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Triphala Churna

Reference: Bhavaprakasha Nighantu, Haritakyadi Varga, 42, 43

Triphala Churna is among the one of most famous ayurvedic medicine. It is prepared by mixing the equal amounts of Amalaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki. It is packed with the rejuvenator, laxative, anti-oxidants and detoxifying activates. This herbal powder is used to treat the various diseases like constipation, weight loss, dyspepsia, indigestion, piles etc.


  • Amalaki – Emblica officinalis – Indian gooseberry
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – Chebulic Myrobalan
  • Bibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica – Belleric Myrobalan

Method of Preparation

Dry powder of fruit rind of these three fruits are mixed in equal proportions to make the Triphala Churna.

Medicinal Properties

Triphala Churna acts as a complete health supplement because of its important and effective medicinal properties like Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, Antibacterial, Carminative, Digestive Stimulant, Adaptogenic and Antiviral, Anti-Cancer etc.

It is best indicated herbal powder in chronic constipation and other digestive issues. It helps to clear ama (indigestive food) and promotes easy passage of stools.

Its regular use is effective in diabetic patients. Being rich in anti-oxidant property, it diminishes cellular resistance to uptake insulin and helps in a proper utilization of insulin in the cells.

It is extremely beneficial in skin diseases. Its anti-ageing effect helps in delay aging, preserves the skin health, and prevents the premature greying of hair. It is even useful Ayurvedic remedy for eyes problems as it can improve eye sight and also manage the computer vision syndrome.

It can even control the cholesterol level due to wonderful detoxifying properties.

It can maintain the body temperature by controlling the chronic fever and helpful in relieving laziness and eases with vertigo or dizziness. Also a very good and efficient Ayurvedic formulation to lose weight in case of obesity.


  • Weight loss (Obesity)
  • Constipation
  • Bowel cleanser
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal Distension
  • Detoxify the body
  • Jaundice
  • Pyorrhea
  • Anemia
  • Asthma
  • Cough
  • Skin diseases
  • Improves eye sight
  • Improves taste
  • Treatment of chronic fever.


Take 1 – 3 grams of this Churna along with honey, ghee or warm water, before food.

Side Effects

  • Burning sensation may occur in body if patients have the sensitive stomach.
  • High dosage may lead to lack of sleep.

Note – It is mandatory to inform your doctor, when people with diabetes are taking Triphala Churna.

Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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