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Home Remedies For Sarcoidosis



There are some diseases which can not be seen but the suffering is suffocating and increases with each passing day. Have you ever thought of being sick everyday along with pain? Not able to breath properly or comfortably along with continued chest pains, kind of burning in limbs, fevers at night, sometimes all day fevers. Complimentary, you get difficulty while eating. Feeling of being choked along with your organs being slowly rotten away. Well a person with sarcoidosis lives with this and more everyday.

Sarcoidosis is a condition which is capable of affecting any organ or any system of your body. The classic feature of this condition is the formation of granulomas, microscopic clumps of inflammatory cells which group together to form a look like granules in this case. When the clumps get too many in number then they hamper the functioning of a particular organ or system.

Causes of Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a condition which is due to the autoimmune process going on inside the body. Autoimmune process means heightened immunity, which results in the destruction or damage of the body's own healthy cells by the immune system. This is when the immune system confuses the toxins with normal working cells due to their similar appearance.

If understood in Ayurveda, then the condition is the result of accumulated ama dosha in the body. As there is accumulated am in the body, it results in the blockage of micro channels. These blocked microchannels describe the overgrowth, called granuloma in this case. As there is mostly the involvement of the respiratory system in this case then there is a possibility of prana vaha srotas dushti and prana vayu avrodh in sarcoidosis.

Now coming to the most important part of this content is the "Home Remedies".

Home Remedies For Sarcoidosis

In case of sarcoidosis, there are many things which can be done when there is aggravation of symptoms. The symptoms in this case are shortness of breath due to excessive mucus production in the respiratory tract, pain in chest, persistent cough, wheezing and many others. There is a possibility that oxygen saturation falls down in many cases. In rare cases other organs are primarily involved but in 90% of the cases lungs are the primary site. So, we are mentioning home remedies for quick relief at home in sarcoidosis.

  1. Infusions 1 - A quick infusion of ginger and tulsi: Take sonth (Dry ginger) and two to three fresh leaves of tulsi. Add it in one and a half cup of water and boil for 3-4 minutes. Once it's boiled, pour and drink.
  2. Infusion 2 - Infusion of hot water and saindhav namak (Pink salt): Take 100-200 ml of water and bring it to warm. Add pink salt one tsp into it. Now let it cool down a bit and then do gargles in case of excessive mucus production.
  3. Infusion 3 - Spark of Cinnamon: Take two cups of water and add 3-4 inches of coarse cinnamon powder to it. Bring it to a boil and then pour. Cool down a bit and helps in relieving congestion.
  4. Infusion 4 - Mixture of Herbs: For shortness of breath make a decoction of black pepper, sonth, Saidhav lavan and gud. Take 2-3 black pepper, one fourth tsp of sonth, half tsp of saindhav lavan and 50gms of gud. Take it twice a day.

Do's and Don'ts

Do's and Don'ts in Diet

  1. Stop intake of dairy products – As it causes srotas blockage.
  2. Have warm water on regular basis – As it relieves excessive mucus production.
  3. Avoid meat and meat products – As they cause accumulation of ama.
  4. Abstinence from citrus fruits – Because they aggravate symptoms.
  5. Have soups of various vegetables – Provides soothing effect.
  6. Have food that is easily digestible – Reduces chances for symptom aggravation.
  7. No alcohol – As it can cause sudden aggravation.

Do's and Don'ts in Lifestyle

  1. Try to sleep early at night – Its important
  2. Avoid exposure of cold air – As it aggravate symptoms like mucus production and chest pain
  3. Keep yourself warm in winters – Its required
  4. Take care of your digestion – Don't avoid any unusual imbalance in your diet.
  5. Exercise regularly - Patients of sarcoidosis must perform breathing exercises like pranayam called bhambhri and anulom vilom. This provides better breathing and improves inhalation and exhalation capacity.
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