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Magnet Therapy for Height Growth

Magnetotherapy or magnetic therapy is used as a supplementary therapy for relieving pain and stimulating blood and energy circulation in the body. It can not only help in relieving menstrual cramps and painful joints but also stimulate hormone secretion. Magnet Therapy is used in many ways where the key difference lies in the strength of the magnets used and the duration for which the field is applied to the body. The purpose served by each technique also differs. This article focuses on magnetotherapy in combination with acupressure, and how it can stimulate growth hormones such that the height of an individual is increased. Ayurvedic herbs that could supplement this process are also discussed.

Magnetic Therapy, Height Growth, Increase Height Naturally


Some physical conditions and characteristics are more genetic than lifestyle related. They cannot be completely controlled, but efforts made by a scientific approach can yield desired results and can even bring unexpected benefits. The scientific approach being talked about here is magnetic therapy. Magnetic therapy, interchangeable called magnetotherapy, is a practice where magnets of varying strengths are employed to alter the body's inner magnetic field (yes, there is a magnetic field inside our body).

The Magnetism In Human Body

Magnetism is the phenomenon of alignment of atoms in a particular fashion. Atoms form the basis of all matter and space in the universe, and there are different kinds and configurations of atoms that make everything different in mass, appearance and texture. Therefore, every object is not magnetal to the same degree. On looking at things from a macroscopic scale, we assume that only a few metals are magnetic; while in reality, each atom is magnetizable i.e. it can be arranged in an orientation with respect to the atoms surrounding it; however, magnetization too, is of different kinds and the result of atomic magnetization may or may not be instantly visible to the naked eye.

The most obviously magnetizable objects are made of metals. Magnetic metals such as iron, cobalt and nickel, and some alloys of these metals show magnetism instantly and so strongly that we can feel the force while holding magnetic alloys in our hands. Each atom of a magnetic material gets polarized in the presence of a stronger magnet such that its one end sticks with the material and the other end moves away from it.

Non-metals on the other hand, do not show magnetism, but it doesn’t mean that they are not influenced by magnetic fields. For example, our body is made up of metallic as well as non-metallic atoms, but the kind of magnetism they show is different from that of common magnetic materials, in terms of strength and polarization.

Hydrocarbons make up most of our body. Each atom is scattered in a random orientation normally. However, in presence of external magnetic field, each hydrogen atom gets realigned parallel to the direction of the external field such that all atoms are now uniformly aligned, just like a platoon of soldiers realigns along the axis of the ground on getting called by the commandant. This principle has made us magnetic treatment and magnetic diagnosis, such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

Magnet Therapy And How It Works

We have learnt that the body responds quickly to a strong magnetic field, such as the one in MRI, but what happens when many smaller, weaker magnets are put around the body? The body still responds to it, but in a much slower manner. This principle is used in magnetotherapy, where a body is exposed to numerous small magnets of weak magnetic strength over long durations for regular intervals, which can continue for a few months. The magnets used in these therapies could be electronic or conventional, which doesn't make a difference as long as the strength of the electromagnetic field is fully under control.

Static Magnetotherapy

(Long term, Weak strength)

Static magnetotherapy uses a 'static' i.e. continuous magnetic field in contact with the body. A weak magnetic field is kept in touch with the body via magnetic beads inserted in bracelets, rings, pendants or anklets. It remains in contact with the body for months, and is used for easing mild pain and discomfort.


(Short term, Medium strength)

A slightly higher intensity electromagnetic field is created using an electromagnet, and these electromagnetic waves are used to alter the mind waves. This technique is employed in treating patients with psychosomatic diseases and insomnia.

Magnetotherapy With Acupressure

(Repetitive, Long term, Weak strength)

Weak magnets are placed in plates, belts or insoles that also have textured surfaces meant to generate pressure on specific points on the body such as the reflex centers at the feet, the back, the head, etc. You must have seen or even used a square plate that has small pointy pyramids all over it, and you have to stand on it. There are tiny magnets embedded on it. This is an example of magnetotherapy combined with acupressure. Used for small durations daily over a period of many months, the purpose of this combined therapy is the regulation of hormonal secretions.

Safety Of Magnetic Therapy

Magnetic therapy is a safe practice, especially the long term techniques are completely harmless. Even in diagnostic procedures that use very-very strong magnetic fields, no process of the body is disturbed; only, some amount of dizziness can be felt for a few minutes after the procedure is over. However, magnetotherapy is not for individuals, who wear devices such as a pacemaker, or an insulin pump. It is so because the presence of a metal or an electromagnetic device in the body shall then interfere with magnetic therapy. Did you know that we are continuously living and moving in various magnetic fields of different strengths all the time? The earth's magnetic field is the strongest of all; which poses no harm to the human body, and which we all are in at all times. This should give you a hint of how safe magnetic therapy is.

Use Of Magnet Therapy For Height Growth

Magnetotherapy combined with acupressure is used to balance, enhance or regulate endocrine function in the body. The body has reflex centers at the soles and the palms. Application of pressure on these centers creates an electric reflux in the nerve endings at these points, and removes tension built up in these nerves. When this pressure is applied in the presence of a magnetic field generated by a weak magnet in contact or close proximity of the body, electrochemical changes are initiated at the points of contact which trigger stimulation of the endocrine glands.

This principle is made use of in a technique where shoe insoles that have embedded magnets and a texture specially created to provide acupressure, are worn for specific durations of time. This technique shows promising results especially in children who are still in their growing years. Such insoles are used to boost growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. The growth hormone regulates growth of all the tissues of the body, with a special effect on the musculoskeletal tissues.

Ayurvedic Supplements For Better Growth

Genetics and nutrition decide the physique of an individual. Experts suggest that consumption of some herbs can supplement bone growth during the growing phase of life i.e. until when the soft ends of the long bones have not hardened and fused. Such herbs are:

  • Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera): An excellent cell growth promoter, this herb is known for its growth enhancing properties at all anatomical levels. It is used as a powder.
  • Asthisamharaka (Cissus quadrangularis): Also known as asthi shrinkhala, this herb itself looks like a skeletal plant and is used for countless disorders of the skeletal system. It promotes proper bone growth. It is used as a fresh paste/ juice for consumption.
  • Moringa or Drumstick Tree (Moringa oleifera): This tree is used for it is full of medicinal properties. It also promotes growth and is a balanced source of macronutrients in itself. It is used as a powder.


Although the height of an individual greatly depends on the genetic makeup of their family, the possible range can still be maximized by supporting growth externally by means of a balanced diet, ayurvedic supplements and magnetic therapy. These practices require dedication and patience, but the reward is that all these provide multiple benefits and no side effects. Thus, these should be given a try especially when one is in their growing years where growth can be manipulated hormonally.

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