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Emotionally or Mentally down: Let us be A-Shoka with ASHOKA

Emotionally or Mentally down: Let us be A-Shoka with ASHOKA As we all are going through an unprecedent and unexpected times, somewhere and sometimes, daily we face a moment when we get stuck in our thoughts and the realities. We still are unknown to the things coming around, and already had faced the failures of our past plans. Nobody knows what to do, how to do, when to do and a lot of questions are making us uncomfortable, leaving thoughtful

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Ashoka / Saraca Asoca

Ashoka (Saracaasoca) – Properties, Benefits, Parts used & Dosage What is Ashoka? Ashoka tree is one among the sacred legendary trees of India.Ashoka – means reliever of grief.The Latin name of Ashoka is Saracaasoca and it belongs to the family Leguminosae. It is commonly called a tree which is important to decrease your sorrows. This tree has got great religious significance and is also worshipped by some people in parts of India. It is known as ‘’friend of women’’ as

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