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Natural Home Remedies to Soothe Chilblains: Effective Solutions for Relief

Have you ever noticed swollen or red toes in the winter season? Does this problem go away in the summer season? Then you are definitely suffering from Chilblains and usually doctors don't take them seriously. They recommend waiting for the weather to change so what happens in the season. So, what happens? Chilblains are basically a problem where there is poor circulation of blood particularly to our hands or to our feet, nose, and ear. They become red, swollen and itchy, at times it becomes very blue and patients suffer from this problem. The patient just tries to avoid cold weather because the problem aggravates. What happens is that the vessels inside become leaky and this fluid is out, this gives inflammation. There is a lot of itching and scratching at times but you can easily handle this through simple as well as effective home remedies.

Chilblains is experienced in the cold weather

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Home Remedy No. 1 (Alkanet, Aloe Vera gel, Vermillion and Egg yolk)

What we can do is we can try some very beautiful and safe home remedies just sitting at our home. Let's start with remedy number one so take these four things including Alkanet which is called Ratanjot in hindi, Aloe vera paste, Sindoor called Vermillion and many ladies are familiar with it and one spoon egg yolk. Take each of the ingredients together and make a paste out of it. Apply the paste on the affected part and this is a very effective home remedy for chilblains. Do this remedy for four to three days and you don't even need to put any other ointment. Just put this paste on the chilblains wherever it is swollen or itchy. You will see a good change in your problem and you will definitely appreciate this home remedy.

Home Remedy No. 2 (Turnip spa)

Remedy two for chilblains and this is a kind of a spa for the foot made from turnip which is called shalgam in hindi. So, you can just give a spa as you just have to boil the turnips and then you can put it in a big tub. Just sit around and put your feet, what you can do is boil the turnips in the required quantity of water, maybe take three to four turnips. Then pour some mustard oil and if not available you can use sesame oil, coconut oil or even olive oil but the best thing is mustard oil. Pour some mustard oil and this is a very beautiful remedy, you will see soothing as well as calming effects. You can keep your foot in it for 15 to 20 minutes, the swelling even if your hands are swollen. You can have this spa as it is a very effective remedy for chilblains.

Home Remedy No. 3 (Turmeric and Cow Ghee)

Remedy number three for chilblains you need cotton, most commonly used remedy is turmeric, cow ghee. So, these are the three things and this is a very effective remedy. Take the cotton swab and dip it in water to make it wet. Put this wet cotton on a burner but don't burn it and then put a pinch of turmeric on it along with that and put a little of cow ghee. After putting it on a little frame, make it a little warm and then put this wet swab on the chilblains, maybe on your fingers or maybe on your feet wherever there is a lot of inflammation. You can put this a little warm by heating it on a low flame and just tie this on the affected area and believe me it's one of the affected remedies for chilblains. You will enjoy this remedy and also feel good with it.

Home Remedy No. 4 (Apple Cider Vinegar Spa)

Remedy number four for chilblains is again a spa kind of a treatment. This is a foot spa with the vinegar that is apple cider vinegar like you can put two to three spoons of vinegar in the tub. You can take a little lukewarm water and enjoy this spa for 10 to 15 minutes. This gives real good relaxation to the feet and it improves the circulation. As the warmth of vinegar improves the blood circulation and all the inflammation subsides.

Other than this, we have seen that most of the people are tracking people and all the trampers when they are going up and they are on high mountains suffer from chilblains. They have nothing, they use their own urine therapy, they urinate on their own feet where they have swelling even the urine helps to subside the inflammation. Other remedies that rural people use are putting their feet in cow dung, the fresh cow fat they put their feet in and they see amazing results because that subsides the inflammation and gives a soothing effect to chilblains.

Other than home remedies you can use these beautiful products from Planet Ayurveda. This includes Nirgundi oil which is very effective for chilblains if you put the oil daily like the bedtime or may be daytime, massage it as it improves circulation. Then comes Curcumin capsules, Gotu Kola and Garlic capsules, these three medicines are wonderful for chilblains . So, do try this and you will be comfortable and will enjoy good health.


In cases of chilblains it's better to prevent yourself as "prevention is better than cure". Therefore, it is better to try theres natural home remedies given above in order to avoid this in the winter season. These remedies will help in treating the chilblains without causing any side effects.

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