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How does Sattva relate to the Mano Vayu Stotra?

In our Fundamentals and Anatomy of Ayurveda course, we have learned many aspects of health and subtle energy within the human body. We were able to touch upon the vast subject of Sattva, the state of complete contentment, peace, compassion and harmony.

In its pure form, sattva is luminous harmony. All beings benefit greatly in creativity, flexibility and intelligence from this state. When disturbed, each of the three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kapha, bring the mind and body out of balance.

As for Pitta dosha of fire and water elements, when out of balance, mentally one begins to display anger. We have learned that over time, anger can destroy tissues, particularly in the liver, when excessive heat enters the dhatus or tissues. For example, excess heat in Rakta Dhatu may cause coronary problems, maybe even heart attack, when damaged veins and arteries are sent protective lipids from Kapha, which can result in high cholesterol.

A sattvic mind shows no inappropriate reactions, for example, when a cup of tea is knocked over, a peaceful mind will simply move their book out of the way, rather than react. No emotional anger or upset is needed, and peace remains uninterrupted while the mind remains calm. Like a clear, cool pond of water, unperturbed, the sattvic mind remains at peace.

Along with positive thinking, yoga and meditation, relaxation, and pranayama, a true state of equilibrium can be attained. Sattvic constitution with Sama dosha, or balanced doshas, can be reached with effort and patience over time.

Sangjay Dorjee, Ventura, CA - USA

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