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How Chronic Stress Can Be Harmful To Health?

How Chronic Stress Can Be Harmful To Health? Introduction Stress is a warning sign which produces fight or flight response in the body. It is the body’s natural defense against predators and dangers. The body produces chemicals called cortisol, adrenaline and noradrenaline which further increases the heart rate leading to sweating and increased alertness. Stress can have positive and negative effects on the body. Positive or Good stress is a burst of energy that can motivate a person to attain his goals. It can boost memory and help one to accomplish tasks effectively. Moderate stress can fortify the immune system […]


AYURVEDIC TREATMENT OF STRESS Introduction Herbal Remedies Diet and Lifestyle Everyone wants to live a stress free life and wants to be happy rather than becoming rich or famous. Responsibility, Society pressure, inferiority complex, any failures, frictions in relationships and many more factors lead to worries and over thinking which results in stress. Stress has become the serious health issue and we must talk about this thing openly. It is well said that good mental health is essential for the overall health of body. It is miserable that people of all age groups (child, youngster, mid aged and old aged […]


Home Remedies for Stress Stress has become a part and parcel of our daily lives. This is because of the busy work schedule and over loaded work regime. Stress creeps in our lives, when it becomes difficult to maintain a balance between the professional and personal lives. And, stress leads to several severe complications. These include cardiovascular disorders, cardiac arrests, high blood pressure, nervous disorder, inflammatory bowel disorder, urinary complications and several other related medical problems. They also fall sick.These days, a lot of people suffer from stress due to busy life schedule and hectic lifestyle. When an individual is […]

Role of Stress in Our Health and Importance of Healthy Mind

Role of Stress in Our Health and Importance of Healthy Mind “Oh you are looking so fresh”, these kinds of remarks can make your day, when your body feels good and rejuvenated. Your outer body is a reflection of your inner world. Your inner world can be triggered by a hidden jitters and this jitter is known by a name, Stress. Stress, you can say is an immediate response of your body towards some kind of reaction. STRESSORS: BAD OR GOOD Whenever, we talk about stress, we always see its dark side. This is not always true. Its dark side […]


How to Manage and Reduce Stress? Stress is the pressure on brain, which can be due to different aspect of your life such as job workload, family problems, medical condition, and financial worries. During such conditions, you may feel upset and your body release or response to various stress hormones. It affects us both physically ,mentally, and emotionally. If you are living with a high level of stress, then you are putting your health at high risk. To overcome this problem, firstly you should identify the source of stress in your life. Stress is an automatic response from your nervous […]

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