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How To Cook Healthy Food – As Per Ayurveda

How To Cook Healthy Food – As Per Ayurveda Abstract Broccoli is healthy but what if it is coated with a cheese sauce? and what if we fry it? It is clear that how we cook food and consume it matters a lot. As life has gotten busier with increasing workloads and stress, the art of healthy cooking is also getting lost somewhere under the shade of ready-to-eat meals and fast food takeaways. The trend of dual-income is rising and

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How To Eat According To Ayurveda

HOW TO EAT ACCORDING TO AYURVEDA Abstract ‘Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity’. Reference – Charaka sutra sthana 11/35 According to Ayurveda Traya Upastambha are the 3 sub pillars which include Ahara, Nidra and Brahmacharya which balance our body and support life from within. Among these Ahara is the main and supporting pillar which sustains overall health and maintenance. Ahara (food) is ingested with the help of the tongue, mouth and throat. It is mainly

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Satmya And Asatmya In Ayurveda

Satmya And Asatmya In Ayurveda Abstract Ayurveda is an age-old great science with explanations of vast health related topics. The purpose or aim of ayurveda is compiled very beautifully in a shloka-“SWASTHASYA SWASTHYA RAKSHANAM ATURASYA VIKARA PRASHAMANAM” which translates to safeguarding the health of the healthy and eradicating the disease of the diseased. This interprets that ayurveda not only includes the remedies for the diseased but also the daily and seasonal regimen to maintain the health of a healthy individual.

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The Need To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet

The Need To Switch To A Plant-Based Diet There will be a morsel of meat again in your mind that you so badly want to grab and have ataste of. Or you might be someone in the category to choose the raw vegan diet over the meatballs on your table. It depends on people. How they want to slip into a vegan diet or if they wantto go for a flexitarian diet routine. It depends upon the goals you set

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Essential Ayurvedic Daily Regimen & Tips for Growing Years of Children

Essential Ayurvedic Daily Regimen & Tips for Growing Years of Children In today’s world everybody is crazy about fashion, looks, and work due to advanced urbanization. But, one thing which lacks behind in all this is Nutrition, because all and one loved to have fast food, packed and unhealthy food. These food items are highly non-nutritious and harmful for our health. Among all stages of life nutrition, for school going children, it is the most necessary because the immunity develops

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Ayurvedic Regimen to be Followed by Females in Menses

Ayurvedic Regimen to be Followed by Females in Menses Ayurveda disquisitions has allocated some chapters which mainly focus on woman health and its maintenance. Women are the individuals that most commonly suffer from dosha vitiation and hence the obvious effects are generally seen on their menstrual cycle which is called as raja darshan in Ayurveda. This raja darshan duration or commonly understood as period days has to be maintained following a proper regimen. The regimen is termed as rajaswala paricharya

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