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Srotas, Its Relation with Wormhole and Stargate DNA

Ayurveda is an ancient science that works on the principle of panchmahabhuta (Five elements). These five elements are termed as the creator of each and every matter on this earth whether living or non-living. Earth is the creator of all solid forms, water creates all liquids, all the inflamables are originated from fire, gaseous substances are formed from air and all the open area which is important for the moment belongs to the space element. As mentioned before all living and nonliving things have originated from panchamahabhuta including our body. Our body is a system which is made up after the combination of earth, water, fire, air and space. Human body is always having the predominance of one or two mahabhutas due to which level of three humors (vata, pitta, kapha) coexist in the body and thus the prakriti of a person is decided. This prakriti tells about a lot of things related to one particular individual and is responsible for many more things. In this article we are going to relate, imply and understand the establishment between wormhole, stargate DNA and srotas.

Srotas, Relation, Worm Hole, Stargate DNA


Let us understand two complex things simply, wormhole and stargate DNA. A wormhole is typically a free space that allows movement from one empty space to another. On the other hand stargate DNA is a micro passage in capsid Viral DNA that allows its interaction with human cell DNA. In most common terms these both depict a channel through which things can interact from one area to another. These areas or spaces are also present in the body and hence causes interaction of many things which are useful as well as harmful for the body. The relation between srotas and wormholes is very easy to establish. All you have to do is imagine a great free space in which micro or macro substances can travel. When this space is present between two galaxies then it is called a wormhole and when it is present within the dimensions of the body it is called as strotas. Similarly the relation between strotas and stargate DNA is established.

Concept Of Strotas

Living body is the resultant cluster of innumerable structures called srotas. Srotamsi is a plural form of srotas which means minute individual cells (anustrotas) or also mean different organ systems (sthula stotra). Strotas is understood as a channel. The word is derived from the sanskrit root ‘Stru-strabane’ dhatu which has many meanings like exudation, oozing, filtration, permeation, to flow, to move etc. Charak samhita explains a channel from where sravanam occurs. The internal transport system of the body is represented by stotras and is having fundamental importance in Ayurveda- in terms of both disease and health.

Structural and functional integrity of this system to physiological states and likewise impairment of their functioning to pathological state is being mentioned by Acharya Charak. He said “No structure in the body can grow or develop, waste or atrophy, independent of srotas which are constantly subjected to metabolic transformations.”

These channels of transportation are responsible for prakopa (vitiation) or shamana (pacification) of tridoshas or three humors in the body.

In uterine life, srototpatti takes place due and vayu mahabhuta is responsible for the generation of srotas. With appropriate presence of agni, when differentiation takes place, vayu creates strotas.

Physiological Functioning Of Srotas

  • Sravanam (Oozing): The nutrient material known as dhatu gets transferred through these stotras to their respective dhatus. Strotas are peculiar about the type of dhatu they are transferring like for pushti of mamsa dhatu the nutrient material with similar property of mamsa travels through mamsaveh srotas and hence nourishes sit.
  • Vahanam (Transportation): The ahara rasa or nutrient material which circulates in various body channels in the entire body and hence this fluid reaches every srotas and supplies required material for that part of dhatu, which undergo catabolism.
  • Site of Biotransformation: The dhatu converts from each dhatu to another inside of srotas. Basically these srotas carry dhatu in a metabolic state. 
  • Excretion and Absorption: Excretion of mala (Malakhya dhatu or waste products) in form of sweat and feces is also done through srotas even the absorption takes place through these srotas. Pushti to various dhatu through srotas is the example of absorption even water absorbed from stomach carried to kidneys and then it oozes in the bladder is also an example of srotas absorption.

Relating Srota To Wormhole

As mentioned earlier, a wormhole can be understood as the passage of interaction between two galaxies. Basically it's a free or empty space which is made due to the predominance of vayu and aakash mahabhuta. Same thing implies to srotas it's a kind of wormhole that is responsible for countless interactions within the dimensions of a body. The wormhole makes interactions irrespective of good and bad, in the same way srotas perform their work. As mentioned by Acharya charaka that these srotas are responsible for normal physiological state of body as well as for the pathological state of body proves that they also let the substances, materials, micro or macro elements pass through them irrespective of their impacts. Let's understand this by putting an examples in normal physiological state srotas transfer nutrient with same quality to individual dhatu but in pathological state when digestive fire diminishes and ama or endotoxin production takes place, then these endotoxins are also transferred through srotas (vimarag gamana). Whatever site the endotoxins travel through srotas, they develop a pathological state. Understanding this in a modern way, when HCl in stomach (hydrochloric acid) is broken down into free H positive ions and Cl negative ions then these ions acts as free radicals which travels to various sites through these srotas and accumulates thus causing or resulting in pathological state. This is the common state when digestive fire is imbalanced. The predominance of aakash mahabhuta results in kha vaiguniya inside of strotas, due to which substances either travel in the body's dimension or accumulate in this kha vaiguniya.

Relating Srota To Stargate DNA

Stargate is a kind of portal device that also allows transferring substances from one location to another. When we have a complete idea about stargate then we can understand stargate in DNA. Stargate in the DNA of a virus is explained as a small passage that also allows interaction of the viral genetic material with the human DNA. It can also be accepted as a srotas because it allows interaction between two things inside the same dimension (body). The genetic material, its pathology creating properties and replicating nature are transferred into the human cell DNA which is not possible without any transporting channels like srotas.


The concepts like wormhole and stargate are very much similar to the concepts of srotas. We just have to think a little deeply to understand the reasons behind their similarity. The drain of this total information is that there are many things that are being explained using examples of micro structures in Ayurveda and are directly related to quantum.

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