, Nephrotic Syndrome

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