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Treating Fungal Infections With Ayurveda


The conditions related to skin are becoming more and more common in our society. Every third person is suffering from a skin condition and ignores it to a point until that thing does not give any difficulties. It is true that skin is the mirror of the body and if anything unusual is going on with the skin that simply means that something is not going right inside your body. We need to have more and more knowledge about Ayurveda and its ways to help in the management of various conditions. In this article we will learn the same about how fungal infections are becoming more and more common and also certain Ayurvedic formulations that will definitely help in this.

Fungal Infections, Ayurvedic point view on fungal infections


The fungal infections in humans are the result of fungal infestations by certain organisms. The organisms like candida are most responsible for these types of infections. The most common sites where the infection generally takes place includes feet, groin and folds of the skin. The rashes in case of fungal infections generally appear as a scaly rash or can be associated with discoloration of skin. These rashes are often itchy and annoying causing a great level of discomfort. The fungal infections also share a tendency to spread through direct contact or through clothing or other items.

Highlights For Fungal Infections

  • Caused by organisms like candida
  • Generally have raised red patches over skin as the first symptom
  • Itching is very common
  • Discomfort in during sweating
  • Common sites are folds of skin
  • Pimples like bumps are also present
  • Most common group at risk are the obese people, diabetic people, population on antibiotics and children with diapers.

How do a person catch a Fungal Infection?

  • As mentioned above, people with diabetes along with the population on antibiotics have low immunity and low immunity gives a chance to external pathogens so that they can hit the human body.
  • In addition, obesity results in excessive sweating and due to moist folds of the body fungal parasites get a convenient environment for growth.

Symptoms related to Fungal Infections

  • Peeling, cracking and scaly patches
  • Blisters
  • Skin which is red, soft and broken
  • Itching along with burning sensation
  • Sometimes swelling may be present
  • Infections in buccal cavity resulting in patches on tongue and inside of your cheeks
  • Vaginal infections resulting in discharge
  • Redness in external vaginal area along with itching and burning
  • If present in males then it affect the penial area

Diagnosing Fungal Infections

  • Fungal infections are diagnosed primarily by methods such as direct microscopic examination of clinical samples of vaginal discharge, blood, urine and sputum are taken along with histopathology and culture.
  • In early cases they can be diagnosed simply after a physical examination.
  • In case of respiratory fungal infection, X- ray is done to determine the amount of tissue damage.

Treatment For Fungal Infections

  • In Modern, fungal infections or candida infections generally respond well to a range of antifungal ointments available in the market. These antifungal are also in the form of powder, solution formulations etc.

Ayurvedic Aspect Of Fungal Infections

In Ayurveda the fungal infections are generally correlated with dadru kushta. Characteristics of the dadru kushta are also explained as Circumscribed erythematous and scaly plaques. Dadru is the type of kshudra kushta and is a tridosha vyadhi. This means there is involvement of all three doshas in this case that is vata, pitta and kapha. But the dominant dosha are kapha and pitta dosha.

The characteristic features specifying involvement of kapha and pitta dosha in dominant form are as following:

  • Utsanna mandal (elevated circular skin lesion)
  • Kandu (itching)
  • Raga (Erythema)
  • Pidaka (eruptions)

In ayurveda there are certain herbs or combinations of herbs and mineral or just mineral preparations which are used in the treatment of this condition. These are like aloe vera, turmeric, licorice in powdered form, tea tree oil, lemon grass in the form of oil, neem, manjistha, preparations of sulphur like gandhak rasayan etc. In addition the Ayurvedic treatment works by enhancing your immunity and for that certain type of formulations are suggested and also for cleansing your blood. Some other formulations are also given to improve your digestion and reduce the accumulation of toxins in the body leading to hampered immunity. In case of diabetes generally kapha dosha shamak type of treatment is given and in obesity mostly digestion enhancing, sroto blockage opening, metabolic enhancing and blood cleansing treatment is given.

Herbal Remedies By Planet Ayurveda For Fungal Infections

Planet Ayurveda is an ISO certified company. The Planet Ayurveda has its exclusive outlets all around the world and is serving almost every part of the globe. All of the products of Planet Ayurveda are totally herbal and do not have any type external agents mixing like dyes, fillers, binding agents, adulterants, additives, artificial flavour enhancers etc. The formulations offered by Planet Ayurveda are completely herbal and do not have any type of side effects. They help in enhancing the metabolism of the body and improves the body's own immunity to fight any type of infections. For fungal infections Planet Ayurveda offers following products:

  1. Curcumin Capsules
  2. Gandhak Rasayan
  3. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath
  4. Vran Rakshas Tel


  1. Curcumin Capsule: One capsule twice a day after meals with lukewarm.
  2. Gandhak Rasayan: Two tablets twice a day after meals.
  3. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath: Two tsp twice a day after meals.
  4. Vran Rakshas Tel: The oil is applied over the affected site directly twice in a day.

Products Description

1. Curcumin Capsules

The curcumin capsules, one of the most effective and great products. Curcumin capsules are prepared using standardised extract of only one herb that is haridra (Curcuma longa). Curcumin is basically a chemical constituent which is found in haridra. This constituent has brilliant effects in subsiding symptoms which are associated with infections. The herbal extract of haridra is a potent antioxidant as well. Harida, which is primalarly a kitchen spice, is now used in many conditions and has fantastic results. It is a herb which is quite famous in the ayurvedic texts and is known to pacify doshas. Even being a common kitchen spice it is having really great results in pacification of kapha dosha in this case.

2. Gandhak Rasayan

Gandhak rasayan is a famous classical formulation and is known for its effects in skin conditions. This formulation is prepared using shuddha gandhak (purified sulphur) only. Gandhak or sulphur is very popular in Ayurvedic texts for maintaining the health of the skin and also prevents skin from the harmful effects of accumulated endotoxins. These toxins generally circulate in the circulatory system and accumulate under the skin causing damage. Gandhak is responsible for maintaining the lustre of the skin. Gandhak rasayan is a very great formulation and helps in body detoxification as well. As the gandhak is having nature inbuilt steroidal effect it helps in reducing inflammation in this case and also reduces the intensity of itching. Gandhak rasayan can be given in all types of skin problems.

3. Mahamanjishthadi Kwath

Mahamanjishthadi kwath is a very potent classical preparation which acts as a detoxifying medicine that cleanses the blood. The herbal formulation is prepared from natural extract of many herbs like Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia), Nagarmotha (Cyperus rotundus), kuda (Holarrhena antidysenterica), Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia), Akarkara (Anacyclus pyrethrum) and many others. The formulation shows a very good effect not only on the skin and also has a very great impact on hairs too. It is the best formulation for glowing skin, preventing skin infections and other skin ailments. It improves skin health and helps fight various types of infections or ailments hence resulting in lustrous skin This kwath is also having a great role in reducing inflammation especially in case fungal infection related to skin. Mahamanjishthadi kwath has tridosha pacification effect thus also reduces symptoms related to various fungal infections over skin.

4. Vran Rakshas Tel

Vran rakshas tel is an Ayurvedic classical preparation which as its name suggests helps in management of infected external wounds or external skin infections. The formulation has ingredients like Parad (Purified mercury), Gandhak (purified sulphur), Manashila (purified realgar), Sindhura (processed mercury and sulphur), Hartal (Arsenic trisulphide) and many others. It works as an antimicrobial agent and steriles the infected site thus not providing any room for further infection. Vran is considered as wound and rakshas are the microbes infecting that wound, so basically all over this formulation helps in getting rid of infectious agents and thus provides gradual improvement on infected sites. It is also an effective formulation for not only fungal skin infections but also for bacterial and viral infections. The oil is completely safe to be used externally.


Due to our poor lifestyle and poor eating habits, fungal disease or skin disease are becoming more and more common. They are affecting even children at a young age and have a tendency to recur. The herbal formulations are really effective and give great results in this condition. In addition, some diet modifications are also required to have more impact on the medication. Hygiene maintenance is also very important especially in swampy and hot weather conditions.

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