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Natural Remedies For Odontalgia - Toothache


Odontalgia, that is toothache (Pain in tooth) is often the result of dental cavities or infection and is considered to be the most common type of orofacial pain. This condition might not be life threatening but is quite painful and troublesome to the person suffering. Both Ayurveda and Modern Science have their own ways of managing toothache and causes of it. This condition is too common and can affect almost all age groups, children are a bit more prone to it. There are various ayurvedic herbs or combinations of herbs that help prevent and give relief from this condition. Planet Ayurveda has also formulated numerous herbal drugs by following the ancient Ayurvedic texts that show amazing results.

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Toothache can be considered to be pain in or around a tooth. This can cause mild to severe painful sensation that can even alter day to day activities like eating, talking etc. To know tooth decay better we need to know the basic anatomy of the tooth and how it's affected. So a human tooth consists of 3 layers: Enamel (hard cap that protects the tooth), dentine (which makes the mass of the tooth) and the third one is the pulp that includes nerves and blood vessels that permits pressure for chewing. Aching teeth are caused by various causes listed below. Due to these reasons enamel or the pulp is affected that causes pain due to the underlying nerves and blood vessels. In Ayurveda Vata dosha is considered to be responsible for toothache, as due to its dry nature it causes severe pain and cracked teeth.


The causes of toothache or Odontalgia can be -

  • Pupilitis that can be caused by tooth decay, dental trauma (crack or fracture) or an imperfect filling.
  • Dentine hypersensitivity - triggered by cold, sweet & spicy food or beverages.
  • Gum ulcers
  • Swollen gums
  • Poor oral or dental hygiene
  • Tooth eruption
  • Loose dental crown
  • Pulp calcification
  • Excessive intake of sugary food
  • Congestion or sinusitis
  • Misalignment of teeth
  • Abscess in teeth
  • Deep or broken filling

Signs & Symptoms

  • Mild to severe pain
  • Fever with chills
  • Headache
  • Bad breath
  • Bad taste
  • Tenderness in jaw
  • Malaise
  • Referred pain to ear
  • Swelling in gums
  • Difficulty in eating and swallowing
  • Pain radiates to other part


  • Physical examination
  • Dental X Ray - find out bone loss or dental caries.
  • Pulp sensitivity Test

Ayurvedic Management Of Toothache

Toothache in Ayurveda is referred to as "Dantashula". There are a number of causes that initiate toothache Ayurveda has given amazing results by using natural sources for healing since ages. Hence there are wonderful natural ways and herbs that help in maintaining dental health and also gives relief to many other dental problems. Odontalgia or toothache may not be life threatening but is quite troublesome and affects daily activities like eating, swallowing , talking etc so needs to be treated as soon as possible. Ayurveda considers toothache to be caused due to imbalance of all the three doshas Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Vata imbalance can cause dryness in the mouth that increases the risk of dental decay and sensitivity. Vata dosha is also responsible for causing severe pain and cracked teeth. Ayurveda says cleansing the mouth brings freshness, takes away bad odour and coating on teeth, clearness in the mouth that increases the desire for food. Ayurveda also explains the importance of Jihwa-nirlekhana (tongue cleansing) and Gandusha (gargling) and varieties of drugs that can be used in doing so.

Causes Of Danta Shoola

  • Wisdo tooth eruption
  • Dantaveshta (pyorrhoea)
  • Saushira (gingivitis)
  • Krimi danta (Dental caries)
  • Danta harsha (Sensitivity of teeth)
  • Danta sharkara (deposition of plaque)
  • Danta pupputaka (boil in gums)

Ayurvedic Treatment For Toothache

  • Abhyanga (Massaging teeth)
  • Gandusha (holding medicated fluid in mouth)
  • Kavala (Gargling)
  • Lepa (application of herbal paste)

Ayurvedic Aspect For Maintaining Dental Hygiene

  • Causes of plaque should be avoided, it can be done by - Maintenance of good dental hygiene.
  • The toothbrush should be Koorchaka (have soft bristles) and should be flexible enough to cleanse all parts of the mouth without hurting while brushing.
  • Acharya Vaghbhata says that one should brush in morning and at night after intake of food. For brushing twigs of Arka, Vatt, Khadira or arjuna can be used. And their thickness should be of little finger, length should be 12 Angula. One end of twigs of any of these can be chewed and can be used brushing without hurting the gums.
  • One must brush in a vertical direction that is from bottom to top.
  • The toothbrush that is the modern day brushes should be Koorchaka (have soft bristles) and should be flexible enough to cleanse all parts of the mouth without hurting while brushing.
  • Acharya Sushruta says for cleansing of the tongue smooth and soft instruments made of silver, iron or gold can be used. Hence usage of plastic tongue cleaners available these days shouldn't be used.
  • Cleansing of tongue removes bad taste, odour of mouth and cures edema and stiffness of tongue.
  • Practise of Gandusha (gargling) should be done as it enhances the strength of the mandible, resonance of voice, taste sensation and many more.
  • Ayurveda also states a lot of benefits of kawala (mouth rinsing/flossing).

Contraindications Of Brushing

One suffering from indigestion, vomiting, nausea, difficulty to breath, facial paralysis, thirst or mouth ulcers.

Diet Beneficial For Healthy Teeth

These can be dugdha pana (consumption of milk), Snigdha bhojana that consist of ghee should be served, jangama mamsa rasa (meat of jangama animals and their soup), Garlic, vegetables like onion and kushmanda (Benincasa hispida). Pulses that help are chana, green moong and urada dal, fruits can be amalaki, dates and mangoes.

Food Harmful For It

Curd, lemon, tamarind, chilled water, carbonated drink, alcohol, sugar, dry and hard food (as it will elevate the levels of Vata dosha even more)

Herbal Remedies For Toothache By Planet Ayurveda

Planet Ayurveda is a global company that heals humans and animals too. This company is GMP-certified and the medicines from Planet Ayurveda are all natural and have no ill effects. These medications are manufactured under the supervision of Ayurvedic experts. Planet Ayurveda manufactures medication in all forms, syrups, churna (powder) and capsules as well. Planet Ayurveda provides a pack of three herbal drugs under the name of GUM CARE PACK for toothache or for preventing it.

Planet Ayurveda delivers all the goodness of Ayurveda to your doorsteps. Just like this Gum Care Pack that has -




  1. Gum Care Powder – Massage 3-6 gms of powder to your teeth and gums gently.
  2. Coral Calcium Complex – 1 capsule twice daily with plain water after meals.
  3. Arjun Saar – Rinse your mouth with arjun saar after massage with Gum Care Powder.

Products Description

1. Gum Care Powder

Planet Ayurveda's Gum care Powder has the excellent bind of herbs that are useful in gums and toothaches, tenderness etc. This gum powder has benefits of Haritaki (Terminalia chebula), Lavang (Syzygium aromaticum), Marich (Piper nigrum), Sonth (Zingiber officinale), Safatika (Alum), Mustak (Cyperus rotundus), Twak (Cinnamomum zeylancia) and a lot more herbs that mainly gives effective results in bleeding gums, gingivitis, swollen gums, bad breath, pyorrhea.

2. Coral Calcium Complex

These capsules from Planet Ayurveda contain natural compounds of calcium, Pearl (Mukta Pishti), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Coral (Praval pishti) and various others to treat the deficiency of calcium in certain cases of tooth problem. The use of calcium supplements has shown great results in dental problems since ages.

It also prevents tooth damage by providing strength to the tooth and gums.

3. Arjun Saar

As mentioned above there are wonderful benefits of rinsing (Kavala) but the medicinal herbs mentioned by Acharyas are hardly at your ease so Planet Ayurveda has Arjun Saar that has Arjuna (Terminalia arjuna), that helps to improve blood flow to the gums and also shows effective results in dissolving plaque. Another ingredient of Arjun Saar is Amla (Emblica officinalis) that plays an important role due to its antibacterial and many other beneficial properties for maintaining dental health.


Toothache might not be life threatening but causes difficulty and pain that can even radiate to other parts too, so treatment as soon as possible is a must. Oral health plays an important role. Ayurveda toothache is said to be due to Vata dushti that causes dryness in the mouth and causes several problems. Ayurveda also described the use of several drugs for relieving the difficulty caused and for prevention of the difficulty. So Planet Ayurveda being a saviour to mankind has formulated a solution and prevention to toothache by using several herbal drugs.

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