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Worried about Your family's Health? Relax now with Ayurveda

Family: Our First Love

Family includes all those people who love each other unconditionally, support in ups and downs, and care for each other when someone falls ill and celebrates the joy together as well. Our love and care for our family has not changed but somewhere the time that we need to spend with our family members has reduced due to the modern lifestyle, engagement on social websites and our working schedules. There is a beautiful saying by our ancestors:

A Family that Eats Together!
Stays Together!!
Healthy & Happy!!

Family Health, Ayurveda

Everyone is well-known to this phrase, but implementing this has become a very big dream for every person. There are many reasons due to which we lack in time to spend with our parents, our children, and other family members. Earlier, there were joint families, in which everyone had their own tasks to do and because of the division of the tasks, they were able to complete them timely without much stress as well as found time for each other.

Joint families had their own benefits like if someone sometimes would fell sick, the sickness never stayed for long, as at that time money was less important than feelings. To make the sick person healthy again, the whole family took breaks from their works and stayed together at home for a time-being that created a happy and loving environment which ultimately helps the sick person to fight the disease more effectively.

Acute or mild diseases got cured only with the home remedies of the grandparents. Headaches were not a part of daily life, because daily head massage of all the people before going to bed was the perfect ending of the day. Members of the family could guess by just seeing at the face of a person whether he had some stress or not. And you know what the superb Idea to eliminate that stress was? They never directly talked or asked the reason, but used to make such an environment or a get together where they start to talk about their lives, and suddenly the person in stress used to speak up everything himself and get the solutions for the problems easily. Telling lie or keeping secret never had a chance to get in a home. Feelings were more understood and expressed through actions not by words; therefore they were the most loyal and true.

Street foods were there at that time also, even the packaged food too, but people stayed on fasting when they went out and always preferred eating the home-made food. To take a lunch box whenever stepping out of home for more than 2-3 hours was a lovely tradition. The lifestyle was simple and happy, and the diet was full of love and health.

But, that all has disappeared with time, families started to become nuclear. Lifestyle became sedentary and full of stress. Diet lacks love as well as health. The reason is running in the race of life, people have forgot to live the life. They want a longer life but never care for the quality of their life. At this moment, 2 famous quotes from a superhit bollywood movie is striking in my mind, and the irony is that one dialogue suits the life of our old generations and one dialogue suits us. Let us have both here, as they do not need any explanation, just a read is enough.

One that suits our elders: “Babumoshai, Zindagi badi honi chahiye.. Lambi nahi”

(My Friend! Life should be Big.. Not Long..!!)

Other that suits us: “Hum Aane wale gham ko kheench-taan kar aaj ki khushi pe le aate hain.. aur us khushi me zeher ghol dete hain”

(We Stretch and Pull the Sadness of the Future..
Bring it in Our Today’s Happiness..
And mix Poison in that happiness)

It is true that we have left a lot in our past that was good for us and would always be good for us, if we might bring it with us. But, we cannot reverse the time and go back to bring the same time. Perhaps, we can find it again in nature, in our home and in our family members. The present time has taught us all a lot about the most important and essential things in life.

Hence, we are here to help you in this and to reduce your regret for not taking of you and your family’s health. Planet Ayurveda is serving the gift of nature, the natural herbs with all the knowledge and the principles of our ancient healthcare system Ayurveda worldwide with a motive to let people live a healthy and happy life by developing harmony with nature again. So, now you need not to worry for your family’s health. Just be habitual and make everyone in your home to eat a healthy diet, to have a happy and stress-free lifestyle and to maintain a healthy living for life.

Ayurveda and Health

As per Ayurveda, the three important factors that are responsible for a healthy life are Aahar (Diet), Vihaar (Lifestyle) and Aushadhi (Herbs). You only have to put a little efforts for having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle and we will take care of all your requirements of herbs. We are happy to help you always for any of your or your loved ones health issues at your convenience. You just need to contact us through your mobile phones by sending a message on WatsApp (+919915593604 / +918427494030 / +918427864030) or an email at You can have the health advice from our well experienced Ayurveda experts within no time and with no extra efforts. Your herbs will reach at your doorstep, packed in the most convenient and useful way to be consumed by any age group.   

Hence, here we are providing a brief introduction to our best dietary herbal supplements for your family. They can be consumed daily without any adverse effects on health. They help in balancing the tri-doshas and all the five elements in our body that consequently help us to maintain our overall health with a stronger immune system. You can have their complete information by clicking on each one of it.

For Children: The best herbal dietary supplements for daily consumption of your children are Brahmi Capsules, Brahmi Chyawanprash and Immune Booster.

For Males: Ashwagandha Capsules / Powder / Vati (you can have any one of them) and Male Health Support are the best herbal supplements available for maintaining the male’s health during their young and adolescent age.

For Females: Planet Ayurveda’s Shatavari Capsules and Female Health Support are the best herbal supplements that can be consumed daily by the young and adult females to live a healthy life. 

For Adults: Wheatgrass Capsules, Musli Strength and Shilajit Capsules are the most effective products for the adult males and females. These supplements help you to increase stamina, strength and immunity during your growing age.   

For Old Age: Shatavari Capsules, Ashwagandha Capsules, Brahmi Capsules, Brahmi chyawanprash, Moringa Capsules and Bone Support are the names of some of the best herbal supplements from the range of herbs by Planet Ayurveda that help the elderly people to maintain their immunity, balance their mental and physical health for living well in their old age.

Do not wait now to take care of those, who take care of you.

Give them the gift of nature for a healthy, happy and peaceful lifetime.

Stay Happy!! Stay Healthy!! Stay Peaceful!!
Spread Happiness, Love, Health & Peace All Around!!

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