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Tips to Manage Stress during Examinations Naturally


The main focus of this article is on the stress in students during exams with its various causes, signs, home remedies and conclusion. Parents also do their part in order to understand the conditions of their children during exams. Parents put every possible effort into their children so, that their children never get stressed and feel comfortable. Tension generates when there are internal and external pressures. Try not to put pressure on them and talk to them to resolve their problems during stress. The information that is provided in this article will help the students to reduce the stress with some natural tips.



Every student has examinophobia, as they feel lots of physical, emotional as well as mental stress. It generates the habit of competition in the students. Sometimes, taking stress can be a good thing during exams time for students. Because it motivates them to put full focus on their work. But excessive stress leads to tension, pressure, and exertion. This can directly attack the student's mental and physical health. It looks better when competition is healthy but when the factor of jealously comes in the student mind, it becomes dangerous. When any student becomes stressed, there is a Sympathetic branch in the nervous system of the human body which automatically get switched on.

Manage Stress during Examination

In the initial stage, this is helpful but problems arising when the level of stress continuously increases. So, it becomes dangerous when the stress level increase. This branch permanently keeps on functioning and continuously pouring the adrenaline into the human body. Body remains on high alert all the time so, we experience anger, anxiety, less sleep, and this is a very serious matter. This may disturb whole concentration and ability to prepare for exams. Stress creates negative impacts as well as decreases the performance of the students. It is very important for every student to manage their time according to the syllabus and this will lower the workload. Also, try to fix and balance the physiological response going on in the human body.

Calmness and a positive attitude towards study are important. In exam time, students have less time to prepare. But in order to manage the whole syllabus and study according to so, that it is easy to balance the body mentally, physically and emotionally. This will leads to scoring good marks in the exam without any tensions. Fear of thoughts changes frequently and students take so much workload. Instead of thinking and wasting time, it is suggested to stay calm and focus on the study. Once he or she will be aware of this, they can manage their time and do their studies with more positive attitude. Along with managing the study time, a balance diet and taking frequent breaks from study, getting sufficient sleep will help to get relief from the stress in a well manner.

Signs of Stress

  1. Take tension a lot.
  2. Frequent headaches and pain in stomach.
  3. Not taking quality sleep.
  4. Be irritable and hyper all the time.
  5. Not participating in the other activities.
  6. Always negative and have a bad mood.

Causes of Exam Stress

Students feel more stress when the date of exams comes nearer. This issue does not arise because of extra academic pressure but there are number of factors that are responsible to create the worst condition at serious times.

  1. Lack of preparation
  2. Chronic illness
  3. Incorrect lifestyle
  4. Competition
  5. Unhealthy eating habits
  6. Emotional problems
  7. Internal and external pressure

So, it is recommended to every student who face such kind of situation that to talk with their parent or any teacher. So, this will makes the student mind calm and help them act positively.

Role of Parents at the Time of Exams

Exams can be very challenging and stressful for children. Parents play a vital role in order to support and take care of their children during exams.

1. Make Sure Your Children Eat Well

It is very important to take a proper meals on time. This makes a child's health better and does every task with positive energy. Provide healthy food to your children. Bring some cookies, chocolate, etc. for children when they are studying. This will create more concentration at the time of the study. If it is possible, make them participate in shopping and encourage them to pick some healthy snacks.

2. Help Your Child to Get Quality Sleep

Make sure that your child gets enough to sleep so, that it improves learning and thinking abilities during exams. At least 7-8 hours of sleep is important. Never disturbs them while sleeping.

3. Be Flexible During Exams

Always make sure that your child feels comfortable while studying. If they need your help in revision, always support them. If necessary, help your child in studies with more creative ideas related to their daily experiences. Take some previous papers for practice. This will motivate your child towards their goals in life.

4. Talk About Exam Nerves

Always remind your child that stress is common during exams time. It is a natural reaction and everybody faces it. So, it is important to tackle such a situation with a positive attitude. When your child feels scary or an unwanted thought going on in his/her mind, encourage them and show them some motivational videos.

5. Do Not Put Pressure on Your Children

If your child is unable to learn the chapter during exams, sit with them and try to explain the topics. Encourage them to study and always say, "You can do it". If they found difficulty after that then, move on to another topic and revise the previous topic after some time.

6. Make Time for Treats

Always appreciate your child when he/she will complete half of the syllabus. With this positive effort, your child becomes happy and looks cheerful. Always make their favorite food during exam times. Plan an outing trip with your child when exams are over.

Prevent Exam Stress with Natural Tips

Stress is neither positive nor negative. While taking things as a challenge, it is the normal response of our bodies. A little stress encourages us to do better and taking challenges in a healthy way. There are some natural tips that help children in order to prevent stress during exams.

1. Eat Well:

Always add Omega-3 rich food that is walnuts, flax seeds, almonds, etc in your child's diet. It increases the abilities of learning and boosts the memory of your children. Fish oil is a very good example of Omega-3. You also add chocolates and avocadoes in their diet. Because chocolates help in concentration during studies and avocadoes increases the flow of blood to the brain for boosting the thinking power of your children. Always eats good quality food.

2. Supplements:

During the exam, the level of stress increases rapidly. So, we provide some multivitamins to children in order to reduce stress. Magnesium and Vitamin-B are good examples of multivitamins that reduces stress during exams.

3. Do Exercise Daily:

Exercise is the best way to freshen-up or body. So, it is important to generate the habit of daily exercise in your children. It can be in any form like, walking, dancing, playing, cycling, swimming, etc. If your child exercises in daily routine during exams time, it will help them to stay calm and healthy. Drink more water, It helps to keep body hydrated and brain cells work efficiently.

4. Socializing:

It is necessary for every student that the main focus is only studying during exams. But nobody suggests that student should cut-off from their social life. If any student likes the company of one or two friends then, allow them to go and spend quality time with their friend. Many students like to scroll their social media in their free time. It is also helpful in order to reduce stress.

5. Avoid Comparison:

Everyone has their own ability to grasp and learn things. Never discuss how much you revise or how much syllabus is left. It creates a jealousy factor among friends and generates stress. So, don't compare yourself with your friends.

6. Taking Proper Sleep:

Never compromise your sleep. It is important for everyone to taking 8-9 hours of sleep daily. In exam time, revising the syllabus late will not be helpful for your child. The body wants relaxation for quality thinking and this will automatically help in scoring good marks in exams.

7. Listen to Your Favorite Music:

Music soothes our soul and refreshes our minds. It creates a positive environment. It reduces workloads. It helps children to divert their minds from stress at the exams time. Some students has a habit to listen to the music while studying for good concentration. Some students don't have that habit so, they just takes five minute breaks for listening to music for good mood and after that continue with their studies.

8. Avoid Drugs:

We all know that caffeine and nicotine are the way for concentration. But it is a myth. According to research, they both increase the anxiety level and create more stress. So, never take stimulants like, energy drinks in your diet that affects your health during exams. Lemon tea and herbal are the healthy stimulants for concentration.


It is necessary for every student that they should keep themselves healthy during exams. Try to avoid the major things mentioned above for not getting stress. We all know exam time is very crucial for every student. Parents and teachers play their role in order to motivate every student. Every student must care about their health and try to adapt home remedies for better results.


Have A Healthy Examination Season.

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