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Why 2 Kidneys? Their Functions and Protection Tips

Human body works very well in a symmetrical manner. Our bodily systems uniformly perform all the functions of the body. When one of the systems gets affected then the whole functioning gets hampered. Today, we will discuss about one of the most important body organs i.e. Kidneys, a part of the renal system, their functions and ways to protect them naturally. Also, we will try to unfold the fact behind the 2 Kidneys in 1 human body.

What Are Kidneys?

Kidneys are two Bean Shaped organs measuring the size of fist. They both are located below the rib cage, one at the either side of the spine. Both the kidneys are a major part of the renal system and perform numerous functions. The primary function of Kidneys is filtration of waste products and to excrete them from the body in the form of Urine. Besides this, they contribute to some other tasks within the body also as mentioned further.

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What Are The Functions Of Kidneys?

There are lots of things our Kidneys do, including:-

  1. To Sustain the fluid balance
  2. Filtration of minerals from the body
  3. To Control blood pressure
  4. To Produce hormones which helps in formation of RBCs and normal regulation of Blood pressure
  5. To Regulate the electrolyte concentration
  6. To Maintain Acid base balance
  7. Responsible for the Formation of urine

Hope, the functions of Kidneys are clear to you. Now, we will learn about something interesting. Answer to a question.

"Why Do We Have Two Kidneys?"

Have you ever thought about this? No or May be Yes! But, the reason is left unknown.

Don't worry! Here, you will find it.

There is not any specific theory regarding this. But we can consider the following as per the research done till the time by the scientists.

As per the studies, our body needs continuous filtration of the waste products and one kidney is not enough to excrete all the waste from the body. That's why our mother Nature has blessed us with two kidneys in our body so that it can excrete the required waste easily and efficiently.

After reading this, a next question surely strikes in the mind.

How Do People Survive With One Kidney?

Yes, a person can survive with one kidney also. But these individuals are more prone to associated kidney conditions or ailments and the survival rate decreases day by day. There is an increase in stress and pressure of function on one kidney and ultimately it commits suicide or we can say that one kidney with increasing peer pressure stops working.

  1. Most of the mammals you see have bilateral symmetry like if we draw an imaginary line in the middle then you will see that you have one arm, one eye, one ear, one kidney, one lung, etc. on each side. Humans are one of those with bilateral symmetry.
  2. Another theory is that our kidneys excrete urea as their chief nitrogenous waste and this urea needs more water content to be excreted. So, it’s difficult for one kidney to excrete the required much urea and water from Our body.

Now we will discuss the health ailments (diseases) that occur when kidneys doesn’t perform their function properly and makes themselves more susceptible to the following ailments:-

  • Nephrotic syndrome
  • CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease)
  • AKD (Acute Kidney Disease)
  • Kidney Stones
  • Uremia
  • Acute Nephritis
  • Glomerulonephritis
  • Polycystic Kidney Disease
  • UTI (Urinary Tract Infections)
  • Acidosis
  • Caliectasis
  • Hydronephrosis
  • Pyelonephritis
  • Cyst in kidneys

After that, let us move ahead towards learning the Commonest Symptoms of Kidney Disorders:-

  1. Fatigue
  2. Dry itchy skin
  3. Inability to concentrate
  4. Increased or decreased urination
  5. Hematuria (Blood in urine)
  6. Foamy urine
  7. Pedal edema
  8. Periorbital edema (puffiness in eyes)
  9. Difficulty in sleep
  10. Decreased appetite
  11. Muscle cramps

How To Diagnose?

Diagnosis of kidney diseases can be done with the following:-

  1. History taking
  2. Physical examination
  3. Renal function test
  4. USG (ultrasonography)
  5. MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)
  6. CT (computed tomography)

Natural Tips For Healthy Kidneys

Some health tips to keep your kidneys healthy and fit are as follows:-

  1. Avoid Intake of Much Salt - Excessive salt hampers the function of kidneys by disrupting the balance of electrolytes and minerals. So you have to take no or less salt if you know that you are suffering from any type of Kidney Disease. Also, controlling the salt intake in normal conditions, prevents many disorders.
  2. Daily Exercise - Daily exercise for a minimum 20 minutes in the morning reduces the blood pressure by 30-40mmhg. So, it's good for healthy people or even kidney patients to exercise daily.
  3. Administration of Sufficient Water - A kidney patient should take plenty of water daily as it aids well in excreting the toxins out of the body.
  4. Don’t Smoke - Quit smoking if you want to keep your kidneys as well as holistic health good.

Best Ayurvedic Herbs For Kidneys

Ayurveda gives us the best way of Holistic Healing with Natural herbs. Some of the best herbs for kidneys are as follows:-

  1. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa) - Mainly pacifies Pitta and kapha dosha. This is an amazing diuretic and possesses anti-inflammatory and restoration properties. 
  2. Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris) - Mollify Tridosha. It is known for its rejuvenating and rasayan properties. This also has a diuretic action, thus, very helpful in kidney ailments.
  3. Kaasni (Cichorium intybus) - Balances pitta and kapha dosha. Kaasni is very good for kidney disorders as it improves the function of kidneys and helps in removing all the excessive waste from the body at a good pace. Along with that, it also aids in relieving disorders of the respiratory tract.
  4. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) - Pacifies tridosha. Haritaki has a predominantly astringent taste and is panchrasa. It has rejuvenating properties and is very useful in urinary tract infections. It cleans all the stotras (Channels) by removing obstruction.
  5. Daruharidra (Berberis aristata) - Acts on pitta and kapha dosha. It has anti-diabetic, and various other properties. This has an astringent, and bitter taste. Thus, aids well in urinary tract infections.

Planet Ayurveda's Herbal Formulations For Healthy Kidneys

Planet Ayurveda is a GMP certified, trusted and globally renowned organization that serves mankind all across the world. The herbal products in the house are well prepared using the standardized extract of pure and natural herbs without adding any type of chemicals, binders, additives, and preservatives. Some of the Best Herbal Formulations that are being recommended by Planet Ayurveda Experts to the Kidney patients for the normal functioning of their kidneys and combating numerous Kidney Disorders are:-

  1. Mutrakrichantak Churna
  2. Rencure Formula
  3. Punarnava Mandur
  4. Varunadi Vati
  5. Phyllanthus Niruri
  6. Indian Echinacea Capsules
  7. Nephralka Capsules

These all herbal formulations are very effective and beneficial for the kidneys. They eliminate all the toxins from the body and help the kidneys to perform well. These detoxify the body and pacify all three doshas in the body. These products are also useful in crushing the renal stones and excreting them from the body.

So, have the best of nature served to you with Planet Ayurveda and allow us and our team of Ayurveda Experts to help you with the Health problems, if any in the best and intrinsic manner.

Stay Healthy! Take Care!

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