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Home Remedies For Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety


Stress and anxiety are the issues which are interconnected to each other from a very long time. Stress which can be in physical form or mental form will obviously affect the individual harshly. Thus stress causes deterioration in the mental health and gives birth to anxiety. Anxiety is a condition that is mostly observed by palpitations, recurrent irritating thoughts, feeling nervous, restless with rapid fast breathing. A person may also show symptoms such as sweating and trembling as well. Though people try many ways to cope with stress and anxiety. Some succeed in their efforts, some do not. But the remedies in this article can help successfully in both of the cases.

Causes Of Stress & Anxiety

The causes or triggers of stress and anxiety are mostly very common things like starting a new job, fear from new people, moving to a new place etc. In other cases the anxiety can be the result of sudden loss of a loved one, heart break, recurrent bullying, not doing well in a relationship, marriage, friendship or in a class and many other reasons are also there.

Home Remedies For Stress & Anxiety

There are many remedies which can help in anxiety situations but the most effective ones are as following:


Having teas prepared with some nervine herbs is really effective. Herbs like lavender and chamomile can help in this case really well.

  1. Chamomile Tea: Chamomile tea is prepared with the chamomile flower. The water is boiled in a small pan and then a chamomile flower is added (Dried petals or fresh petals). Let it infuse and pour the tea into a small cup. Drink a little dried ginger can be added to it as well.
  2. Lavender Tea: Lavender tea is prepared with the flower buds of lavender. The flower buds of lavender are dried and then used. Boil the water in a pan and add a few dried pan in boiling water. Infuse for 2-3 minutes and take off the pan from the stove. Pour the tea into a cup and drink.
  3. Both of the teas can be taken once or twice a day.

    These teas help in relaxing the entire nervous system and reduce the recurrent attacks of anxiety by managing the effect of stress on the body.

  4. Brahmi Tea:
  5. This can be prepared with fresh brahmi leaves infused in 50-100 ml of hot water.


Stress and anxiety are something that runs hand in hand. Usually they can not happen without one another. So, some regular Mixtures can also help in this case.

  • Mixture 1: Take 100 ml of fresh pomegranate juice and mix 3-4 pinch of nutmeg powder in it. Drink it regularly on an empty stomach. Here pomegranate is just a Vehicle of administration, the main thing is nutmeg powder. Nutmeg is quite famous for its effect on drying properties of vata and stagnant properties of kapha.
  • Mixture 2: A mixture of hot milk and nutmeg powder can also be taken. The quantity of milk should be 100 ml along with 2-3 pinch of nutmeg powder.
  • Mixture 3: Take half tsp of honey and mix 2-3 pinch of nutmeg powder in it. Have it once a day and the frequency of stress and anxiety will automatically reduce.

Do's, Don'ts & Lifestyle - Diet Modifications

When a person is having recurrent anxiety attacks or recurrent stress then he or she should observe what is causing or triggering the situation. There are some other things which should be observed by the patient like frequency of attacks, factors contributing for the repeated episodes and what is the duration of an anxiety attack or anxiety related symptoms. The most important one is how the situation is brought into control by the person.

The factors which generally or commonly contribute to the starting of anxiety attacks are smoking or chewing tobacco, drinking alcohol and intake of caffeine.

A person usually feels left alone when such situations appear, so it's better to talk to people (who you trust) about what should be done and how long you are facing the situation. You might need a good talk or a counselling but anxiety can be managed with simple remedies, strong mindset and certain changes in diet- lifestyle as well.

In diet, avoid milk and milk products, caffeine intake, alcohol consumption and tobacco substances like cigarettes.

In lifestyle, one should start from having a sound sleep as sleep enhances the cortisol balance in the body. A patient should do yoga, exercise or meditate on a regular basis. One should be filling their lives with positive people and positive tasks instead of opting for negative or competitive companies.

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