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What are the Health Benefits of Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) in Males?


Asparagus Racemosus

This herb has been used since centuries to enhance the male libido. If consumed regularly it prolongs sexual erections and arousal. Lots of men who were sexually weak or impotent have claimed that their libido was enhanced when they regularly had Shatavari. When it is added to their diet, many cases of impotence have decreased and they have seen its positive effects. In the past this herb was called Sattva - one's positivity and curing power. When it restores the balance of doshas, the love between couples enhanced.

Men who used to have Shatavari noticed that this herb had the ability to increase their sexual energy and it also lowers the inflammation in the reproductive system. It made the men to last longer in sexual intercourse and they made their spouses a happy and completely satisfied . It also enhances the testosterone of the males and their sperm count also increased, giving them more chance to become father It has proved to be a natural aphrodisiac for all males.

What are the Benefits Shatavari has for In Males?

  • Rejuvenates the male's reproductive system.
  • Lowers inflammation from the male genitals.
  • Erases male impotency.
  • Helps in reducing male sexual troubles.
  • Supports and enhances the quantity & quality of male's sperms.

Shatavari is also beneficial herb for females as it enhances their breast milk too.

It has some other benefits too like:

  • Helps in enhancing all fluids in the body (including sperm and semen).
  • Helps in calming and nourishing the nerves of the brain.
  • Revitalizes the brain and helps it to maintain a balance with the body.
  • Restores the moisture in the lungs and all respiratory tracts, curing dry spasmodic cough and bronchitis kind situations.
  • Saves the moisture in the digestive tract making it function normally.

Shatavari helps in balancing:

  • Vata and Pitta
  • Enhances Kapha
  • Quality is fat and heavy
  • Taste is bitter sweet
  • Energy is cool

In which Body parts is Shatavari Helping?

1. Eradicates Fever

For lowering your body's temperature Shatavari has to be taken regularly. It helps in reducing inflammation from the whole body. When inflammation increases it creates disorders for the autoimmune system and it weakens. The regular use of Shatavari stimulates the immune system and it gives a healthy and non-toxic body.

2. Digestive System

It makes the digestive system perfect because it holds the components like isoflavones, alkaloids and mucilage, all of these play a vital role in digestion. These present a cooling effect on the body. Shatavari soothes a heartburn and eradicates the symptoms of colitis. Usually males take Shatavari for calming and curing their stomach ulcers, some cases of complete cure have also come to the fore front.

3. Prevents Cancer

Cancer is very deadly and dangerous disease that is spreading its feet all over the globe. People get surprised when they come to know about the benefits of Shatavari and are shocked to find a plant fighting such a menacing disease like cancer. Before it strikes you or you want it to stay away, buy Shatavari. Because of its anti-inflammatory features, Shatavari is able to inhibit tumor, the thing that is responsible for causing cancer. Studies have been conducted and it was found that those who used Shatavari regularly, were less prone to cancer symptoms then those who never used it. In fact now it is believed that regular use of Shatavari reduces the chance of prostate and many other kind of cancer.

4. Stress Buster

Shatavari enhances our body's immune system and it changes you from an introvert person to an extrovert one. It butchers the negative effects and makes you hale and hearty. After you start using it regularly, the smile on your face will tell everything. If you feel stressed excessively due to work, at home or any other reason, it will certainly change your mood. You will find yourself that you are capable of tackling the stress, like you can handle the bull by grabbing its horns.

5. Pain Reliever

Satavari has 3 ingredients called saponin, alkaioids and triterpine, which have analgesic features. A research was carried out and it was found that it had the features that reduced the pain like severe headache, pain in the joints or any other part of the body in males. Whenever the headache strikes, instead of looking for a tablet, with the head spinning or throbbing, it's a lot more better to include 3 to 6mg of Shatavari in your daily diet. It will keep you healthy and prevent from many diseases. Mostly it keeps all the pains at bay.

6. Natural Anti-Biotic

Shatavari has strong features that are able to combat menacing diseases like cholera, E.coli, dysentery band Staphylococcus Shatavari helps in enhancing the immune system so that it is able to tackle these diseases, which sometimes can be fatal too. It makes the immune system so strong that all infections, dare not to touch your body.

What's the Final Conclusion?

The world is growing at a fast pace and stress level is increasing all the time. No wonder that our physical health is deteriorating. And the number of diseases are also rising, every year a new disease gets introduced somewhere in the world.

That's the reason that many males have a problem in maintaining sexual wellness. Even the elite and affluent are not able to perform as their ancestors did. Sometimes even they desire to perform best with their respective partners. Many things are responsible for all this mess. Change in diet, pollution, smoking, drinking, dust in the air, all are causing negative effects in our life. By adding Shatavari in your diet, you see the difference it bestows on your body. Everything will change for you and you begin enjoying the life like never before. It has proven its strength numerous of times if you pay a look at its history.

Any Precautions?

Just keep one thing in mind before you go out and buy Shatavari, it should have come from an organic farm that you have full trust on, with no chemicals, colors or any synthetics. Try one out and see the difference it makes, go to an Ayurvedic clinic in your area or order on line.

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