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Virginity Should Be A Personal Choice And Not A Pressure!!

Hey Females!! Today’s topic is a general one, Virginity, called as the esteem of a girl, but nobody wants to talk about it in general. There are a lot of myths about it and it have become a taboo in society. Here, in our society, especially in Indian society, the character of a girl is based up on her virginity and her independent decisions. Is it right to judge a girl’s character with reference to her virginity? Is Virgin or non-virgin a tag of good and bad character? So, here we have tried our best to help you find answers to all such questions about being sexually active and taking care of your sexual health and its related concepts.

Virginity Should Be A Personal Choice And Not A Pressure

What is Sexual Health and How Important is it?

Sexual Health is a state when a person is mentally, physically and socially healthy in relation to the sexual behavior and activities. It is as important as physical, mental and emotional health of a person. But, the bad thing is people never take care of it until they face a serious complication. Even talking about the sexual health in the society is considered as the worst topic to be discussed in the name of religion, culture, tradition and beliefs. Moreover, sexual ill-health is one of the major reasons behind mental stress, depression, emotional hurt, and various other diseases.

It is all natural and related to the hormones and the tridoshas within our body like other prospects. And, it is really important and worthy to be discussed about and finding good solutions to avoid major complications.

Sexual Health contributes a major part in the society as the relationships, the families, and the birth of the new generation, all depends upon it. So, it is very ok to discuss about the sexual health and related problems, for a complete well-being of a person as well as the society. 

What is considered as Virginity?

Here, we are talking about virginity and sexual activeness because it plays a vital role in maintaining the sexual health of a person. It is something that can either improve the mental, physical and emotional state of a person or can ruin it because of the myths and beliefs prevailing in the society.

Virginity means the when the hymen is intact, safe and the person never had a sexual relationship with anyone. For this, many people get a test done of the females.

Before that, let us understand, what is Hymen? Hymen is a thin fleshy tissue at the opening of Vagina which covers it partially or completely. Sometime, it is also found during medical tests that hymen is not present or is not visible.  It varies girl to girl. It is also observed that if the hymen covers the vaginal opening completely, this situation becomes serious and girls have to go for surgery to remove the extra tissue so that the menstruation blood can find a way and she can have healthy menstruation cycle.

Myths Related to Virginity and Hymen & the Truth behind them

A major myth in the society about the tearing of hymen is that the hymen ruptures only when someone gets involved in a sexual relationship. But, it is not completely true, even as per the many recognized health institutions, it is believed and instructed that mere tearing of the hymen in the reports do not allow the medical practitioners to judge that the female is sexually active or not. Because the reasons behind the ruptured hymen can be some sports activities, exercises, riding bike, use of tampons, etc.

Another myth that is attached with the above statement is that the hymen ruptures when a girl gets involved in a sexual intercourse for the first timeand it bleeds. Yes, it is true that if there happens minor bleeding when the hymen tears but also, it is not true that it happens only at the first time of sexual intercourse, it can happen after rupture as well sometimes.

What to do exactly in all such cases?

Hope that the things are clearer now after the above explained concepts. But, now the questions arise, what is the perfect age to lose virginity or we can say to be sexually active? How to choose whether the situation is right or not? Is it ok to listen to your heart and go ahead when you feel it right? Is it ok to take such step under the curiosity or show-off among the friends? Many more questions like this strike our mind when we think about this.

For this, it is always better to have our own opinion above all after considering all that affects you positively.

Primary thing that is to be taken care of is our age, it is very important for deciding to be sexually active, as an unhealthy sexual relationship can even lead to a life threatening problem due to the presence of a sexually transmitted disease, infection or unwanted pregnancy. So, do not take this decision by becoming curious, mad or undersomeone’s influence. It is totally your choice when to get involved in sexual activity and till when to maintain your virginity.

Change in Time and Sexual Health

If we discuss about the ancient period and the sexual health, why it was not a high topic to be discussed about? See, during the ancient period, the girls were used to get marry or their marriages get fixed at very early age. Also, the love was a part of married life and not before marriage. At that time, sexually transmitted diseases were very rare as a person gets sexually committed to only one person that did not let it spread to others. But, with time, the beliefs changed, the culture changed, love became a different part of life and started to happen before marriage due to more social activeness of the people. But, still for many years, it was only about falling in love emotionally and getting married not being physically connected to each other. Getting involved in a sexual relationship used to be done only after marriage, because in majority of the cases the love relations break at last due to the family pressure and cultural beliefs. And then came a time, where the trend is more about the love marriages, and people started to have trust in physical connections along with the emotionalones. Emotions became like a weakness and being physically attached started to be a proof for the strong and trustable relationship.

Hence, the sexual health started to be an equal important topic as physical and mental health.

Modernization and Sexual Activeness

As our society is becoming modern and the girls are getting more freedom to take their own decisions and to live independent in order to achieve their goals and make their career as they want it to be. During all this, sexual health and activeness is the greatest fear of the families and the most sensible decision of the girls. Being influenced from the movies, novels, lifestyle of other girls, their friends and the youngster’s beliefs, they feel themselves stuck in a situation where becoming sexually active feels wrong with relation to their families and culture, and being inactive for long make them feel bad among friends and as per the modern lifestyle.

But, girls before taking any decision, you should be more aware about this, think on it deeply, you can also talk about it with any of your family member or a friend, who has a good awareness about all this and can understand yourwell being positive and not judgmental, then take the final step for the sake of your happiness.

It is common now-a-days, that the youngsters get involved in the sexual activities out of their curiosity, to save their love-life or many other reasons to prove their confidence and social activeness. Being sexually active may be your right after being adult, but getting involved sexually with many people increases the chances of sexual diseases.


Thus, it is to inform you all and to make you aware that never take your sexual health and related decisions casually, it is something that can affect your overall health in a good or a worst manner. So, never get influenced or pressurized with the society’s terms and beliefs, always get final answers to all the questions in your mind that shows up whenever such situation comes in life, then go ahead with the best solution keeping in mind everything that is going to affect you in the short as well as long run.

Stay connected for more information and views about this, also for any assistance, feel free to contact us at Planet Ayurveda as your safety and privacy is our priority.

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