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Saraswatarishta (Saraswatharishtam) - Benefits, Usage, Indications and Dosage

Reference: Bhaishajya Ratnavali, Rasayana (Brain tonic, Rejuvenator)

Saraswatarishta is an Ayurvedic nervine tonic used in the treatment of mental disorders like epilepsy, memory weakness and many other problems. Major ingredient of this medicine is Brahmi (Bacopa monnieri). This herb acts as nervine tonic and helps to pacify the Central Nervous System. Brahmi is used to improve the memory and intelligence. Moreover it helps to clear the voice & improves the digestion. It is used in the treatment of anemia, cough, diabetes, dyspepsia, anorexia and insanity. Saraswatarishta contains 5 - 10 % of self-generated alcohol in it. This self-generated alcohol and the water present in the product serves as a media to provide the water and alcohol soluble active herbal components to our body.


S. No.NameLatin Name Part UsedQuantity
1.BrahmiBacopa monnieriwhole plant960 g
2.VidariPueraria tuberosaTuber240 g
3.ShatavariAsparagus racemosusRoot240 g
4.HaritakiTerminalia chebulaFruit rind240 g
5.SaunfFoeniculum vulgareFruit240 g
6.UsheeraVetiveria zizanioidesRoot240 g
7.Shunti (Ginger)Zingiber officinalisFruit240 g
8.Water for Kashaya (decoction)12.288 liters, Boiled and reduced to - 3.072 liters
9.Honey480 g
10.Sugar1.2 kg
Prakshepa dravyas (Herbal additives for aroma and for accelerating process of fermentation)
11.RenukaVitex NegundoSeed12 g
12.DhatakiWoodfordia fruticosa Flower240 g
13.VachaAcorus calamusRhizome12 g
14.KushtaSaussurea lappaRoot12 g
15.PippaliPiper longumFruit12 g
16.TrivritOperculina turpethumRoot12 g
17.VibhitakiTerminalia bellericaFruit rind12 g
18.GiloyaTinospora cordifoliaStem12 g
19.CloveSyzigium aromaticumFlower bud12 g
20.AshwagandhaWithania somniferaRoot12 g
21.CardamomElettaria cardamomum12 g
22.VidangaEmbelia ribesFruit12 g
23.CinnamonCinnamomum verum12 g
24.Gold leaf12 g

Method of manufacturing

Coarse powder of the 1st set of herbs is made and added with water.

  • Saraswatarishta is boiled and reduced to a quarter part for preparing the decoction of herbs (Kashaya).
  • It is filtered and added with the rest of the ingredients in a golden vessel or mud vessel. Then it is added with a thin gold leaf of 12 grams.
  • All the ingredients are kept sealed for a month time.
  • After completion of fermentation (Asuta Prakriya) and confirming that the gold leaf has disintegrated in the liquid.  
  • Then all the ingredients are filtered and stored in a vessel smeared with ghee.


  • Adults: 12 - 24 ml. once or twice daily, after food. If required, it can be mixed with equal quantity of water. It is suggested to drink a cup of milk after taking this medicine.
  • Kids: In lower dose it is safe to use this medicine, in children above age of 5 years old.
  • Pregnancy and lactation: During pregnancy, use of this medicine should be avoided. It can be taken during lactation period, under medical supervision, for a short period of time.


  • It enhances intelligence.
  • Promotes the brain sharpness.
  • It improves total mental ability.
  • Useful to treat the mental diseases.
  • Improves immunity.
  • Used in the treatment of epilepsy.
  • Beneficial in the problems like stammering and hoarseness of voice.
  • Useful to cure the digestive and bowel problems.
  • Effective in the sexual debility.
  • Improves quality of semen and sperms.
  • Beneficial in menstrual disorders.
  • Useful in infertility of both in males and females.


In prescribed dosage, this medicine has no side effects.

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