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7 Things To Do While Suffering From UTI

It's burning, scalding, trips to bathroom have increased and smelling like anything. Yes its UTI! Urinary tract infections are the second most frequently and commonly caused bacterial infections. Please don't panic, we have got your back! This article will be all about the things that when done during UTI can help in relieving the infection and preventing its further spread.

Urinary tract infections are the one in which your urinary system, i.e. urethra, bladder, kidneys and uterus, gets infected by "bad" bacteria. If seen practically, bladder and urethra are the most commonly affected organs in it. Constant urge to pee is the most irritating symptom in this condition which turn people towards the medical help. It is important get medical help and treat the infection promptly in order to prevent further spread as leaving it untreated only increases pain. Before telling you about what to do and what not during a UTI, its necessary that you must know few basic facts about this infection so that the early signs or prone people be aware of it.

Urinary Tract Infection

The first question arises why do UTI happen? These infections occur when infection causing bacteria enter urinary tract through anus or genitals and start to multiply over there. Usually there are defensive measures of urinary tract to defy these infections but sometimes these do fail resulting in infection. Women are more prone to UTI as compared to men due to the anatomical difference in urinary tract. Urethra of a women is shorter and hence less distance between anus and urethra which makes it easy for bacteria to travel up to urethra. Sexual intercourse is one of the main cause through which it is spread however there can be other causes too like sharing the same washroom with infected person. Women after menopause also have increased chances of developing UTI because of the shift in their urinary tract's environment which occurs due to fall in estrogen level.

Now learning about the cause, it's the time to know the signs and symptoms so that one can come to know if themselves or someone around is having it.

  • Frequent urge to urination
  • Burning pain while urinating
  • Urine smells bad
  • Cloudy color of urine
  • Presence of blood or pus in urine
  • Lower abdominal soreness, pain, pressure or cramps
  • Pain in lower or mid back and sides
  • Fever
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Fatigue or tiredness

Now everything is clear, the cause, signs and symptoms. This is the time, you should now learn about the basic home remedies which can be done to prevent exacerbating the complaints and spread of the infection. These tips can help you relieve the symptoms to certain extent.

1. Food To Be Avoided

There are certain foods which can worsen the UTI and make you feel worse. So if you are having UTI and you are still taking these foods, please stop now!

  • Acidic fruits
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeinated coffee or sodas
  • Highly spicy food
  • Artificial colors and sweeteners

2. Drink More Water

Drinking good amount of water is good for whole body and it is the easiest way to fight off UTI. When you gulp more and more water it helps your body along with urinary tract system to eliminate the toxins and bacteria from the body through urine and clear infection. On an average a person should drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. However this number can be increased as per the body's demand.

3. Do Not Delay Urinating

Holding up the urge to urinate when you feel like peeing can increase the chances of infections to prevail. Never hold up the urination urge just because you are busy. As this can lead to bacteria in the urine to settle down and grow over there while if you go to pee on time bacteria are instantly flushed out of the body.

4. Sexual Hygiene Should Be Maintained

Practicing proper sexual hygiene can prevent many infections not only UTI as during intercourse many microbes and bacteria can be passed from outside the body to the urinary tract. Some measure should be necessarily taken like peeing before and after the intercourse immediately, washing genitals before and after the intercourse, and do not have a sexual intimacy if the other partner is having an infection, unless it is treated.

5. Clothing And Deodorants

Do not wear too tight clothes or underwear as it can raise the heat of the body and create moisture in vagina creating full flashed conditions for a microbe to grow in. Deodorants consist of many chemicals and artificial substances hence should never be used on genital area.

6. Front To Back

After pooping or urinating always wash or use toilet paper in front to back direction as anal region can have many microbes and if you use back to front region there are chances of these bacteria to enter genitals and urethra causing infections. Also try to use different toilet papers to wipe anal region and genital area.

7. Cranberry Juice

Most you must be knowing about this amazing fruit juice consisting of many wonderful qualities. Richness of cranberry juice in antioxidants, potent anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties make it the right choice for UTI. Drinking daily 400ml of cranberry juice helps in preventing and treating the UTI.

These are some of the major steps which if you follow at home will definitely help you at some level in relieving your symptoms and foremost preventing it. However following these tips do not means you don't see a doctor. Along with the prescribed medicines, following these steps will help in eradicating the infection faster.

There are certain Ayurvedic herbs which if taken, can work miraculously in treating and preventing the UTI naturally. Let's learn about some of them.

1. Chirchita (Achyranthes aspera)

This herb can help in dealing with UTI by enhancing the function of the kidneys and protect against attack of microbes. Chirchita also maintain proper fluid metabolism.

2. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)

Gokshura is widely known for its diuretic activity which do not allow the bacteria to stay and spread. It also have antimicrobial activity that helps in clearing the bacteria from the tract.

3. Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum)

Since ancient times this holy herb is famous for its medicinal properties and urinary antibacterial property is one of them. Tulsi help in fighting the bacteria in urinary tract and also neutralizes the acidity in the body.

Learning about the facts and being attentive towards your body is the only way to fight off diseases.

Nature have all the answers, you just need to look for them!!

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