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Kumaryasava - Kumari asav Benefits, Uses, Indications and Dosage

Reference: Yoga Ratnakara, Ayurvedic Formulary of India.


Kumaryasava ( Kumari Asav or Kumaryasavam) is a poly-herbal liquid preparation, also known by other names like Kumaryasava no. 1 or Kumari Asava no. 3. This Ayurvedic medicine used in the treatment of gastritis, cough, cold, breathlessness, piles & urinary tract disorders etc.

Kumaryasava consists of 5 - 10 % of self-generated alcohol in it. The self-generated alcohol and water present in the product, act a way to distribute water and alcohol with dissolved active herbal components to the body. Kumari means Aloe Vera which is its main ingredient along with other herbs.

Kumaryasava Ingredients

S. No.NameLatin Name Part UsedQuantity
1.Kumari Rasa (Aloe Vera) juice extract12.288 liters
2.Jaggery4.8 kg
3.Makshika (Honey)2.4 kg
4.Pakva Loha (Loha Bhasma) (Iron calx)24 g
5.Shunti (Ginger)Zingiber officinaleRhizome24 g
6.Maricha (Pepper)Piper nigrumFruit24 g
7.Pippali (long pepper)Piper longumFruit24 g
8.Lavanga (clove)Syzygium aromaticumFlower bud24 g
9.Twak (Cinnamon)Cinnamomum zeylanicumBark24 g
10.Ela (Cardamom)Elettaria cardamomumFruit24 g
11.PatraCinnamomum tamalaLeaf24 g
12.NagakesharaMesua ferreaStamen24 g
13.Vidanga (False black pepper)Embelia ribesFruit24 g
14.Gajapippali (Long pepper)Piper longumFruit24 g
15.ChavyaPiper chabaFruit24 g
16.AmalakiEmblica officinalisFruit24 g
17.HapushaJuniperus communisFruit24 g
18.ChitrakaPlumbago zeylanciaRoot24 g
19.Pippali moola (long pepper)Piper longumRoot24 g
20.Dhanyaka (Coriander)Coriandrum sativumSeed24 g
21.MustaCyperus rotundusRoot24 g
22.HaritakiTerminalia chebulaFruit rind24 g
23.Kramuka (Betel nut)Areca catechu24 g
24.KutkiPicrorhiza kurrooa24 g
25.RasnaPluchea lanceolataRoot/leaf24 g
26.DevadaruCedrus deodaraBark24 g
27.Haridra (Turmeric)Curcuma longaRhizome24 g
28.VibhitakiTerminalia bellericaFruit rind4.8 kg
29.BalaSida cordifoliaRoot24 g
30.DaruharidraBerberis aristataStem24 g
31.MurvaMarsdenia tenacissimaRoot24 g
32.Shatahva (Shatapushpa)Anethum sowaFruit24 g
33.LodhraSymplocos racemosaStem bark24 g
34.UtanjanaBlepharis edulisSeed24 g
35.GokshuraTribulus terrestrisWhole plant24 g
36.Yashtimadhu (Licorice)Root24 g
37.DantiBaliospermum montanumRoot24 g
38.PushkaramoolaInula racemosaRoot24 g
39.AtibalaAbutilon indicumRoot24 g
40.KapikacchuMucuna pruriensSeed24 g
41.Makshika Bhasma24 g
42.HingupatriFerula nathexLeaf24 g
43.Akallaka (Akarakarabha)Anacyclus pyrethrumRoot24 g
44.Shweta and Rakta PunarnavaBoerhavia diffusaRoot24 g
45.DhatakiWoodfordia fruticosaFlower384 g

Methods of Preparation Kumaryasava

Extracted juice of Aloe Vera from the leaves is added with rest of the ingredients. All herbs used in this medicine are taken in coarse powder form. Then this mixture is enclosed in air tight container for further process of fermentation. After it get fermented, the contents are filtered and preserved.

Its shelf life is of 10 years. After opening the bottle once, it is better to use it within 2 months.

Properties of Kumaryasava

Kumari asav is used to manage the various health issues like liver disorders, digestive problems etc. It supports the good health of liver and maintains the healthy liver functions. Manage proper secretion of bile. Kumaryasava helps in the cleansing of liver and eliminates the toxins from liver. Hence use of this medicine is quite effective in the jaundice, spleen disorders, splenomegaly etc. To resolve the digestive complications, use of Kumaryasava is quite useful. It supports the healthy digestion and helps to manage the various problems like gas formation, loss of appetite, heart burn, nausea, flatulence, abdominal pain, bloating etc. For constipation, this medicine helps in the loosening of stools. Use of this medicine is good in piles. In the case of urinary tract disorders, Kumaryasava is known to be an effective medicine. It also helps to manage the problems associated with the urinary tract disorders like frequent urination, painful urination, inflammation of bladder, urinary incontinence etc. Kumaryasava is a beneficial Ayurvedic formulation to manage the various female health issues like anemia, menstrual complications, ovarian dysfunctions, infertility etc.

Indications - Kumaryasava Uses

  • Kumaryasava is used in treatment of diseases like that of liver and spleen, cough, respiratory ailments, hyperacidity, female infertility, anemia, jaundice and impaired digestion etc.
  • This medicine is helpful in appropriate secretion of bile.
  • It gives strength to the liver.
  • Kumaryasava is beneficial in case of (Amenorrhea) in females which has developed due to ovarian dysfunction.
  • Provides effective result in splenomegaly & hepatomegaly.
  • It is a useful remedy for Anemic & infertility in females.
  • Helpful in many diseases of heart.
  • This Asava provides positive effect in urinary diseases.
  • It relieves you from the condition of strained micturition
  • Kumaryasava can reduce swelling and provide relief from the problem of constipation.
  • It is a useful remedy in case of Piles and lessens the anorexia.
  • Good for calculus & seminal disorders.
  • Effectively improves the appetite.
  • Kumaryasava shows tonic and nourishing properties.
  • Increases hemoglobin in female & male.
  • Also effective as an Aphrodisiac.


  • Take about 15 - 30 ml. once or twice a day, usually advised after food.
  • If there is a need it can be mixed with equal quantity of water.


  • This medicine must be taken under strict medical supervision.
  • It can be considered safe to use this medicine in lower dose, in children above 5 years of age.
  • A very high dose may result in gastric irritation symptoms.
  • It is best to avoid this medicine during pregnancy and lactation period.
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