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Morning Routine for Optimal Gut Health All Day Long

The quality of life and the social relationships of some people are better than others because they are more organized and planned in how they spend their morning. The activities and thoughts we have in the morning stay with us for the day so why not take small steps and make big differences to our lives by beginning with restoring gut health first thing in the morning. This article features a few new habits as well as some tips on improving the already existing activities. Small changes can improve gut health as well as make you feel fresh and energetic during the day and you can perform better than you do on the other days.

Optimal Gut Health


When we get a satisfactory bowel movement first thing in the morning, and feel enough hunger to have a hearty breakfast, and get no acidity or puffiness, we consider it a good start to a day. But when our bowels do not empty completely and leave us with bloating and gas, we cannot focus on anything else and feel discomfort the whole day. It is because how we empty our bowels in the morning decides our mood and energy level for the rest of the day. This is why a healthy morning routine is given so much importance in so many cultures and societies. A healthy routine in the morning actually prepares the foundation of the rest of our day. How our digestion functions is quite important in this, and it depends not only on what foods we are eating throughout the day, but more on what kind of activities we do apart from eating. The activities we do and the way we do them can greatly affect digestion and overall gut health.

What Is Meant By Gut Health?

Gut is a popular term for our digestive system. It is quite a large system of organs starting at our mouth and ending at the anus. The mouth and the stomach are connected by the esophagus or the food pipe. The stomach is then joined with the small intestine, which is connected with the large intestine. The last part of the large intestine is the rectum with the anus as the ending. All these organs are supported by the liver and the pancreas, and a vast network of blood vessels and nerves. The digestive system or the gut is responsible for supplying the body with energy, water and nutrients.

Our gut is considered healthy when all the functions are being performed well without any lagging behind. The mouth breaks down the food and sends it to the stomach where it is then mixed with digestive juices and sent to the intestines for absorption of nutrients and separation of waste. The hormones are also responsible for proper digestion.

Why Having A Morning Routine Is So Important

Our parents have tried to develop our morning routines for so long but not all of us have stayed on the same routine. Some people get annoyed or tense just at the thought of a morning routine. Only a few people are excited about getting out of bed early and managing everything well. No matter how annoyed you get by the mention of a morning routine, it is very important to set up a morning routine for many reasons.

  • Your morning routine decides how the rest of your day is going to be. If you wake up and start fresh and organized then you can manage all the tasks you had to do today.
  • Having a morning routine increases your efficiency because it saves time on thinking and doing various things at a time.
  • Having a morning routine makes you in charge of your tasks and then you don’t have to run in between tasks. You know what you have to finish doing by how much time.
  • Having a morning routine makes you less stressed than the people who don’t have a routine.
  • Having a morning routine automatically makes you opt for healthier choices in everything, such as commuting to work, what you eat for breakfast and lunch, and how many cups of tea you drink.
  • Having a morning routine makes you more trustworthy and desirable in family and society.
  • Having a morning routine will help you prevent many diseases as you age.

Morning Tips For Optimal Gut Health

These tips can help you if you are willing to improve your morning routine and make it more gut friendly.


Water is the first thing that you should put into your digestive system because of many reasons. One is that the body is possibly dehydrated because you have not drunk any water during the night. Also, water neutralizes acid production in the stomach in the morning and prevents acidity and heartburn. Drinking a glass of water eases the bowel movement too. You can mix lemon juice, honey etc. in the water that you drink in the morning.

Boost Gut Bacteria

Digestion is not only carried out due to the digestive juices enzymes and acid secreted by the stomach. There are important organisms living in our intestines that support digestion and help separate waste from the digested food. These bacteria are known as microbiome and we suggest that any probiotic foods i.e. the ones that boost the natural micro biome, should be consumed in the morning.

Consume Fiber

We know that fiber is the main bulk of the bowels and it is essential for proper waste removal from the body. But what is not mostly known is that morning is a great time to consume fiber because it will further support the healthy bacteria in the gut and prevent and manage gut diseases in the future.

Relax While Having Breakfast

It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this quotation is completely true. Yet we do not give ourselves good breakfasts. So many people do not cook in the morning and rather grab a burger or a bagel. This is especially true for college going students and young adults working at offices. Some people do not even eat anything and just drink coffee until lunch. These habits are extremely harmful for the gut in the long term and hence for the whole body. Breakfast should be healthy and should be consumed in a relaxed way.

Take Time In The Toilet

The bowels function in slow and steady movements which cannot be done in a moment. We do not allow ourselves enough time in the toilet and it leads to various diseases. At this time the hormones are also such that the bowel movement is most natural at this time and doesn’t require pressure. You should give at least ten minutes to your bowels to relax and empty completely.


Yes, meditation is the best thing you can do in the morning. When we wake up our mind is full of thoughts about the events of the previous day or the activities that need to be done today. By meditating for a few minutes in the morning you can clear your mind and relax it before getting started with the activities of the upcoming day whether it is about work or about family.

Allow Natural Light

Our bodies function in certain patterns and have their own time table. Also, our sleep and wake cycle also depends on how much and what kind of light is around us. As you wake up your body requires natural light which turns on the body’s natural alertness. It is therefore recommended to open curtains and windows upon waking up so that the sleepiness naturally goes away and the body and the bowel receives the signal that it is time to start working now.

Go For A Walk

Walking is the mildest and the most thorough form of physical activity and it is the most effective and the easiest way of improving blood circulation in the body. By walking in the morning you are enhancing blood circulation in the lower body and thus supporting digestion. Walking also strengthens the muscles of the digestive system and is also effective in reducing stress.

Cold Showers

Cold doesn’t necessarily mean icy. Pleasantly cold water when falls on the face, shoulders and the back the nervous system gets activated. It strengthens and improves the functioning of the bowels. It establishes a great connection between the bowels and the brain. This connection is very essential for a healthy gut free of diseases.

Do Stretching

We are not saying that you should do a whole yoga sequence right after waking up. Just a little stretching of the arms, the back and the neck can work wonders in improving the movement of your bowels, but it can also help enhance the gut bacteria. You can do so in your bed itself as soon as you wake up.

Have Coffee

Although it should be noted that coffee should not be had first thing in the morning. After drinking the first glass of water you should have a cup of coffee to ease your bowels and prepare the stomach for having breakfast. The morning coffee or tea shouldn't be too strong.

Maintain Oral Health

Oral health is greatly connected with digestive health. Poor oral health adversely affects the composition of the healthy microbes in our gut. By maintaining proper oral health you can keep your bowels healthy and prevent constipation and irritable bowels.

Get Proper Sleep

Yes, this is a very important point that affects your morning routine. If you do not sleep in time and get a deep sleep, you will wake up tired and exhausted. It doesn't mean that you have to sleep for a few more minutes. Getting proper sleep needs a proper and systematic nighttime routine. When you sleep in time and get proper rest through the night, you wake up fresh and you may not need to wait long for bowel pressure to appear.


Simple things like drinking water and eating quality foods can contribute to great health for you. Having a morning routine is a small thing but it has great benefits. Our rest of the day depends on how we spend our morning and this is especially true for a routine that involves the healthy functioning of your digestive system. Little steps like the ones mentioned in this article can greatly improve not just your mornings but also your life. Those people who get up well and fresh and do yoga in the morning are also humans just like us and we can also take small steps in improving the quality of our day by just making small changes to how we spend our mornings.

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