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How can Ayurveda help us to Figure out our Health Issues?

Ayurveda is the great gift that nature has given to mankind. It is a deep study about how our body functions, and how it gives us all solutions to our underlying health problems with the help of food, herbs and lifestyle changes. Ayurveda can help us in maintaining good and happy life if followed the way our masters teach us.

Anatomy, principles and physiology of Ayurveda helps us understand the intelligent functioning of doshas, dhatus, malas, and the life force (Prana), their interrelation and systematic working and natural balancing to work in harmony with each other to keep us going.

Any malfunction in doshas, dhatus or malas gives us indication of malfunctions in the body, showing up in the symptoms in the form of fatigue, skin issues, psychological disorders and so on. Ayurveda teaches us not to ignore such signs and treat the problems from the root cause.

Our skin, our behaviours, our eyes, nails, tongue, and speech tells a lot about our health status, and underlying health conditions to work on.

I feel personally that every individual should have a basic understanding of Ayurveda to lead a healthy and happy life.

I am so fortunate to be a student of Khabir, Dr. Vikram and Dr. Meenakshi. I thank each one of them for their knowledge and guidance in Ayurveda.

Archana Seth - Jurgaon, Haryana, India

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