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For Your Acidic Snags : The Kamadudha Rasa

Are You Troubled With Constant Heartburn?

Who does not love some crispy fried pakoras with a hot cup of tea or some midnight snacks to finish watching your movie or choosing to hit the office on an emot stomach only to have your favorite chat on the way! With all these untimely food and incompatible combinations that we pile in almost on a daily basis, heartburn is the most recurrent scuffling in many irrespective of age. The idea might me a little overboard but some many among us might be really troubled with the speckled blemishes on the face, not realising its all the outcomes of escalated Pitta Dosha due to all that spice and masala that goes in with those food irregularities.

As women, if you still think it’s ok to have heavy menstrual days, do you suppose it to be totally normal?

Well the answer to this is NO! Alterations seen in the menstrual cycles including leucorrhoea, irregular menstrual cycles, painful menstruation and heavy menstrual bleeding is all due to this very same evil, the escalated levels of Pitta. According to Ayurveda the Pitta entity is responsible for the most optimal functioning of your digestive system and circulatory system with regular body mechanisms, menstruation being the most important among them. Hence it is vital to maintain the pitta at its optimum to maintain the body at its normalcy. And how is this possible?!?

Kamdudha Ras

Among the authentic formulations used in ayurvedic therapeutics, this particular combination is one top notch that helps to retain the normalcy of pitta without hampering its functionality. This blend is mentioned in the epic Rasa Ratna Prakarana that focuses more on health in general and is an effective nostrum for gastritis and bleeding disorders. It is a combination of both herbal and purified mineral drugs available in a tablet form.


The elements in this compound consist of the following.

  1. Guduchi Satva : The starch extract of Tinospora cordifolia is the primary component of this formulation. Fundamentally Guduchi lowers all the aggravated doshas, but with its sweet metabolic end effect it substantially lowers the outcomes of exaggerated pitta including burning sensations and intense thirst sensations.
  2. Suddha Swarna Gairika : Purified red oxide of iron has sweet, unctuous properties (due to purification in ghee) and is ideal for all bleeding disorders. It is also considered as a good source of iron in combined form.
  3. Abhrak Bhasma : Mica undergoes a series of five processes to achieve its pure and incinerated form used for this medication. In this microstructure it has a cold potency that brings down pitta and provides added strength to the consumer.
  4. Mukta / Moti Pishti : The common sea pearl is an expensive drug administered in most authentic ayurvedic formulations for its ultimate capacity to lower Pitta dosha. Pishti of this drug is prepared by triturating the incinerated power of pearl with rose water for 21 times to induce more Seethwa to the final product.
  5. Praval Pishti : Sea coral is another calcium containing compound widely used across formulations, for its Vata and Pitta alleviating properties. It has been used as single drug formulations for diseases involving vitiated blood and other bleeding disorders. It is also used to lower the uncanny sensations of heat during sour burping.
  6. Muktha Shukti Pishti : The shell of pearl oyster or common oyster shell are both chemically instilled with calcium. Its sweet flavour and cold potency has an antacid property when combined with rose essence in pishti form.
  7. Varatika Bhasma : Courie shell or botanically called  Cypraeamonetalirn is composed of calcium, magnesium and sodium in different ratios. It is used for all gastrointestinal troubles while normalising the strength of the body. It is also indicated in ear and eye infections, to name a few others.
  8. Shankh Bhasma : Conch shell is plentiful and used for medical purposes relating to digestion. It is one of the supreme drugs known to man that can enhance both the digestive power and curtail acid reflux or heartburn effectively at the same time.

How To Use

The tablets of 150mg may be consumed once or twice daily after having meals or as directed by your ayurvedic physician. For female menstrual and bleeding disputes it is advised to consume the tablet with milk, ghee or with rice washed water, while diabetic patients can consider taking powder of long pepper along with this formulation. As mentioned above, this formulation is a blend of both herbal and mineral drugs, hence it is always advisable to consume these tablets only as directed by your Ayurvedic practitioner for our own safety.

Your Safety is Our Concern

The under mentioned category of individuals should consider seeking the advice from an ayurvedic practitioner before consuming Kamadudha rasa. It includes pregnant women, children of all ages, nursing mothers and those under medication for other diagnosed ailments. This medicine is not safe for self-administration without expert advice, so consume only after your ayurvedic physician has advised. Its overdose can result in tremors, dizziness, burning sensations, etc. for a few. Remember to consume the suggested dose only for the stipulated time and do not overdo assuming to achieve better results.With this fast paced life it might often be demanding to always maintain the strict dietary regulations. Our lives, the surrounding environment and the state of health is in constant motion of change.

Ayurveda is a holistic way to propel your life by choosing what is most best for your body. With the physiological elevations in biogenesis it is important to track the pathological causes and snap it at the right time to enhance the wellbeing of your systemic mechanisms. With the right medical interventions Ayurveda also installs the importance of a healthy daily and seasonal regimens that help to tackle the Doshas at the grass root level. Pitta is an essentiality for life, for it’s the narrator of the digestive fire and deserves to get all the attention and respect. At the same time it is vital to maintain the same factor at normalcy to avoid all the unwanted blemishes, gastric troubles and bleeding issues.

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