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Stuck at Home or Safe at Home? Tips to Enjoy at home

21 Days of Lockdown or Self-Transformation, Choice is Yours!!

Hello Everyone!! How are you??? Have a Question for you, just think on it for a few seconds and reply to yourself, Are you Stuck at Home or Safe at Home? Think.. Think..

See, if your answer is that you are safe at home, then my goodness dear, you are on the right path. But, if your answer is you are stuck at home, then you should think about it once again.

Stuck at Home or Safe at Home?

Remember, the time before a month, daily schedules of our life, school, tuition, extra classes, exams, jobs, targets, pressure, credits, no savings, and many more. Everyone was running in a race to get more and fulfill their wishes from life, no time for family, friends, especially for yourself. The only thought in mind was, Oh God, Oh Life, I need some rest, sometimes, some space to think on the things, to plan something good, to be passionate, to manage things so that I can live happily, can maintain my diet, my lifestyle, can earn money in a good manner, and many thoughts like this.

Then suddenly, from somewhere a pandemic occurred, we were watching on the news and thinking, it's Ok it will end soon, the developing countries have many resources to tackle with. But what??? within no time, it spread like air, developed countries, developing countries and now every nation is affected, and the authorities took a step for a Lockdown. We discussed a lot on it, made jokes, in the earlier days we were tensed when will it get over? Many tasks are pending, how will they be completed? etc.

Choices And Expectations

Stop! Just read the above whole paragraph again. Read it!! Have you found something??

You have found but you will accept it or not, it depends. Let me tell you whatever happens creates various thoughts in our minds, and it is a normal human nature of this era, that they always get worried about the things we don't have, we forget to value what we have.

So, friends, don't be the same, be an out of the box thinker. See, you got it what you wished for, you got the time, your space, you are free to work upon you, to plan the thing. Be Positive, think productive.

The point os why to worry about that, you cannot do anything?

So, let's work on something we can do.

There is an old saying and proven fact, "It takes 21 days to make a habit". Don't you think it is the best time, no friends a disturb you, no relatives, no rush, just you, your family and your time.

We have 2 options: 1 is to waste these days in chattings, memes and sleeping, the other is to restrict the time for these things and use some of our time to do something good and productive.

So, 1st option is very easy, everyone can do without no efforts, but the 2nd one needs some inspiration, some guidance, proper management.

Tips For Self Transformation

21 days to turn your bad habbits in good habbits

We will not complicate it, we will go ver slowly and have a perfect and productive day, but before starting that, you have to set up your mind, that you don't care what others will say, how friends will tease, you just have to concentrate because it is really for life, for you, for your loved ones and the real friends will understand and also do the same with you.

So, here's a guide from the start of the day to the end, let us try it and see the change, some acts should be done at the given timings, some are flexible.


Meditation is the best way to start a day, it can be done anytime, in the evening, before going to bed or early morning, but the best time is early morning. When we wake up, our mind is free from worries, before the thoughts start to appear in the mind, let's have some meditation, 10 min. Or 20 min. depends upon you, as in the starting you may not get stable but after 1 week, you will start experience changes.


Being busy in our daily lives, we can't get time to spend with our family, as they can't even force you to do so. On the other hand, friends may get our attention through social media, but family, especially our parents, never disturb you thinking that you are busy in your life for a good purpose. But, can't we give time to our parents, so it's the time. Spend time with them, discuss your queries in a very simple manner, it is guaranteed that you will get the best solutions ever.


You have a lot of time, sitting free, why not improve our thoughts during this time through some good books. Don't have one? You can download them easily through the internet. Choose a book of your interest, remember a book to learn something, not only for fun or extra thoughts. If you are a book-lover but don't get time to read due to the hectic schedules, read this time, it is the best time for you.


Hey, that time came for which you wished for so long. You don't have just a Sunday or a week but the whole three weeks to uplift your skills, learn the new things of your interest, related to your job, your work and especially to improve your skills. Just think, when you will be back to your work, your office with your improved skills, no one will get a chance to find mistakes in your task, and will not get disappointed as before.


It is a very good option for nature lovers, to make a small garden in their homes and take proper care of it, but we all can do it, not for much time, but at least for few minutes or an hour. Air is becoming purer due to less pollution and rush, so can't we contribute a little towards it, so that when again the things will be good and we will get busy in our lives, then just by seeing towards it, will make us feel good and positive. Have a small garden in your home, maybe your windows, your terrace, balcony or lobby. Take proper care, 21 days are enough to give them special care, after that only a few min. of care will maintain them.


A lot of thoughts are messing up in our minds these days, negative, positive, confusion and many others. How to get rid of it? Look around you, you are not the only one with these thoughts, much more are thinking the same, let your thoughts get exposure, write our thoughts on paper or directly on keypads, post them. Get amazing answers, many will be negative and many will be positive. So, as now you are meditating, reading good books, spending time with family, this all has taught you to grab the positivity from everything and eliminate the negativity. So, be positive on the negative comments too and spread positivity and happiness. At times, when you will feel that you can't tackle the situation, then ignore it for some time, relax and think just once. If you find a solution, go with it, otherwise, just avoid it. Remember, all the problems in the world are not yours and you can't get everything or make everyone happy. You have done your best and your part perfectly, leave the rest as it is.

How to Overcome Depression or Overthinking about the Pandemic and Enjoy at Home

Now, after the above solutions, I don't think it is your cup of tea more. Words like Depression, Anxiety, Overthinking, etc. are out of your dictionary now. So, Let's Enjoy!!

Be more creative!! Be more productive!! Spread Positivity!! Eliminate Negatives!! Give Your Best!!

All izz well!! Keep Smiling!! You will Rock the stage called "World"

Stay connected for more wonderful solutions. Take Care. Stay Home. Stay Safe.

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