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Prabhashniye Adhayay - 4th Chapter of Sushruta Samhita


Sushruta samhita is a classical text which has its significance for the surgery as well as the medicine. Acharya Sushruta was considered as the father of the surgery and till now his work is appreciated. In his texts he explained about the surgical training, instruments, Diseases and the different procedures. In this article we will discuss the fourth chapter of the Sushruta samhita under the Sutra sthana named Prabhasniye Adhyay.

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Prabhashniye means the interpretation. In this there is mentioning of the importance of studying each and every sutra keenly which helps in getting knowledge about and how to deal with any disease. In this chapter it has been also explained the importance of expertising the other scripture first and the one should go for ayurveda. It explained about the ideal four Tantra's Aupdhenav, Orbhra, Sushrut, Paushkalavat in which sushruta samhita was considered. However, all these things help in being a Wise Physician.

Purpose Of The Interpretation

Not knowing the Scriptures which you have read is equal to a donkey who is carrying the sandalwood on his back. The donkey is thinking about the weight of the sandalwood but does not know about the importance of that sandalwood. So, the students who do not know about the meaning of their scriptures which they have read are just carrying the weight of the treatise like donkeys.

Importance Of The Keen Study

Every single shloka of this, every single word of this treatise or this 120 chapters should be teach by the vaidya and the students should grasp the meaning of that because the sthavardi dravya, Madhuramladi ras (Sweet, Sour, Salty, Bitter, Pungent), Guruvadi guna, shitushnadi virya (Hot or Cold in Potency),Maduradi vipak, vatadi dosha (Vata, Pitta, kapha), raktadi dhatu (Rakta, mamsa, meda, asthi, majja, sukra), Mutradi mala ( Sweat, Urine, Faeces), arteries, veins, joints, bone, products of conception, types of fractures, extraction of the foreign body, wounds, curability of the disease etc. except these there are various topics which can even trouble the man with intelligence. That's why the teacher should teach each and every word, shloka to the students and they should grasp it.

Those who is Studying only one Shastra are not even able to doesn't understand those scriptures properly, so it's important to study various scriptures first and then the person should opt for ayurveda. The one which treats the patient after taking teachings from their teacher (Guru) and practicing it theoretically and practically, that type of physician is a physician and others are thieves.

Ideal Four Tantra's

  1. Aupdhenav
  2. Orbhra
  3. Sushrut
  4. Paushkalavat


In this chapter we discussed the purpose of the interpretation, what is the purpose of learning each and every sutra keenly. And in this chapter we discussed that if we have knowledge about everything mentioned in the classical texts, it gets easier. Also, the one who has studied everything very keenly is a wise physician and takes care of patients and others are not.

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