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Petha Mithai Recipe

Petha Mithai

Petha mithai is the one of delicious Indian desserts and have nutritious value too. To make this mouth watering recipe, vegetable used is Ash gourd (Petha) which offers the various health benefits. Ash gourd is low in calories so it is good alternative for those who want to lose weight and also good for diabetic patients. Water content and fibers present in ash gourd are good to resolve the acidity or indigestion problems. It is good for peptic ulcers and to get rid from intestinal worms. Consumption of ash gourd is good for the insomnia, stress and tension. It helps to maintain the good pH of intestines and reduces the acidity problems. It helps to provide relief in skin diseases and fever. Medicinal properties of this vegetable are good for various serious ailments like internal hemorrhage, oral problems and urine retention.


  • Ash gourd - 1 kilogram
  • Sugar - 600 gms
  • Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon
  • Alum powder - 1 teaspoon


  1. Wash ash gourd and peel it off.
  2. Cut into two halves and remove seeds. Make small pieces according to your desire.
  3. Prick these small pieces with some pointed thing like fork and then place in a large utensil. Pour sufficient amount of water so that pieces get soaked in it.
  4. Add alum powder and boil for 12-15 minutes at flame. Turn off flame, remove petha pieces and wash with water thoroughly.
  5. To make sugar syrup, add sugar with four cups of water and heat until it gets dissolved.
  6. Add lemon juice to remove dirt.
  7. Now add the boiled petha (ash gourd) into sugar syrup and cook it at reduced flame until petha get softened.
  8. Turn off flame, remove the petha pieces and keep them separately so as they can't stick to each other.
  9. Mouthwatering petha mithai is ready.
  10. Serve when cool.


  • Consumption of petha methayi is good for anemia as it helps to improve the RBC count.
  • Good to lower down the high cholesterol levels.
  • Good for obese people to reduce weight.
  • Good for indigestion and acidity because it helps to pacify the heat in body.
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