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Agnimukh Mandoor

Reference - Bhaishajya Ratnavali Shoth rogadhikaar 109-111


Agnimukh Mandoor is a Classical Ayurvedic prepration that consists of a mixture of herbs and minerals. This is known to consist of many ingredients. The herbs present in this formulation is known for their properties like anti-inflammatory, analgesic, appetizer and anti-anemic etc.


  • Sudh Mandoor (Purified calcined iron formulation) - 12 Parts: It is also known as Iron slag. This is helpful in tridoshaj shools (pain due to Vata, pitta and kapha). This is also helpful in oedema due to any cause.
  • Goumutra (Cow’s urine) - 16 Parts: Cow’s urine is very beneficial in various diseases. This is capable of removing all the imbalances in the body and maintain the general health. It is effective in diseases such as renal disorders, edema, anemia, skin diseases, stomach ache etc.
  • Maricha Churna (Powder of Piper nigrum) - 1 Part:It improves the function of digestive system. It has pungent taste and promotes digestive fire. This stimulates appetite. It has anti-bacterial properties also.
  • Pippali Churan (Powder of Piper longum) - 1 Part: It promotes digestive fire and has rejuvenating property. It pacifies Vata and Kapha. It is effective in indigestion, diarrhea, gastric problems and stomach pain.

Other Ingredients Are:

  • Pippalimool Churan (Powder of roots of Piper longum) - 1 part
  • Chavya Churan (Powder of Piper retrofractum) - 1 part
  • Shunti Churan  (Powder of Zingiber officinalis) - 1 part
  • Devdaaru Churan (Powder of  Deodar cedar) - 1 part
  • Nagarmotha Churan (Powder of  Cyperus scriosus) - 1 part
  • Amlaki Churan (Powder of Embilia officianlis) - 1 part
  • Hariktaki Churan (Powder of Terminilia chebula) - 1 part
  • Bibhitaki Churna (Powder of  Terminillia bellarica) - 1 part
  • Vaividang Churna (Powder of Embilia ribes) - 1 part
  • Chitrak Chruna (Powder of Plumbago zeylanica) - 1 part

Method of Preparation

  • Take sudh mandoor & gomutra in a stainless steel flask & cook it in low flame.
  • When the mixture is becoming dry, or having paste like consistency then add all the powder ranging from Pippali to chitrak & mix them homogenously.
  • Now when the gomutra dries off then obtain the paste and after drying the paste in sufficient sunlight & make pills.

Medicinal Properties

As this medicine contains most of the medicines with ushan virya properties i.e. herbs having hot potency therefore due to their hot potency they are able to dissolve any kind of chronic inflammation & also help in reducing pain as inflammatory reactions are due to kapha dosha and pain is mostly due to vata dosha's predominant vitiation. Vata & kapha dosha both are having features that are aggravated by cold & hot potency items/medicines can reduce or prove beneficial in these vitiated dosha's condition. Thus this medicine can act as best anti-inflammatory & analgesic in various chronic inflammatory conditions.

Apart from these, this formulation also contains sudh mandoor i.e. purified ash of calcined iron. Which is very much useful in anaemic conditions. Also, the herbs in this medicine are Shadushana dravyas which are considered as best appetizer. So with aam pachan abilities & anti-inflammatory properties it can be prescribed to rheumatic patients for better results.


  • Asadhya Shoth roga (Chronic inflammatory diseases)
  • Purana pandu roga (Chronic Anemic conditions)
  • Rheumatoid arthritis


Two tablets twice daily with takra (butter milk), can be consumed up to 10 grams in a day with takra.


  • Take under medical supervision.
  • Pittjanya Shoth. (Inflammation due to pitaj causes)
  • Typical Pittaj prakriti people.
  • Raktapitta rogi (Epistaxis or any blood clotting related disorders)
  • Uterine Fibroid cases.
Note:- This is pure classical Ayurvedic medicine and should be strictly consumed only after prescription of an Ayurvedic doctor and to be taken under medical supervision only.
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