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Common Cold

Diet Plan for Common Cold Common cold is viral infection of upper respiratory tract. Different types of viruses are responsible for common cold. The symptoms of common cold are runny nose, sore throat, congestion, sneezing. It is not a life threatening condition but it can lead to discomfort in breathing. According to Ayurveda, common cold occurs when digestive fire (AGNI) did not burn toxins of body (Ama) and results in phlegm formation. Kapha pacifying diet is ideal in common cold.

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Hepatitis B

Diet Plan for Hepatitis B Hepatitis B is an infectious viral disease that affects the liver. Diet plays an important role in maintaining liver health. In general, some obese patients develop fatty liver which also aggravates their HBV infection. Hepatitis patients may also suffer from fever, diarrhea, and joint pain. Some people with chronic hepatitis may develop cirrhosis or scarring of the liver. The lower the salt, the better this fluid accumulation is controlled. Patients with hepatitis without ascites are

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