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Best Yoga Practices To Help You Restore Your Perfect Body After Lockdown

Almost every person’s life and work has been transformed by – that deadly virus – which has made us all sit at our homes for more than a year now. Everything is being done online and movement and public interactions have been restricted by government authorities all over the world. We are not only missing parties and shopping but also our morning walks and gym sessions because even if we cannot go to the beach, summer is already here and we are still carrying our winter bellies with us. So many people have gained extra kilos during the lockdown. Here is how you can get back in shape with some easy yoga exercises.
Restore Body After Lockdown


The world lifestyle is now work-from-home style right now. Even in places where restrictions have been eased, all activities and social gatherings are not freely allowed. Almost every kind of work and education is being done online. We were troubled by the lockdown imposed by the government authorities in the beginning, but now after having spent a year at home with our families, we have started enjoying staying at home and going out for only essential services and cooking new foods at home. This seems like a long summer vacation, but one thing that is not good about it is that our physical activity has reduced. Even though we are doing the cooking and cleaning at home ourselves, that’s just not enough. There is not enough walking, stair climbing, cycling, running, and roaming around in shopping malls and amusement parks.

Effect of Lockdown On Our Health

Many people have managed to balance their life and fitness by starting exercising at home. That is definitely good for a start, but that’s not enough to replace the physical activity that was done unintentionally when social movement wasn’t restricted. The lockdown life has made some people either frustrated or aspiring. Instead of making plans about what we will do when the restrictions on leisure activities and travel are lifted, we should involve ourselves in some activities that promote a state of balance in our physical and mental health. We suggest everyone should try starting a yoga regime to regain health and fitness.

Best Yoga Practices For Fitness

The following set of yoga practices should be performed as a relaxing session at preferable time of the day when the stomach is empty. A yoga session with friends or family can be even more fun and interesting.

  1. Surya Namaskara : Surya Namaskara is a routine of asanas carefully placed in a series to balance the previous as well as the next one. It is a complete exercise in itself and is especially effective in moving the bowel mass towards the rectum. It should ideally be performed in the open when it is still cool in the morning. Some people do it as a warm up.
  2. Tadasana : This pose loosens and stretches the spine and forms a good foundation for a beginner level yoga regime. It eases any tension built up in the back and the legs.
  3. Tiryaka Tadasana : Poses 3 and 4 are done to amplify the effect of Tadasana and warm up the muscles of the whole body. This pose additionally stretches the body laterally, relieving stiffness and compression from all sides.
  4. Katichakrasana : This pose tones the neck, shoulders, upper back and the waist. It relieves tension from all the body. It can be practiced many times during the day, it is especially recommended for people who suffer from mild to severe backache.
  5. Marjari Asana : This pose improves the flexibility of the whole spine and relieves back ache and menstrual cramps in women.
  6. Shashankasana : This pose stretches each and every joint of the spine and eases the pressure and compression in the intervertebral discs. It promotes digestion as well.
  7. Pawanamuktasana : Also known as the pose of easing the bowels, pawanmuktasana encourages natural functioning of the digestive tract. It is recommended for relieving gas buildup from the colon. This is also what the name ‘pawana mukta asana’ means.
  8. Paschimottanasana : Also known as forward seated bend, this asana improves blood circulation in the abdomen and enhances metabolism.
  9. Halasana :the plough pose’: This is an inverted pose, but not an advanced one. It inverts the abdominal part of the body and promotes a healthy digestive and nervous system.
  10. Sarvangasana :the all-organ pose’: This pose benefits the whole body. This is an inverted pose, and is advanced too. If one is able to perform Sarvangasana well, there is no great need of performing other asanas. It clears the thought process, promotes mental calm and peace, enhances digestion, regulates functioning of the endocrine glands, and relieves mental tensions and stress. It gives benefits similar to complete inverted poses like Sirsasana and Salamba Sirsasana.
  11. Anuloma Viloma Pranayama : Also known as alternate nostril breathing, Anuloma Viloma pranayama is done to purify blood channels. It is an excellent yet easy practice recommended for all individuals.  It has countless mental as well as physical benefits. It is therapeutic for people dealing with mental unrest, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.
  12. Bhramari Pranayama : The practice when being done sounds like a humming bee; therefore it is also called humming bee breath. Bhramari pranayama is a practice that offers countless benefits to the nervous system. It promotes mental peace and improves neuromuscular coordination. It is excellent for people with multiple conditions.  It is recommended for all individuals. 


It is easy to gain fat while enjoying new cuisines, sitting and relaxing at home all day. But it is as easy to gain fitness when you are dedicated and committed towards health. We all agree that health is also a concern here and a more important one than appearance. The practices described here are best done as a serial practice, in the sequence mentioned here. They not only ensure better metabolism and overall weight loss, but also promote mental peace and holistic health. These are generally safe and beneficial for everyone; still, people with health conditions, and pregnant women should always consult a yoga therapist before commencing any yoga regime.
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