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Clear Vision Naturally: Effective Home Remedies to Improve Eyesight!

When we are born on this earth we are gifted with this beautiful, amazing, and priceless gift that is our eyesight. Beautiful eyes, a child opens his eyes and he sees the beautiful world he is brought into by his parents by God. Looking around the world we are able to see the beauty surrounding the birds, the wildlife and all the natural things. It's only through eyes that we absorb and we happen to collect all the memories and we are able to recollect only because we have seen and imagined just those pictures are clicked inside. They are there forever and ever, this becomes a beautiful memory. Those beautiful cameras are our eyes, so how we can maintain that vision for a long time as long as we live on the earth we don't want to just close our eyes, just close our eyes and imagine the world with closed eyes. It is so hard to imagine so the eyes are the beautiful gifts and we want that our eyesight is there for lifetime even if you are in your 80s. We want to enjoy this beautiful scenery, the waterfalls, the springs, all the beautiful sights, the mountains and the beaches, it can only be done through good vision, we are able to see around and we are able to make out the difference in things, the colors. So, how can we make good eyesight because today even the young children are facing problems with weaker eyesight, they have headaches and all of a sudden they complain to the teachers that they are not able to see clearly and blurred vision on the board is an alarming sign. The parents are also worried and complain that their child has poor vision. The child has to wear glasses all the time and it is very difficult for the little kids to keep the glasses safely. It is really sad to see little children handling those glasses all the time and it is painful on the sides of the ear. It is miserable to see that they are not able to enjoy without those glasses. So, how we can get rid of those glasses with natural things, we can always try some home remedies at home for good vision. So, let's start with the remedies including


Home Remedy No.1 Amla (Emblica Officinalis)

Remedy number one for eyesight is Amla that is called gooseberry (Emblica officinalis) and one of the perfect fruits for eyes. It is good if you munch that directly, you can cut it into your salad. You can also mix it with the juices or try it with some apple juice or you can mix that even with the lemon. It is a very refreshing drink and it is a very delicious drink, even very effective for eyesight. If you are taking Amla regularly, you won't have any eyesight problems for a long time even by the time you reach your 80s. You can try amla juice, you can just crush the fresh Amlas but at times amla can make your tummy loose. Make sure to eat two to three amla if you are comfortable or you can stick with only one amla with an empty stomach.

Home Remedy No.2 (Almonds, Black Pepper and Honey)

In home remedy two you have to take Almonds that are soaked overnight and peel them off. Then you have to take black pepper and honey, what we have to do is take four almonds and mix 2 to 3 black peppers along with that and take as much honey as you want. You have to take this mixture early in the morning like maybe with an empty stomach. It is one of the effective remedies and you have to try this for 21 days, that is for 3 weeks or maybe four months. You will see a good change in the eyesight when you get it checked with your eye specialist. You will be very happy with the results because this is a very ancient and very effective home remedy for eyesight.

Home Remedy No.3 (Carrots)

In remedy number three we have carrots, it is very effective for eyesight . What we can do is have as many carrots as you want to have in a day. It is very effective for a system particularly for vision because carrots have beta-carotene. It is very important for our eyes and this gives an amazing vision even when we are growing in age and we have all those problems with our sightedness. Everything like myopia and hypermetropia can be handled by taking carrots, maybe in any form. You can take as Gajar ka halwa which is commonly made in India and carrot is a delicacy dessert in India. You can also have this in the form of carrot juice and you can also add them in your salads. You can also make a vegetable out of it and consuming carrots in any form is very effective for eyes, So try this remedy in order to have better eyesight.

Home Remedy No.4 (Cow Ghee and Milk)

Remedy number four eyesight is what we can do in the evening or may be at bedtime. You can try this home remedy and in this simply you can take cow ghee. Cow ghee is very useful in most of the problems, so you will be surprised if you go through most of the home remedies it is present in most of them. As cow ghee and milk is very effective in problems like Insomnia, hypertension and many other kinds of diseases. So, it is a very effective home remedy again for eyesight. You can put half a spoon of cow ghee along with one glass of milk, this is even useful in old age people, even for young children, even for middle aged people. Both genders, whether its male or female, can try this remedy and it is very effective if you are working on computers for long hours. Cow's milk is very relaxing for the body as it improves your vision, you can just try this remedy. You just have to put one small spoon of cow ghee in milk and drink this hot milk. You will definitely have a good sleep and will also enjoy good sleep.

Home Remedy No.5 (Rosewater)

For eyesight another remedy is rosewater which is very soothing, relaxing and cooling as well. Most of the female viewers will enjoy this remedy because of the beautiful fragrance of roses. What we can do is we can take cotton swabs and put rose water on the swabs, making it fully wet. Just before going to sleep or when you are relaxing in the evening or afternoon nap, if you are working in the office, you can use this. It is quite easy to carry as well and you can directly apply it on your eyes whenever you want. This is one of the effective remedies for making the vision better. This really gives a soothing and relaxing effect to the eyes and improves vision as well. So, rose water is very effective and you can use this remedy on a daily basis.

Home Remedy No.6 (Amla, Harar and Bahera)

Remedy number six for eyesight is a very effective remedy and it is one of the ancient remedies from the Ayurveda text books of Charak as well as Susruta. This is one of the beautiful remedies as you have to make decoction of three fruits. This includes Amla, Harar and Bahera, combination of all these three are called Triphala. As this has become synonymous with Ayurveda because when you talk about Ayurveda the first thing that ticks in your mind is nothing but triphala. These three fruits are one of the very effective remedies, if you take Amla, Harar and Bahera, that is terminala chebula, terminalia bellerica, and emblica officinalis. These three fruits are very effective, you just need to boil them in a big jar. When the quantity remains half, you can just filter the solution. You can keep it for three to four days, then make a new solution. What you have to do is simply rinse your eyes with the fruit water but remember not to directly rinse it. You have to do Gandusha which is you have to fill your mouth with normal water in the cheeks, and then rinse the mouth, remember to fill the mouth fully blown like a balloon. Don't let the water out from the mouth until you have rinsed the eyes properly and if you do this regularly for about three to four times in the morning. If you do it regularly for three weeks you will see amazing results and all that blurriness will be gone. It is very effective in headaches, vision problems and you will have wonderful eyesight.

Home Remedy No.7 (Acupressure)

For eyesight remedy number seven is very useful and this one is related to acupressure points. What we can do is take cow ghee, take cow ghee and put this on the middle of two eyebrows. Then you need to put pressure in circular movement, to give pressure in between the two eyebrows. This is to be done for seven to eight minutes every night and this is a very effective remedy for eyesight. Acupressure points for this are dipping both thumbs in cow ghee and massage for five minutes on the right thumb. Every night if you do this for five minutes like on the right thumb and left thumb you will see amazing results for eyesight.

So, from Planet Ayurveda we have lovely products for eyesight and that is we have Bilberry capsules, Triphala Ghrit, Amalaki Rasayan just like discussed above, Amla is great. It is very effective for eyesight and can be used for all kinds of eyesight related problems.


Eyes are the gift from God and having a good vision is really important because as you grow up the vision gets affected. So, in order to make your vision better and also if you want that your vision is not affected. Then you definitely need to try these home remedies which will naturally increase your eyesight without causing any side-effects.

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