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Roses For A Healthy And Blissful Life

A human has a machine installed in them by the creator which works 24*7 uninterruptedly. As the machines need some fuel, some service and also need repair at times, likewise this machine in our body also requires the same.

At first, the fuel for human is what we consume in each moment, either orally by mouth or through our thoughts. Intake of food and the thoughts, both play an equal role in maintaining the holistic health of a person.

Secondly, the service of this body is our lifestyle. Proper maintenance and servicing of a machine keeps it working effectively for a longer time. Similarly, a proper and balanced lifestyle of humans keeps them working lifelong in a well manner.

Last but not the least, the repair for the human machines are termed as the remedies or the medications that their body require whenever a problem occurs.

A machine never stops working or needs a repair if it gets a good quality of fuel and a continuous servicing. Same happens with the human body. If one consumes healthy and qualitative food throughout his life and maintains a good lifestyle, sickness never affects him.

Roses - The Sign of Love

Whenever we hear the word “ROSE” or see it, our heart starts to be calm and our mind experiences peace. Why does it happen? Roses, no doubt, are the most beautiful flowers on this planet and have long-lasting fragrance. They grow in the thorns, but never behave like them. They never forget their own features and special appearance of spreading love, happiness and peace. Shouldn’t we need to learn this from the Roses? Why??? Yes, this question will surely strike your mind but your heart and the conscience will surely be answering to this question. We humans have forgotten our humanity, the most special feature gifted by the creator to us. We are used to compare ourselves, our lives, our diet and lifestyle to others that we become blind to see our own specifications and features.

Rose and Ayurveda

Let us not get in the depth of this concept, as it is a topic of an unlimited discussion. So, here we were talking about the roses, their fragrance, and their paradise. As we have mentioned that the roses calms our heart and make our mind peaceful. So, here is to inform that they not only perform these amazing functions with their beauty and fragrance but also possess some internal properties for supporting the holistic healing of a person.

Most Common Experience of Humans with Homemade Rose Drinks

We should have seen that our grandparents or parents prefer drinking Roohafza, a cooling drink that is being used in homes for decades during summers. The main ingredient of this Roohafza is the Rose Petals due to their numerous benefits. Most of the people used to prepare this at home, naming as Gulaab Sharbat, because the major part of this drink always includes the extracted juice of Rose Petals. Till now, you might have drunk it only because it tastes good and comforts you against the high temperature. But, if you remember, even a sip of this drink has wonderful results that need not be proven but are witnessed by each of us at least once in our lifetime. The refreshing taste and the cooling capacity of this drink always eliminated our stress, no matter how severe it was?

Let us now understand, why was it so?

Ayurveda and Rose

In Ayurveda, Rose is generally known as Taruni, which means “everyoung” or in simple words we can say forever young. The meaning of its name clearly does justice to its properties.

There is an ancient verse in Bhavprakash Nighantu, edition 1998, Verse 22-23, page no. 488-489.

शतपत्री तरुन्युक्ता कर्णिका चारुकेशरा। महाकुमारी गन्धाढया लाक्षापुष्पा अतिमञ्जुला।।

शतपत्री हिमा हृद्या ग्राहिणी शुक़ला लघु:। दोषत्रयास्त्रजिद्वर्ण्याकट्वी तिक्ता च पाचनी।।

This shloka clearly explains the synonyms and properties of Rose (Rosa centifolia). It says Shatpatri, Taruni, Kanika, Charukeshra, Mahakumari, Gandhaheya, Lakshapushpa, and Atimanjula are the synonyms (other names) of Rose. It has a cold potency, good for heart, light in nature, enhances semen and effective in managing the blood disorders. It is good for skin complexion and has pungent and bitter taste.

Hence, we can easily understand that the major properties of a Rose are:

  • Balances tridoshas
  • Good for Emotions
  • Refreshes the whole body internally and externally
  • Useful in Heart Disorders
  • Maintains Blood Pressure
  • Pacifies Mind
  • Nurtures Skin
  • Promotes quick healing of wounds
  • Regulates Excessive Sweating
  • Helpful in Acidity as well as in Constipation
  • Works well for sore throat
  • Relieves Burning Sensations of Eyes
  • Balances the Digestive Fire
  • Supports in treating Insomnia
  • Helps in fighting Skin and other Infections as well
  • Rejuvenates the Colon
  • Enhances Metabolism
  • Promotes Youth, hence consists of anti-ageing properties

Besides above mentioned properties, Rose works amazingly in supporting the healthy immune system of an individual due to its numerous properties.

How can it be used?

Using Rose for our healing is very simple. There are many products that can be prepared easily with Rose Petals and are most convenient and easy to use and consume. These are:

  • Rose Water – Just need to boil the rose petals, let the boiled water rest at normal temperature. Strain and pour in a bottle. It is ready to be applied locally for months. It is the best to use for your maintaining the natural glow of your skin.
  • Rose Petal Jam – Have the best way to prepare fresh and refreshing rose petal jam at home here:
  • Rose Smoothies – These can be prepared as all other smoothies of different fruits, by mixing milk or water with rose petals, and grinding all these together in order to have a thick and tasty drink.
  • Rose Juice (Gulaab Sharbat) – Make a thick liquid of rose petals with some honey. Cardamom can be added for a good taste. Keep it in a bottle. Consume 1-2 tsp full, mixing in cold milk or water with some ice cubes in it. It can also be consumed with ice-cream or other soothing and cooling food items in summer.

Besides these specific products, rose petals can be eaten directly after washing properly. These all above products will have the best and most effective results only when prepared naturally without any chemicals or preservatives. For that the best way is to make them at home.

Also, in the cosmetic range of Planet Ayurveda, there are beauty creams and handmade bathing bars prepared with the pure standardized extract of Rose petals to serve you with the best of its results. These soaps have no adverse effects for anyone and can be used daily by all the family members.

Let us Blossom like Roses…
Spread our Positive Vibes and Fragrance all around
To help everyone in their Holistic Healing..!!

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