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Sexual Health And How Importance Is It To Society?

Hello Everyone!! Today going through some trending posts on internet. I came across a topic that needs to be equally important in our lives but it is not. Due to the myths and wrong perceptions about it, we avoid discussions about it. But, is it right to do so?

Before entering into discussion, let me clear the topic i.e., Sexual Health.

Oh, now some people may stop reading this article to avoid it as usual and some will continue reading to clear their doubts.

So, like physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, sexual health is also a very important part of our life as well as the natural phenomenon to sustain life on earth. We are adopting modern techniques and modern lifestyle at a good pace but at some points, we stop. We have created some bars when it comes to talk about sex and health. Why?

Anyone of you has a logical reason for it?

No, because it is only about our mental state and thoughts.

We understand that majority of Indians and many other country's people as well do not want to discuss about this topic in open talks, but that does not means we can ignore it.

Sexual Health And How Importance Is It To Society?

Today's generation is becoming more aware about it, because they understand the things with a different perspective, but when they are unable to discuss the same with those whom they can believe, they can rely on, they start finding their solution through other sources and start believing them. Here, the problem starts.

At present as we deal with numerous patients suffering from various diseases, some acute and mild, some chronic and severe, but if we find out the data of the number of people who worry about their sexual health, it will be more than 80%. Their main concern is not sexual health but some other disorders, still during their treatment as well as after it, around 99% of them have a same query will it affect my sexual health or relation?

But the same people, if listens anyone talking about it or asking for it, creates different types of thoughts in their mind. So, treatment for sexual disorders is the secondary thing, today through this article we want to spread awareness about sexual health and sexual disorders, what can be the consequences of its proper knowledge and lack of knowledge.

Now-a-days, government and educational system of our countries have started including the sex education in their programs to make students aware about the sexual health and the critical results related to it but still the students cannot have a healthy discussion about it with their teachers and parents as well. But, we need to change it to have a healthier society.

Sexual relation between two different genders is the basis of reproduction, basis of life, the natural phenomenon of life on earth. It is not only about humans but about other living creatures also. For now, let us not go to the other creatures but stay on the humans only.

Define Sexual Health

It is difficult to give a perfect definition for sexual health as it is different for various cultures, communities, states, and individuals. But, as per various health institutions including World Health Organization, Sexual Health is considered as our ability to retain and enjoy our sexuality throughout our life. It is understood as the state of mental, emotional, social and physical well-being of an individual as well as the society about sexuality. It is not only about the absence of the sexual diseases, improper functioning of reproductive parts or infirmity but also a positive, respectful, pleasurable and safe approach to sexual relationships, that should be free from any type of discrimination, violence, and negativity.

Let us add one more definition in this to understand it well. 1According to the ASHA (American Sexual Health Association), Sexual Health plays a vital role in our physical, mental and emotional health and it covers some important points as provided below:

  • Sexuality is a natural concept of life that is far more than the sexual behavior and relationships.
  • Recognizing and respecting our sexual rights.
  • Have proper access and awareness about sexual health, disorders, education, and care.
  • Make an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disorders, also to seek care and treatment when requires.
  • Ability to communicate about sexual health and issues with parents, sexual partners and healthcare providers.

Why are Sex Education and awareness about Sexual Health important?

There are a number of diseases that transfer from one human body to another during the sexual intercourse, which commonly known as sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The concern is that these diseases are increasing day by day due to improper and no knowledge about them. So, it becomes really important to teach people about sexual health and the related disorders and for that we should take the initiatives at the basic level i.e. youth. It is the earliest age when hormonal changes start to appear in the body and the curiosity for life increases. If we can teach the adolescent about it, we will end up in having a much better generation(s) for life.

The importance of sexual awareness will help to:

  • Inform them natural and normal adolescent development, reproductive anatomy, puberty and psychology.
  • Reduce the risk of spreading Sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs & STIs).
  • Inform that to delay the sexual activities, until they are completely ready for it.
  • Help them to be more sexual active rather to neglect the situations.
  • Last but the most important is to safeguard them against the sexual exploitation and harassment.1

How Planet Ayurveda Helps?

Seeking Planet Ayurveda for your sexual health concerns as well as other health issues is safe and secure for anyone irrespective of their age, and sex. You do not have to reveal your identity and can trust us to share any of your life experiences and sexual problems without any hesitation. We are dealing in Ayurvedic field and have well-experienced and well-trained doctors in our team who will help you out to get rid of any related problem. You can easily ask to communicate with any doctor of your choice, male or female as per your comfort and convenience.

So, now do not delay and wait for the severity to increase and get the best and natural solutions for improving your sexual health in the most convenient and easy ways. Contact us through phones, WhatsApp, Video consultations or through the Quick Enquiry form on our Website and have your all health issues resolved sitting safe at your home.

Your Holistic Health is Our Priority, whether physical, emotional, mental or sexual.


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