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Parpati Kalpana - Therapeutic Use In Ulcerative Colitis


Rasa shastra is one of the most effective ayurvedic branches that comprises the ino  herbo- mineral preparations. It provides detailed descriptions regarding various preparations containing parada,gandhak,etc. Parpati kalpana is one such ayurvedic preparation which has a great potential in improving the health of the body. Parpati is an ayurvedic formulation consisting of parada, gandhak and various other beneficial ayurvedic components. It is used in a variety of health conditions including ulcerative colitis which will be discussed in detail in the following article.

Parpati Kalpana, Ulcerative Colitis


The term Parpati refers to a thin flake-like preparation. Parpati is prepared using parada, gandhak and various other ayurvedic components. Parpati is described in various classical texts. Parpati was indicated for kushtha roga (skin diseases) by acharya Nagarjuna back in the 8th century. Acharya Chakrapani described the use of parpati in the form of ras parpati and highlighted its use in grahani roga. There are numerous classical texts in ayurveda that explain the significance of parpati in different types of health conditions. Bhaishajaya Ratnavali also explains parpati and mentions rasa parpati as the best parpati formulation. There are a variety of parpatis prepared using numerous components according to the disease that are effective in managing the condition.


Parpati preparations are one of the most effective formulations in rasa shastra. These are widely used for improving the health status of the body. Parpati kalpana can be used including different components and the effect of the parpati will differ accordingly. For instance, when parada and gandhaka are used in the preparation, it is called rasa parpati. If lauha bhasma, tamra bhasma, suvarna bhasma is used then, it is called lauha parpati, tamra parpati, suvrana parpati respectively. Parpati kalpna is one of the parada bandha methods used to control the movement and fragility of parada.

Preparation Method Of Parpati

The benefit of parpati can only be experienced when it is prepared strictly according to the preparation method mentioned in the classical texts. For the preparation of parpati, purified parada and purified gandhaka are mixed to prepare Kajjali. Kajjali should satisfy various standard checks such as agni pariksha, jal pariksha and loha pariksha. When this kajali is ready, various other ayurvedic drugs can be added as suitable to the requirement. Then, this mixture is mixed and mardan (triturated) is done. The process of mardan should be continued till all the components of the mixture achieve a uniform composition and state. After this, cow ghee is heated in a pan and the above prepared mixture is transferred into it. Then, continue heating on mandagni (low flame). When the mixture melts, transfer the contents onto a banana leaf (also known as kaadali patrak). Cover the contents with another banana leaf (kaadali patrak) and place on a platform prepared by cow dung. It is pressed gently and when it cools down, the parpati is scraped out. It is usually preserved in glass containers.

Parpati Paka

The parpati paka can be classified into three types i.e. mridu, madhya and khara paka. The therapeutic effect of the parpati will differ according to the paka type.

  • Mridu Paka - This type of parpati bends a little and then breaks down.
  • Madhyam Paka - In this type, the parpati breaks very easily. On the breaking, a glittery shine similar to silver can be observed.
  • Khara Paka - In this stage of paka, parpati does not retain its shape. It may be a result of excessive heat or various other factors. It becomes lustreless and loses the medicinal properties. Hence, it is unfit for use.

Significance Of Parpati Preparations

The parpati preparations play a very significant role in the management of a variety of health conditions. It is considered that the use of parpati is efficient enough to manage a variety of intestinal disorders, especially in the cases that are not positively responding to the medicines. Parpati preparations are most effective in treating the cases of grahani , mandagni and various bowel-related difficulties. Parpati helps to strengthen the intestines and helps to regulate bowel movement also. Hence, it can be used in different intestinal disorders. The appropriate use of parpati helps to eliminate the toxins and undigested food components. It results in improving the health and movements of the intestines.

Therapeutic Uses Of Parpati Preparations

The different types of parpati preparation give relief in different types of health conditions. Panchamrit parpati is beneficial in cases of grahani, aruchi, chardi, atisara, and rakta pitta. Loha parpati is useful in managing grahani, ama shula, atisar, pandu, kushtha, agni mandaya, aam vata,etc. Swarna parpati helps to manage grehani, rajayakshma, shula and also possess vrishya properties. Bola parpati can be used in a variety of health conditions such as rakta srav, rakta atisara, rakta arsha, rakta pradara, atyartava and uraha kshata.

Parpati And Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory bowel disease. The condition of ulcerative colitis will cause inflammation and ulcers in the lining of the intestine. The symptoms faced by the patients of ulcerative colitis are as follows, abdominal pain, increased frequency of stools, presence of blood and mucus with stools, and may cause weight loss also in some cases. According to the Ayurvedic perspective, this condition occurs due to the imbalance of pitta dosha. It can be considered to arise due to the dushti of purisha vaha srotas and can also be correlated to rakta atisara. Rakta atisara is a condition that presents features of manda agni. The management of ulcerative colitis will require managing of the symptoms as well as healing of the ulcers. The use of parpati acts as a boon in the condition of ulcerative colitis. The parpati is a glittering dark colored flake-like preparation of ayurvedic components. The use of parpati is very beneficial in the cases of mandagni as it contains a combination of mercury and sulphur. The rebalancing  of agni in its natural state will help in the improvement of the condition of ulcerative colitis. As mentioned earlier, the preparation of parpati involves heating the contents i.e. it comes in contact with agni. This will result in incorporating and improving the ushna and deepana properties in the parpati. The ushna and deepana guna of the parpati will act on the body and help to increase the appetite of the patient. This will help to pacify the vitiated levels of vata dosha and hence help to manage increased frequency of stools. Due to these guna properties the absorption of digested ahara ras is also improved which results in adequate nourishment of the body. This helps in better absorption of all the nutrients and other supplements. Hence, relieves the associated symptoms of ulcerative colitis also. It can be used to improve the lusture, appetite and strength of the body. Parpati preparations such as panchamrit parpati, kutaj parpati vati, bol parpati helps to manage the condition of antra shotha, antra vrana and purish dorgandhya. It is beneficial in improving the strength of intestines and regulates better movement of the intestines.


Anupana refers to the paana or the substance taken either along or after the ahara (food) or aushadhi (medicine). It helps to enhance the effect of the medicine by improving its digestion and metabolism. The parpati when given with an appropriate dose of anupan enhances the health benefits. The anupana of parpati can vary according to the type of ailment. The most common anupana are honey, ghee, jeerak (fried), sugar, dadima swaras, etc.


The appropriate use of parpati helps to relieve a variety of health ailments when used in appropriate dosages. Parpati, as described above possesses enormous health benefits and is also effective in managing the condition of ulcerative colitis. Parpati in a nutshell helps to balance the levels of vitiated dosha and agni in the body. Hence, helps to eliminate the root of the disease and restoring the health of the individual.

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