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Dhanwanthararishtam Reference – Ashtanga Hridayam Abstract Dhanwanthararishtam is an ancient Ayurvedic liquid formulation mentioned in our classical texts. It contains 5-10% of self-generated alcohol. It is especially indicated in postnatal care and postnatal disorders. It has a combination of herbal drugs and is known by the name of lord Dhanwantri as it corrects all systemic disorders. In this article we will discuss its composition, method of preparation, benefits and dosage. Introduction It is medicinal alcoholic preparation which mainly helps in

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Duralabharishtam Reference – Ashtanga Hridayam (As. Hr.Ch.8/70, 71) Arashchikitsa Adhyaya Abstract Duralabharishtam is medicated alcoholic preparation which mainly works on vata dosha among all three dosha (vata, pitta and kapha). It primarily acts on “Apana vayu”, a type of vata which controls excretory functions. According to Acharya Charak, duralabharishtam qualities resembled dantiarishtam and phalaarishtam. In this article we will discuss Duralabharishtam composition, method of preparation, benefits and its dosage. Introduction Duralabharishtam is a liquid traditional medicine mentioned in our classical

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Aragwadharishtam Reference – Ashtanga Hridayam Sutra 15/ 17-18 Abstract Aragwadharistham is a liquid preparation categorised under ‘Aristha’ means prepared by natural fermentation process. Cassia fistula along with other drugs helps in healing skin ulcers, wounds and removes toxins (ama) from the blood. It has blood purifying and appetite stimulating properties. Primarily this formulation can be used in fever, abdominal disorders and various skin infections. In this article we will discuss Aragwadharishtam composition, method of preparation, properties, indications and dosage. Introduction

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