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8 Wonderful Benefits of Limestone

Limestone (Calcium Carbonate), which is used in betel leaves should be kept in one box always in your home, no, not for the purpose of chewing betel leaves but to have its most potent and effective results in the treatment and management of health problems. It is usually observed and studied that the people, especially the Indians who are habitual of chewing the betel leaves are really good at retaining ability and intelligence. Even, it is one of the inheritance and a food item that is a specialty of an Indian city, Banaras.

Limestone, Calcium carbonate

Besides this, you will be surprised to know that the Limestone has the capability to help you combat around 70 different diseases. Let us have some detailed information about its amazing health benefits.


Consumption of limestone equal to one seed of wheat, by mixing in sugarcane juice helps in treating Jaundice.

Low Sperm Count / Impotency

Males suffering from the problem of Low sperm count can drink a pinch of Lime in 1 glass of sugarcane juice, for increasing their sperm count and get rid of Impotency.

Female Infertility

The females who have the infertility issue, and lack the formation of eggs in their ovaries can consume the limestone for improving their reproductive health.


Daily consumption of 1 glass water including limestone equals to 1 gram seed, in an empty stomach, leads to the elimination of Diabetes. While consuming Limestone, one should get the blood sugar levels checked at times as it may become zero with the continuous intake of Limestone for a longer period of time than required.

Concentration Level

Limestone is a very effective remedy for the students. Daily intake of limestone, equal to a wheat seed by blending it in a bowl of fresh curd /cooked pulse, or 1 glass of water can help in increasing the height of the students along with the memory and concentration levels. It is also useful for the students who seem inactive in their daily tasks like study, thinking, and performing general activities.


Limestone can be considered as the best natural remedy to be used during Menstruation cycles for relieving cramps, swelling, improper blood flow, etc. It can also help to the females in Menopause. Consuming limestone equals to 1 seed of wheat by mixing in 1 bowl of cooked pulse, in 1 glass of buttermilk, or a glass of water once a day reduces the risk of Osteoporosis.


Limestone is the treasure of Calcium, it is the best source of Natural Calcium. Thus, daily consumption of Limestone by a pregnant woman helps in maintaining the calcium levels in her body as during pregnancy, she needs the Calcium majorly. She can take Limestone (equal to 1 wheat seed) by blending it in 1 cup of Pomegranate juice. Continuous intake of Limestone during Pregnancy has the wonderful effects on the mother as well as the baby's health. The major 4 results will be:

  1. That woman will have the normal delivery of the baby.
  2. The baby will be healthy and fit by birth.
  3. The baby will be safeguarded against most of the diseases during his lifetime.
  4. The IQ level of the baby will be too good.

Joints and Bones Problems

Limestone is very good at relieving knee pain, backpain, and shoulder pain. It also helps in getting rid of the spinal problems, such as rejuvenation of the spinal cord and its related part and improvement in its functioning. Even, it has the power to restore and relocate the broken bones. For all these benefits, limestone is to be taken in an empty stomach.

Best and Most Common Method to Consume Limestone

Consumption of Betel Leaves including Limestone is a very famous, common and traditional practice in India but some of the ingredients mixed in its stuff filled inside that betel leaf make it unhealthy, despite of its numerous benefits. So, it is better to substitute the unhealthy ingredients with the healthy ones and enjoy the most potential benefits of the limestone with betel leaf.

Commonly the betel leaf includes the blend of Tobacco, Catechu, Limestone, and Betel Nut. Limestone is like nectar (Amrit) and the Tobacco is poison. Catechu can cause Cancer. So, chewing the betel leaf that includes a mixture of Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Green Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum), Lavang (Piper longum), Kesar (Crocus sativus), Saunf (Foeniculum vulgare), Gulkand, sweet preserve of Rose Petal (Rosa centifolia), Limestone and Crushed dry coconut, will not only help you in the prevention of major diseases but also treat general health problems intrinsically.

Moreover, if you are facing the severe knee problem and the Doctor is advising you to get your knee replaced, then try this Limestone Remedy for some period of time as per the Physician's advice, your money and natural health, both will be saved along with the improvement in the quality of your life.

Hence, let's have a beautiful change and move towards the consumption of Limestone rather than applying it on others (a traditional saying which means betrayal) to stay healthy and young forever.

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