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Upgrade Your Mental and Physical Wellness during Lockdown

Hello Everyone! Hope you all are doing well at home. It is really enough time now, I think many of us have bored with the mobile phones, movies and everything else that they wished to do on a break. You cannot go out, no meet-ups with friends, no evening gossips together, no office, and about all the external tasks are at a pause. So, what are you thinking now? Will you just get irritated or frustrated at the end of this pandemic or will be a much better and positive person.

Actually it all depends on today, how we are going to spend these more days of Pandemic? What will be its consequences? See, it is a very true thought that "All Well if Ends well".

Mental and Physical Wellness during Lockdown

Ok so we have two opinions this time, let's discuss first in a brief as it is not my cup of tea, and I also wish that it will not be yours too. So, it is, Oh God! I am stuck at home, what have you done? What am I going to do? How will I complete my all works? What will happen now? What is going on? And …………………

Have you understood this opinion, it has stress, tension, and all other unhealthy thoughts and questions which will lead to the wastage of time and our ability only. So, I am not even going to discuss about it deeply, rather I will switch to my favorite opinion. A healthy one, A productive one. Curious??? How am I so happy during such time also? How can I be so productive when everything is paused? What will I do with this productivity?

These questions are actual and real and have the perfect answers, and after getting them, you will also be happy like me.

Want to know how?

Let us start. The primary step is to know your worth to know time's value and to know the real needs. Obviously, you have got the answers to these questions, the wealth after which we kept running our whole life, has come to an end, it is paused and we can't do anything. For what we are worried now? Our health, which is the real wealth, everyone knows but no one values. So, friend many people didn't get this chance and many will not, but you have the chance, so don't sit back, get up utilize this chance, open the locks, the myths of your negative mind, and eliminate them with the light and beauty of positivity and learnings.

If you can't know the value of your health now, then never.

So, are you ready? Ready to improve your health, your well-being, your life ahead? Don't worry now, if yes then go with these solutions and stay fit and blessed.

1. Deepen your Connection with God

Deepen your Connection with God

It is the time you can be thankful to all your blessings, while being busy we always keep complaining about what we don't have but is it so? Just have some time and note down the blessings you received from God unknowingly, and unexpectedly. It is the time, when you really can believe that there is a supreme power which manages everything, no one can understand his plans. So, just deepen your connecting with God this time, so that in life ahead you can be more thankful than complaining.

2. Meditate


You can't go outside now, so go inside, you already spent a lot of your time in managing and sorting out the things in your surroundings, but now sort out the things inside you, your thoughts, your feelings, and your emotions. Let's get a bathe in a way that our souls get pure, let's remove all the negativity that is growing within us for long and affecting our relations with ourselves as well as others.

3. Take Enough Sleep

Take Enough Sleep

Enough Sleep is really the primary key to open the growing mind. If you can't have a proper and healthy sleep, your mind can never get the things resolved that will affect your actions as well as the functions within the body, so have a sound and healthy sleep, this is the time, you can manage the things in a right manner, can be in a good schedule. You have the time to place the things rightly, utilize it before again the race of life will start.

4. Minimize Stress

Minimize Stress

You took a lot of stress till now, isn't it? What will happen if I would be in loss, how could I manage my expenses, how, why, what, where???? A lot of stress all starting with these words only. But, what is the result. Were you able to solve everything or are you able to solve anything. You have the best example in front of you that stress should not have a place in our life. Don't stress on the things that are in your control, rather work on them, and taking stress about the things beyond our control is never justified. So, think once, minimize your stress, and stay healthy.

5. Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Water, has the power to calm down the destroying fire as well as to destroy the universe. The most important and the simplest method to be healthy is to stay hydrated. Water with all the essential nutrients has enough capacity to boost your immunity without any extra additives. It is a known fact that like the universe our body is made up of 75% of water, so you can think if water starts lacking in our body, can we be alive for long? Answer is no, so don't let your body to be dehydrated, be habitual of drinking water as much as you can and prevent the diseases.

6. Moderate Exercise

Moderate Exercise

Major exercising is not advised to all the people due to their body structure and nature. But, moderate exercises are the need of a fit and active life. Being involved in some physical tasks throughout the day or continuous movements of your body parts appropriately is really very important. Not moving your body parts and not getting involved in moderate exercises makes you like a rusted iron, which is of new use. So, don't lose your worth and your valuable health, do some moderate exercises and stay active.

7. Associate with Loving People

Associate with Loving People

Health experts says spending time with your family and loved ones can heal the most serious diseases very well. It has a magical power. Remember, the time before 10 years, anywhere we stuck, runs fast towards home, discuss with parents and siblings and yea, got the solution. But now, where we have come, we don't even want to share our happiness, with our family. Think about it, feel it. You will find a perfect solution. Associate with your loved ones, don't find it in the selfish world, you have it in your home, your parents, your siblings and yourself.

8. Strengthen Your Internal as well as External Body

Strengthen Your Internal as well as External Body<

As we have discussed all the required steps that we can take to improve ourselves. These all directly or indirectly strengthens our internal as well as external body and maintain our natural aura. Adopting these in your life will help you to live strong and active for lifelong.

9. Boost your Immunity

Boost your Immunity

Boosting your immunity is really the most important task to stay healthy and away from any type of diseases, from the birth. So, take care of your immunity by eating healthy, staying hydrated, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle to fight off the diseases naturally.


"Healthier you are, lesser the chance to get affected from any type of Diseases"

Hence, try these being at home during this lockdown and make better and excellent habits for a healthy life and holistic well-being.

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