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Narikel Lavan

Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali Shoolaroga Chikitsa 30/69-70

Narikel Lavan is an Ayurvedic medicine which is available in powder form. Use of this herbal powder is quite effective to treat the various digestive problems like gastritis, abdominal pain, burning sensation etc. This medicine pacifies the vata and pitta dosha.


  • Coconut – Cocos nucifera
  • Lavana – Rock salt

Method of Preparation

A hole is made in the top of coconut. It is filled with rock salt. Wrapped with a cloth and burnt in open air. When it is completely burnt, wrapping and the external shell is removed. The burnt kernel and the salt is powdered and collected.

Caution: It should be preserved in air tight container. As since this absorbs moisture readily, it is more prone to get spoiled quickly.


1- 2 grams given along with ghee, once or twice a day before or after food or as directed by physician.


  • Gastritis
  • Acidity
  • Abdominal pain
  • Peptic ulcers

Side Effects

  • Higher dosage of it may cause burning sensation and loose motion.
  • It is not advisable to use this medicine in people with excessive tiredness, emaciation and underweight.
  • Care should be taken while administering this medicine to people with high BP.
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