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Home Remedies For Cervical Spondylitis

Cervical Spondylitis


Spondylitis is a very irritating condition and painful as well. When the spondylitis hits your cervical region then it is called cervical spondylitis. Cervical spondylitis is a general term for age-related wear and tear affecting the spinal disks in your neck. These types of conditions affect your day to day work and make things really hard for you. Spondylitis is not a condition for weak people. Even spondylitis strands for; S- Strong, P- People, O- Overcoming a, N- Never ending, D- Disease, Y- Your L- life I- is T- Therefore I- Inspirational & S- Strong. In the following content you will come across some remedies that can be easily tried by the patient for relaxation in this condition. Moving forward we should discuss the causes of Cervical spondylitis.

Causes of Cervical Spondylitis

Modern science suggests that any type of spondylitis is due to an autoimmune process. That means, the body is killing its healthy cells by itself without knowing the exact cause for this reaction. From the angle of Ayurvedic science the condition is the result of ama dosha accumulation in the body which results in the blockage of micro channels thus causing conditions like spondylitis. Actually what happens is the blockage, which results in the blockage of the vata pathway and thus its aggravation happens. Once aggravated, it combines with each other similar properties. Now let's come to the most important part, Home remedies for Cervical spondylitis and that is home remedies.

Home Remedies for Cervical Spondylitis

As we all know now, in this case the target area is the cervical region of the neck. The pain generally starts from the nape of the neck covering the entire entire neck and then radiating to the shoulders.This might cover the upper back region also. So,the home remedies in this case will be targeting these same areas.

1. Essential Oils

  • Some essential oils can be applied to relieve pain and stiffness in this condition. Essential oil of Cinnamon, eucalyptus, Lavender, peppermint and ginger.
  • In these essential oils lavender helps in best for relieving pain related to muscles and skeleton.
  • The pain related to stiffness can be overcome using ginger essential oil.
  • The black cumin oil helps in an achy feeling and provides relief quickly.

All of these are to be massaged with light hands without applying much of the pressure as pressure application can aggravate the pain. The pressure should be minimum and massaging should be gentle.

Later on, application of a hot towel (towel dipped in hot water and then squeezed) can be done so that the stiffness can be relieved.

Oil preparation can be done using various oils and other ingredients that can help in relieving pain along with stiffness.

2. Mustard Oil with Garlic Cloves

Add 2-3 cloves of garlic in hot mustard oil and let them heat. Once your garlic turns dark brown that means your oil is ready and you can apply it over affected areas. Same as essential oil this is not to be rubbed or massaged with pressure. Do soft, gentle massaging and thus the pain will be relieved.

Application of warm hot towel can be done in this case as well.

3. Sesame Oil with Black Cumin Seeds

Heat sesame oil and add 1 tsp of kalonji seeds or black cumin seeds in it. Heat it till the seeds are perfectly roasted in the oil and then remove the pan from the stove. Let it cool down and store in a glass jar of adequate quantity. Apply it every night. Obviously like other oils mentioned above this oil is also to be massaged gently without applying much of the pressure.

Application of warm hot towel can be done in this case as well.

Do's and Don'ts In Cervical Spondylitis

It is better to take care of things which are to be done and which are to be avoided. Especially things regarding our diet and lifestyle. In cervical spondylitis, especially in diet, there is a certain category of food articles that are to be avoided. These include:

  • Milk and milk products
  • Chillies are also to be avoided
  • Heavy pulses like kidney beans, black lentils, Lobia, soya and others

In the case of lifestyle, many habits have to be modified. The lifestyle modifications includes the following:

  1. Manage your sleep wake cycle because it will help in balancing the imbalance of vata dosha in the body.
  2. Manage your time for a quick work out in early morning and before bed time Work on your digestion, you must not feel constipated or must not have incomplete evacuation.
  3. Neck stretches are important: stretch your neck muscles after every half an hour of concentrated work on screen or off screen.
  4. Stress less and keep yourself motivated.
  5. Do pranayam and yoga as well.
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